Anti-Wolf Bingo (-:

We all need a good laugh right now and Anti-Wolf Bingo will do the trick. It’s hilarious.

Anyone involved in Wolf Wars will recognize the terms used in the game. The anti-wolf crowd loves to repeat this stuff over and over, ad nauseam, to demonize wolves.

Cris created Anti-Wolf Bingo, which she posted on The Wildlife News (Ralph Maughan’s Blog).

Thanks for the link Jon and thanks for the laugh Cris.

Photo: Courtesy Cris

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Tags: anti-wolf rhetoric, funny as hell, Anti-Wolf Bingo

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  1. Totally Hilarious… Thanks Nabeki you made my day…


  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Rimah Khouni, Nabeki. Nabeki said: Anti-Wolf Bingo….: […]


  3. I wish I had a dime for ever time I have read or heard one of these sayings. Then I too could buy off a Montana Legislator!


    • Well said Marc!!



  4. That is AMAZING, lol! I have heard or read all of those atleast once.


    • Katie….I think Cris should patent it and sell it. It would be a big hit in the Northern Rockies.



  5. Are there any bonus prizes for weak, immature, drug using, abortion supporting, granola eating, city dwelling, freedom stripping, child starving, flag burning, anti-American, anti-hunting, anti-gun, ‘anti-human’ (misanthropic), homosexual, wolf hugging, eco-terrorist, dirt-worshipping, atheist, communist, socialist, facist, liberal, hippie, nut-job enviro finks?

    [Got a list]


    • Please Note: Humour


    • I think there might be John…lol. You forgot New York and California-living outsiders.

      And of course everybody else that lives in Montana is 5th generation or their families arrived on the Mayflower.



  6. This is so funny! And I have read just about every one of these, too! Except for one: what’s with the Russia?


    • Anti-wolf folks like to tell how wolves kill and eat people in Russia all the time – despite the fact Russia has scapegoated and demonised wolves for ages. The nation is nasty to its resident carnivore species in general. Misinformation, the fur trade, large bounties on wolves and, once again, the demand that their numbers be kept to a minimum by “the usual suspects” has a lot to do with the continuing slaughter every year.


      • I don’t mean to sound like such a doomsayer, is there ANY country that treats it’s wolves with respect and rationality? For a creature we got our ‘best friend’ from, we sure haven’t shown any appreciation for it over the centuries.
        Just to end on a high note, Russia has its own band of wolf warriors, among them Vladimir Bologov.


      • Oh, ok, I understand. Ug, I hate it when people consider wolves to be bloodthirsty savages. It’s not true, and it hurts wolves! I’m glad that at least there are some pro-wolf people in Russia. And no, I cannot think of one country that treats its wolves with respect; however, I have read that a few nations have the wolf as one of their national animals.


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