Wolf Warriors the time is now. There isn’t a more important moment to save wolves then right now. The anti-wolf forces in Congress are lining up to strip gray wolves from the endangered species act. We must stop this!! Please call your US Senators and Congressman but don’t stop there, call EVERY US Senator and Congressman. Flood the capital phone lines. Here’s the number. (202) 224- 3121

Everything we’ve worked for to protect wolves could be gone in a flash. Wolves will be left to the mercy of the states, there will be slaughter.

Not only call Senators and Congressman but President Obama. His Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar, is supporting western governors who want to bypass the courts and press for legislation that will strip gray wolves of their ESA protections FOREVER.

We must rally the way wolves do to show confidence in our knowledge that we can win this battle. Powerful forces are behind this latest assault on wolves. The usual suspects ranchers, hunters and outfitters are involved but behind the scenes Sportsmen For (Killing) Fish and Wildlife and The Safari Club to name just a few, I’m sure are the pulling strings. We’ve known for some time the Safari Club would love to see the ESA gutted .

A View To A Kill

How Safari Club Int’l Works To Weaken ESA Protections
By Michael Satchell
The Humane Society of the United States


We know what we’re up against. We can’t let them kill America’s wolves. Wolves don’t belong to them, neither do grizzlies or any of our wildlife. Our wildlife belongs to no man. What right do these people have to take away wildlife watchers ability to view animals in their natural state, meaning not dead.

President Obama do you want to go down in history as the President who gutted the ESA? What political advantage will this accomplish for you, besides firing up the environmental community to never vote for you ever again and tarnish your legacy? Think about what you will be doing to our wildlife if you let your rancher Interior Secretary team up with the anti-wolf forces? You have the ability to stop this insanity. Please do!!!

White House Contact Information: http://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/?ec=7



Take Action for Wolves & the ESA Now:  

Contact Your U.S. Senator 

Tell them to protect the Endangered Species Act 

Contact the White House

Tell President Obama to protect the Endangered Species Act


According to a November 29 article in the Washington Post, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar made a back-room pledge to Western governors yesterday that the administration will back congressional efforts to strip gray wolves of their endangered species status.

Salazar also issued a public statement yesterday that he supported legislative delisting for gray wolves. The Endangered Species Act requires that decisions on delisting be based on the best available science, and never before has a species been taken off the endangered species list by an act of Congress that would amend the act.

This hugely disappointing idea coming from an administration that has made promises to base decisions on science violates the integrity of the Endangered Species Act by setting a destructive precedent for removing endangered species protections from any animal that faces political opposition.

Supporters of wolves and other wildlife need to flood the White House and their U.S. Senators with protests against the Secretary’s plan to use Congress for an end-run around the Endangered Species Act.

Please, call or write right away and tell everyone you know to do the same. None of our wildlife is safe if the Obama administration is willing to let political considerations trump science and law.

Click to Enter Your Comment into a White House Form

The White House phone line for comments is: 202-456-1111 

Please Contact Your U.S. Senator

Forward this message to a friend

Thank you!



The US Senate is moving legislation that would bypass the courts and lead to the mass killing of endangered wolves. It could pass in the next two weeks.

Please call the U.S. Capitol Switchboard at: (202) 224- 3121. Ask to be connected to the offices of your two senators. Staffers in your senators’ offices will be happy to register your opinion.

Urge your senators to protect wolves by opposing the Baucus-Tester bill (S.3864: “Restoring State Wildlife Management Act of 2010”) — and any other bill that would remove wolves from the Endangered Species List.

Be sure to tell your senators to oppose any attempt to attach the Baucus-Tester bill to a spending bill.

These calls will take only a few minutes of your time but could help spell the difference between life and death for wolves across the Northern Rockies.

Do NOT assume that your senators will defend wolves because they are pro-wildlife or pro-environment. Many such senators will be under tremendous pressure to support this measure if it is attached to a spending bill.

This bill is a blatant attempt to bypass court orders and good science, which say that wolves should remain on the Endangered Species List, protected from mass killing, until they’re fully recovered.

Congress has never before removed an animal from the Endangered Species List. The Baucus-Tester bill will not only lead to the slaughter of wolves, it will set a terrible precedent by replacing scientific judgment with political calculation — undermining the very basis of the Endangered Species Act.

The return of wolves to Yellowstone and the Northern Rockies is one of America’s greatest conservation success stories. Don’t let Congress turn that success into slaughter.

Please stand up for wolves by calling your senators today!!

Peter Lehner
Executive Director

Please call your two senators today and register your opposition — for the sake of wolf survival!



Take A Stand Against Anti-Wolf Proposals in Congress

Members of Congress like Texas’s Chet Edwards and Montana’s Denny Rehberg have introduced legislation aimed at limiting federal efforts to ensure a healthy future for wolves.

These lawmakers are threatening not only the viability of wolves in the Northern Rockies, but the very foundation of the Endangered Species Act.

Sign our petition now and let Congress know that science, not politics should guide management of America’s wolves….






