Wolf Wars Video

This post is dedicated to one of our loyal readers, who lives in New Zealand and is only fourteen years old. She made a wonderful video dedicated to wolves and  Howling For Justice.

Thank you so much, Michaela!! You are a true Wolf Warrior!

Video: YouTube: WOLFBABE

Photo: myspacelayouts

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  1. This is one nice young girl. She knows what is right and has the courage and talent to say whats on her mind. Michaela…. Thanks for caring and all you do MC


    • She’s terrific Marc.



  2. Thank you so very much,Michaela.I am in awe with their beauty but saddened that their lives are meaningless to hunters,ranchers.politicians,and the small minded people who just want their destruction along with practically every other form of wild life.


  3. Thank you so much guys, you don’t know how much this mean to me. I live all the way in New Zealand and never knew amazing people like you guys have regonized me as a wolf warrior. I wish i was over there in North America to meet everyone. Thanks so much.


    • You are amazing Michaela, doing your part to educate people about wolves. That’s a wonderful thing. You are the future, we need more young people like yoursefl to pick up the banner for wildlife. Thank you Wolf Warrior and HOWLS from America.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


    • Michaela, you are true Wolf Warrior and I know that people are going to be inspired not only by your beautiful, moving video but by your passion and commitment to help saving North America’s Gray Wolf!


  4. Beautiful video Michaela, it brought tears to my eyes. I wouldn’t suppose it was easy to make a video on Youtube like that, but thank you so much for doing it, I hope it teaches someone about the un-just killing of wolves.


  5. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by tifa jhonson, Nabeki. Nabeki said: Wolf Wars Video: http://wp.me/pDTDG-2uj […]


  6. Very powerful, Michaela. Lots of tears shed while watching it.


  7. Thanks so much everyone!


    • It was AWESOME Michaela you are a true Wolf Warrior…


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