Be Vigilant For Wolves, Remember The Burns Amendment…..


December 10, 2010

No anti-wolf bill has passed the House or Senate BUT do not be complacent because the  haters are tireless and will not stop, so we can’t either. Please contact your Senators, Representatives, Salazar and the President every day if possible. Keep up the pressure!! 

They may try a sneak attack, like the trick former Senator Conrad Burns pulled  at Christmas time 2004, amending the “1971 Wild Horse and Burro Act” when nobody was looking.


Here’s the story behind the “Burn’s Amendment” and why Congress could try something like this with wolves.


Galloping Scared

November 2006


Wild Horse and Burro Act Gutted
Conrad Burns of Montana adds Rider to Appropriations Bill

December 2004

The rider amends the criminal provisions of the Wild Horse and Burro Act, which makes it a crime to process or permit to be processed into commercial products the remains of a wild horse or burro, to exempt horses bought pursuant to the new “horse sale” program.
The rider adds a new sub-section to the Act, creating a “horse sale” requirement that mandates that BLM sell “at local sale years or other convenient livestock selling facilities” all wild horses, “without limitation” — i.e., no adoption program, etc. that are either over 10 years old, or who have been put up for adoption 3 times. BLM is required to continue to sell these horses until all “excess animals” are sold, or it attains the appropriate management level in all wild horse areas.
Read The Rider: (Burns Amendment)

 Sec.142.SALE of Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros (4) In General—Section 3 of Public Law 92–195(15 U.S.C. 1333) is amended—

(1) in subsection (d)(5), by striking “this section” and all that follows through the period at the end and inserting “this section” and (2) by adding at the end the following:

 (e) SALE OF EXCESS ANIMALS.—……(4) EFFECT OF SALE—Any excess animal sold under this provision shall no longer be considered to be a wild free-roaming horse or burro for purposes of this Act

(1) In General.—Any excess animal or the remains of an excess animal shall be sold if —

“(A) the excess animal is more than 10 years of age: or “(B) the excess animal has been offered unsuccessfully for adoption at least 3 times.

(2) METHOD OF SALE.—An excess animal that meets either of the criteria in paragraph (1) shall be made available for sale without limitation including through auction to the highest bidder, at local sale yards or other convenient livestock selling facilities, until such time as — “(A) all excess animals offered for sale are sold: or “(B) the appropriate management level, as determined by the Secretary; is attained in all areas occupied by wild free-roaming horses and burros.


The Story Behind the Burns Amendment


Congress could try something like this again. Be vigilant!

Top Wolf Photo: Courtesy Monty Sloan, Wolf Park 

Bottom Wolf Photo: Courtesy

Horse Photo: Courtesy Pryor Mountain Mustangs

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