 U.S. wants to lift protections for wolf and grizzly



Governors seek ‘road map’ for N. Rockies wolves


The Associated Press
Monday, November 29, 2010; 7:59 PM



Photos: Courtesy Western Watersheds Project, NRDC, kewlwallpapers.com

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  1. The best bets to call in the west is Mark Udall CO 2022245941 tom udall nm 2022246621 and Ron Wyden OR 2022245244 I think their father would be rolling over in his grave with these current events of undermining the ESA


  2. I am taking tomorrow as a day of vacation simply so that I can contact as many people as possible. We are really up against getting in phone calls as the White House and Capitol Hill are being bombarded with phone calls regarding the Unemployment Benefits, Social Security, etc. that the Republicans want to cut. I have just tried to call both and the lines are busy. Let’s do bombard President Obama with the White House Link above. And thanks William for the suggestions in the West. I am so angry I can scarcely type. However, I realize that does nothing.


    • The Senators that I have called all said they are getting quite a few calls on this wolf issue. Testers chief of staff said the wolf bill being added to the Appropriations bill is just a rumour- I don’t know what that means!


      • william…I’ve been calling all day myself. People seem kind of clueless. I spoke with Udall (CO), well his aide..they’re not too up on what’s going on. Tester telling you that’s a rumor is pretty rich since he sponsored that bill with Baucus. I think if we keep up the pressure it will make a difference. They like to do the sneaky stuff when nobody knows about it. Now it’s going to be harder to shove it through in the dead of night. How many Senators want a staight up and down vote to gut the ESA?


    • Rhonda you are so amazing. The wolves are so lucky to have you as an advocate for them.

      I think we are making a difference, especially if we mobilize and rally like the wolves do. We need to let these bureaucrats know “wildlife advocates” are awake and ready to flex our muscles. This country does not belong to hunters and ranchers and neither does our wildlife.



  3. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by crystal marie, Nabeki. Nabeki said: URGENT!! TAKE ACTION!! WOLVES COULD LOSE THEIR ESA PROTECTION IN LESS THEN TWO WEEKS..: http://wp.me/pDTDG-2v4 […]


  4. If everyone calls 10 senators a day for the next two weeks and calls the WH call line 202 4561111 every day and tell them you won’t vote for OBama it will help I’m sure of it. Kerry, Durbin, Sanders, Wyden, Merkeley, Sherrod Brown in OH, Boxer and feinstein in Ca they are all pro environment senators


    • William, that is a good strategy. I did call Kerry’s office earlier, but as I posted who ever answered the phone seemed clueless. What say all? Shall we divide the Senators alphabetically? That would at least get everyone covered. I’m open.


    • Great idea william. We need to keep it up until they get the message…no backroom deals and no gutting the ESA or stripping wolves of their protections.



  5. The states brought the wolf back to kill it off again, and to what? Prove some ‘we are not amused’ party line point with the federal government (who you were all too happy to support in wiping the wolf out the first time)? Or is it that the wolf has been so fixed in your family as the villain to be the scapegoat for all your worldly problems (The Final Solution comes to mind) or as some pretty token that you can butcher and get your rocks off over for the past century without moral opposition?
    This is corruption. It’s so obvious how can the government not see it? Why haven’t they stomped on Salazar for this?


    • John I wish I had an answer to that. As someone pointed out on Wolf Watcher FB that the receptionist at the White House taking her comments about Salazar was a disgrace, they both laughed as though “yes, we all know that”. While in the hell Obama hasn’t done something before now I don’t know. Are we to think he simply doesn’t give a damn about wildlife. With his actions/inactions that is all we can think. I have called the WH on wolves and mustangs and have gotten the same reaction each time. And yet nothing is done. I am at a loss as to how to get across to Obama other than to keep on trying and hope he will catch up before it’s too late.


    • I swear John if I knew this would be the outcome for wolves in the US I would not have wanted to have them brought back to be tortured, their families destroyed. Canada isn’t much kinder to their wolves but they didn’t need to be slaughtered in America too. But the wolves are here and we have to fight for them now. This is a war and we are in a fight for their survival. We will never give up or give in. That’s why this battle is so important.

      I blame Obama for this, he put a rancher in charge of our wildlife. What did he expect was going to happen? He’s clueless.



  6. Everyone check this out and start sending emails to Nevada.


    Disgusting to see how some wildlife is treated nowadays.


  7. I was finishing my homework when I came across THIS! WHAT THE FUDGE? WOLVES COULD GET DELISTED IN LESS THAN TWO WEEKS? I was excited that it would snow tonight here in Maryland, now I can just think of that snow stained with the blood of the wolves that lost the battle of their lives.
    I have always been an active Democrat. I´ve read Rep. articles saying that it would be good to abolish public education, health care reforms, promoting military activity and all kinds of foolish jokes like that (I was especially shocked with this because back in my native Costa Rica we abolished our army in 1949 and since we have had free healthcare, education and stuff like that). But I read this, and I think that neither side is 100% good.
    My mom said I could call, and heck I will (unfortunately I´m very shy, but I´ll try, anyway). I have always believed that we as humans should minimize our impact in the environment as much as possible, so this is something very important, especially because it will ensure that wolves will not end up being small, genetically isolated species that will not be able to grow and fill in ecological niches . I mean, look at the population of wolves. Now look at the size of these states. Heck, ID, MT, WY, and OR are, together, almost the size of half a Europe! This delisting will do nothing but feed the anti-wolf rhetoric for generations to come. A genetically isolated species that is kept at small, managed numbers has little possibility to survive for much time, especially with the help of Wildlife Services, which kills hundreds of wolves and other predators every year, instead of promoting non-lethal methods to protect livestock from wolves, thus helping both ranchers and predators. Are we civilized, modern people or cavemen? It seems to be that these people don’t think about their actions much.

    Loua (Cristina H.G)


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