Have a wonderful Thanksgiving dear readers, Wolf Warriors. 

Remember the wolves and give thanks they are still protected under the ESA. Vow to fight for them this year and defeat all challenges to weaken their protections!!

For the wolves, For the wild ones,


Photos: Courtesy kewlwallpapers.com

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  1. thanks, you too Nabeki and everyone else on here. I want to remind everyone that the rise of the black wolf is on nat geo tonight, so catch it if you can and I am certain it will be on other days as well. It’s about a black wolf breaking away from its pack in Yellowstone. Should be an amazing show!


    • Thank you ,Jon,for the info of the Nat Geo.show about the black wolf that is on tonight.Happy Thanksgiving,everyone.


    • Yes, Happy Thanksgiving too everyone. I will take the time this weekend to write e-mails to politicians to help out the cause. And, I am thankful for you, wolf activists, and for the fact that there are still so many beautiful creatures on this planet.


    • Thanks dear Nabeki Happy Thanksgiving you too and everyone here… Jon thanks so much i will try not miss that…


    • Jon….I will post Rise of The Black Wolf on the front page of the blog to remind people. I’m pretty sure he was the outsider #302…Casanova, who courted the Druid females. Thanks for the heads up!!

      Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!



  2. Thanks Nabeki, happy thanks giving to everyone. Yes we must continue the fight to save these wonderful creatures that god created for us to share this world with, the wolf!!


  3. Good program. Casanova was the alpha of the Blacktail plateau pack? Whatever happened to Casanova’s brother wolf 480? Is the Blacktail pack still in existence?


  4. Happy Thanksgiving to all and thanks for everything being done to protect our Wolves.I don’t get Nat GEO but am sure I can find Casanova on another channel. What a true charmer!! Let’s enjoy the day, we have lot’s to do in the weeks coming up.


    • Sorry you missed the show SCWG, Bob Landis was involved in it. He made all those films on the Druids, he must be heart sick about what happened to them. I loved the show except for the collaring.



  5. I hate the collaring also – have you seen the collared polar bear w/ collar he out-grew & blood around it – they are trying to get the “people” responsible to track down, remove & provide medical aid but so far not happening. There is a jerk that has column in SF Chronicle (Tom Stienstra) purporting to be “outdoorsman” & spewing hatred every chance he gets – plants little comments in middle of articles on rafting, or hiking etc. ALWAYS about those horrible predators (except, man) he finally got around to slipping in a Wolf comment referring to them as “out of state Wolves” – his comment in the article “Rising populations of mountain lions, bobcats and coyotes throughout the Bay Area and No. Calif. and out of state, wolves, put pets, wildlife and anything else they eat, at risk” – so there you go, a “wildlife expert” writing for a major newspaper and ALWAYS including his hatred of all predators (except the fat, white hunter) somewhere within the article. he is like the republicans – making comments not based on fact and which stick w/ the very uninformed public. This most recent article is titled “Sad ending to a missing cat mystery” 11/22/15 of course, no where in the article does he mention that cats (domestic & feral) are killing thousands of birds – DUH! He also , in the article, compares mtn. lions being responsible for decline in deer population w/ and, let me quote: “The same thing has happened w/ wolves & elk in Idaho, according to that state’s dept. of F&G. The Lolo elk herd had 16,000 elk @ its peak, and then after wolves were introduced, now has 2,100 elk. To try to save the Lolo elk herd, Idaho has opened a wolf season in the region.” FROM ARTICLE IN SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE – for all to see and no doubt, believe.


    • Very interesting, Pat. You are obviously one who buys into the theory that feral cats are responsible for the mass disappearance of birds. Wake up! Did you hear about the greater threats of global warming and pollution on the lives of millions of animals, including birds and their food source? I live in a big city and I see plenty of dead birds who are also the victims of flying into buildings. Have you considered the effect of chemicals and pesticides on birds? Feral cats are being unfairly vilified, just like wolves. They also have a history of being blamed for crazy things like being associated with witches, bad luck, the occult, etc… Please think before you write harmful, uninformed comments. I’m sorry, Nabeki, but I had to respond to Pat’s comment. I not only care about the wolf’s plight, but also that of the cat. If you remove my comment, please also remove Pat’s.


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