Keep Dialing For Wolves….

I’m going to keep reposting this to remind people we have to continue to call Congress, Salazar and the President in defense of wolves and the ESA. The Congress will be in session right up to the Christmas holiday. Any and all dirty tricks could be used to strip wolves of their protections. We must be vigilant!!

Capital Switchboard: (202) 224-3121 or (202) 225-3121


Contact the White House

Our message should ring loud and clear. No meddling with the ESA. No tampering with the ESA.  Remind your Senators and Representatives you will never vote for anyone that has a hand in ruining one of the most important pieces of  environmental legislation ever drafted. Our wildlife is a precious resource, it’s not there to be manipulated for hunters, outfitters, ranchers or any other special interest groups. Remind them there are 72 million wildlife watchers and just 12 million hunters. WE ARE THE MAJORITY!

Talking points:

1. Wolf depredation on livestock is a red herring.

Wolves were responsible for just 97 cattle losses in Montana in 2009 out of 2.6 million cattle. The main cause of cow deaths are disease, weather, theft and reproductive issues. Coyotes are the primary cattle predator but all predation is low compared to non-predation. Most ranchers in the Northern Rockies do not practice sound animal husbandry practices and rely on Wildlife Services to kill predators for them.

2. Wolves need the protection of the ESA.

Could it be any plainer, when so many special interest groups are clamoring for wolves’ blood? Their hysterical claims are not backed by science but myth and innuendo. Wolves are the ultimate scapegoats.

3. Wolves are apex predators vital to our ecosystem.

They influence forest health by decreasing ungulate browsing pressure. Wolf kills provide food for many other species. Wolves are the best friend of pronghorn antelope fawns, because wolves control the coyote population, who feed on the fawns. Wolves keep ungulate herds healthy by culling the weak, sick and old.

4. Wolves were exterminated in the West once before.

The very people who want to strip gray wolves of their ESA protections are mimicking the attitudes that existed one hundred years ago. Wolves could be exterminated once again if they are not protected under the ESA.  

Wolves are a natural part of our ecosystem, not varmints to be shot for blood sport.

5. Wolves are not killing all the elk in the Northern Rockies.

The elk population in Montana stands at 150,000, Idaho 101,000 and Wyoming 120,000  That’s 371,000 elk in the tri-state region. More than enough elk, probably too many elk, since fish and game agencies favor high ungulate numbers to please their customers, the hunters.  Wolves, bears, mountain lions and other predators are considered a nuisance and their numbers are controlled. I hate to break it to hunters but elk and deer do not belong to you.

Wolves hunt to survive, they must hunt or they will die. Wolves have a very poor hunting success ratio, just one in ten hunts is successful.

6. Wolves are the least dangerous of all large North American carnivores.

They are shy and will stay as far away from people as they can. Deer kill many more people in car accidents every year, in this country, than wolves have in a century. 

7. The assault on wolves is politically driven, not based on science.

Since the Obama administration delisted wolves in the Spring of 2009, the anti-wolf forces have banded together to demonize wolves by spreading myth and rumor.


Some of the Congressional aides who will be taking your calls may not be up to speed on the wolf issue. Be polite but set them straight.

Lets keep this going. We cannot allow them to gut the ESA for the benefit of a loud, tiny minority of wolf haters.

For the wolves, For the wild ones,


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