RED ALERT: From The Northern Idaho Wolf Alliance (NIWA)

I’m re-posting the NIWA ALERT because Howling For Justice is part of the newly formed coalition between pro-wolf groups to prevent any meddling or weakening of the ESA.   

Gray wolves are still in danger of losing their ESA protections. This is a grave threat, not only for wolves but for any species protected under the ESA.

We must remain vigilant until this Congress convenes. Then it will start all over again in January with the new Congress, unfortunately.

NIWA website:


RED ALERT: From The Northern Idaho Wolf Alliance

A few days ago, Interior Salazar Secretary assured 3 western governors that the Obama administration would help get the bills passed in the next two weeks.

This bill would circumvent the Endangered Species Act (ESA), & remove wolves from it’s protection.It would set a dangerous precedent, by, for the first time, removing an animal from the ESL for political, not scientific reasons. No animal that hunters, ranchers and anti-wildlife forces dislike would ever be safe again.The immediate consequences would be wolf-hunting seasons in Idaho, Montana, & Wyoming, as well as wolf exterminations by the US Wildlife Service.

Almost half of the wolves recently brought back from extinction would be killed, thus reducing them to a remnant, token population, unable to fulfill their biological role in our forests and subjecting them to their possible second extinction. 

We are asking you to take 3 actions:

1. Contact pro-environmental Congressmen on the House Committee on Natural Resources, listed below, and ask them to oppose this legislation.

2. Forward it to people who care about wolves.

3. Network with local pro-wildlife organizations & ask them to get on board in this effort (big ones like Defenders of Wildlife, NRDC, etc are already working on it)

Here are important talking points:

• Rather than decimating livestock, wolves are responsible for less than 1% of depredation.

• Rather than reducing elk populations, elk numbers have increased since wolf re-introduction to over one million in the Northern Rockies.

• Scientific studies show that wolves have positive effects on forest health.

• This bill would set a dangerous precedent, subjecting other species in the future to political rather than scientific scrutiny to delist them.Thank you for your efforts. Together, we can successfully defend the wolves.

Nancy Taylor, Co-Chair

Ann Sydow, Co-Chair & Newsletter Editor

Ken Fischman, Vice-Chair


You can:

(1) Call,

(2) FAX, or

(3) click on the Representatives’ email

Committee on Natural Resources:

Rahall, Nick – (D – WV), Chair
(304) 522 6425 Huntington office
(304) 529 5716 fax
eMail –

Hinchey, Maurice – (D – NY)
(845) 331 4466 Kingston office
(202) 226 0774 fax

DeFazio, Peter – (D – OR)
(541) 465 6732 Eugene office
(541) 465 6458 fax
eMail –

Grijalva, Raul M. – (D – AZ)
(520) 622 6788 Tucson office
(520) 622 0198 fax
eMail –

Miller, George – (D- CA)
(925) 602 1880 Concord office
(925) 674 0983 fax
eMail –

Committee on Natural Resources, Sub-Committee on Insular Affairs, Oceans and Wildlife

Bordallo, Madeleine Z. (D – Guam), Chair
(202) 225 1188 Washington, D.C. office
(202) 226 0341 fax
eMail –


Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Ruth Rollow, Nabeki. Nabeki said: RED ALERT: From The Northern Idaho Wolf Alliance (NIWA): […]


  2. Someone please explain why these game boards consist of hunters and ill informed or better, politicaly influenced biologists?


    • Because they work for the interest of hunters to maximum profits from the business of wildlife killing based upon an outdated, yet convenient, reasoning that wildlife are all unthinking easily replenisbale resources to be utalised by mankind (specifically: a fading consumer special interest group)?


    • The hunting and ranching coalition has a lock on the game boards Rita. The biologists are doing the most damage by working for these organizations, IMO.



  3. Hello my name is Kat~ I really appreciate this page’ and if it is possible to be added to a friends list here’ I would very much appreciate it. I am a person who believes in our animals, and certainly defending of wolves!! I am honored to have found out so much information on what is truly attacking our wolves, and what the status has been. I feel very humbled that I have been so busy in my own personal life’ to have lost site of the beautiful creatures suffering and in need of as much support as possible!!


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