Anti-Wolf Bills Dead But I Won’t Feel Comfortable Until This Congress Goes Home…..

UPDATE: December 23, 2010. Congress has adjourned. We can breathe a sigh of relief and live to fight another day when the new Congress is sworn in!!


All the bad wolf bills are pretty much dead in this lame-duck Congress but I’m still uneasy about any last-minute stunts the wolf haters may try to pull.  Still with the holidays fast approaching wolves may finally have a few weeks reprieve from the relentless assault that has been going on since the Obama admin. delisted them back in the Spring of 2009. It’s been a long year and a half.

So let’s relax a little and recharge our batteries because these bills will be back next year!!


Crapo, Risch: Wolf legislation fails, won’t come up again this year

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  1. I’m glad you were on top of it. I think the Democrats like Kerry, boxer, and cardin will enjoy giving the republicans a little taste of their own medecine this upcoming year!


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  3. I agree Nabeki, let’s enjoy the Holidays because we are all going to have to be battle ready when they are back in session. I fear that a lot of them are going to have the same response Feinstein did, i.e., concerned but on the relative committees, which is total BS. They still are responsible for being informed on any bill and voting to represent what most of their respective constituents want, not just the hunters and ranchers.


  4. Greetings, Howlers;

    I have come here today, hat in hand, in a blatant attempt to garner a little favor from you. While my heart beats primarily for the Wild Horses and Burros, animals they share their homes with are never far from my thoughts.
    Having said that, I hope I can get you to at least look at the links below. It connects to capricious predator control. The public at large has an opportunity to comment on a USDA “Environmental Assessment for Predator Damage Management” in Nevada.

    I’m asking you, as Natural Advocates – please, read the EA & submit your (very erudite) comments. While this isn’t a wolf-specific EA, it IS support for predators, whose existence is essential for any healthy wild environment.
    And any steps we may take toward restoring a natural balance are small victories in the larger war.

    My apologies if you should find this inappropriate, but I truly believe, whatever we advocate for, they are ALL connected. And I believe also, any opportunity we as citizens are afforded to speak against poor policy we should take. And that I will live long enough to see a wolf pack living free in Northern Nevada.
    Holiday blessings upon you all, Howlers; you guys rock.


    • Dear Lisa,I certainly cannot speak for Nabeki but I could not agree with you more that predator existence is vital for any wild environmental balance, and that existence should be protected vigilantly by our governmental agencies whose creation was for that very reason. Sadly, we know that is not to be the case, anymore with the USDA than with the BLM or the National and State Parks Service. It is therefore our responsibility as advocates for all wildlife, especially the predators, to speak up loudly, as often as is necessary, until our voices are united, and are heard. For too long the only voices being heard on behalf of wildlife are those who carry a gun, and only love wildlife when it is captured in their cross-hairs.

      Like you Lisa, I wish to live to see the day when we as Wildlife Advocates can proudly say, no matter where we live, I help restore Nature. And Sanity in our policies. And I am sure Nabeki feels the same.


    • Hi Lisa,
      I completely that agree wildlife issues are interconnected. I’m very disturbed by the round ups of our wild horses, who’s population has been reduced to approx. 25,000 horses left in the wild with another thirty thousand in holding pens. We have to work together as advocates to bring about real change for our wildlife in this country. Every time one of us raises our voice in protest we are one step further to achieving that goal.

      Here is the full alert from the Wild Horse Preservation Campaign: I urge everyone to comment before the deadline of January 18.


      Take Easy Action By January 18 To Submit Comments on Destructive Federal Program

      Each year, the federal government kills over 100,000 native carnivores, including mountain lions, coyotes, bears and wolves, for the benefit of private livestock producers. Kill methods include aerial hunting, trapping, snaring and poisoning. The program is another form of “welfare ranching,” which also allows commercial producers to graze livestock on public lands at below-market rates.

      A classic example of government waste, the federal predator control program spends far more to kill native carnivores than the actual value of the damage they cause. The federal program also kills predators for the benefit hunters, who wish to maximize the number of game species, like big horn sheep and sage grouse, that are available to shoot.

      Wild horse advocates are well aware of the toll that the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM’s) policy of managing public lands for the benefit of private interests takes on our remaining wild herds. Not surprisingly, a significant percentage of the federal predator kill program is focused on BLM lands. The BLM, in turn, utilizes the lack of natural population control as a rationale for its costly and inhumane wild horse and burro roundups and removals.

      Citizens concerned about wild horses and wildlife have an opportunity to voice opposition to this wasteful, destructive and inhumane federal program. The USDA is accepting comments on an Environmental Assessment for Predator Damage Management in Nevada. The predator-killing efforts in Nevada focus on 19.6 million acres of BLM land, including Herd Management Areas, which are utilized extensively for livestock grazing at the expense of wild horses and burros.

      Please take a moment to personalize and submit the sample letter below to comment on this damaging and wasteful federal program in Nevada.



      Wildlife Damage Management

      NOTICE OF EXTENSION OF PUBLIC COMMMENT PERIOD – Nevada. The U.S. Department of Agriculture, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, Nevada Wildlife Services Program is extending the comment period on its pre-decision environmental assessment (EA) entitled “Predator Damage Management in Nevada.” Written comments must be received at the address below by January 18, 2010 to receive full consideration prior to the decision. Faxed comments should also be mailed.

      Original: NOTICE OF AVAILABILITY – Nevada. The U.S. Department of Agriculture, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, Nevada Wildlife Services Program has prepared a pre-decision environmental assessment (EA) entitled “Predator Damage Management in Nevada.” Wildlife Services is proposing to implement a program to manage damage from predators including coyotes, mountain lions, ravens and other species that cause damage to livestock, natural resources, property, agriculture, or human health and safety. The pre-decision EA analyzes the potential environmental effects of a proposed integrated wildlife damage management program and alternatives. Wildlife Services is requesting public comments on the pre-decision EA

      State Director
      USDA APHIS Nevada Wildlife Services Program
      8775 Technology Way
      Reno, NV 89521
      (775) 851-4848
      FAX –(775) 851-4828

      Interested parties may obtain a copy of the pre-decision EA by clicking on the following link:

      Click to access NVPDM_EA_Predicision_Draft.pdf

      Please take the time to comment on this destructive agency. If we are ever to achieve justice for wildlife in this country, Wildlife Services needs to be abolished or defunded.

      Thank you Lisa for posting this. You are welcome here anytime. We’re all in this together.

      For the wolves, For the wild horses,


  5. Has anyone have any more information about the wild life services getting permission to aerial gun wolves in central Idaho?I read the petition on Defenders.


  6. At the risk of appearing, er, ‘pushy’…
    Signing petitions is occasionally effective, but largely dismissed when commenting on Assessments. Your own words go further.
    Should you submit comments, ask for an acknowledgement of receipt, whether by e-mail or snail mail.
    And I’d like to point out – many of the ‘studies’ cited in this assessment are based on research, in some instances, over 20 years old.
    The read is dry & time consuming but it IS important. Thank you in advance for whatever you may contribute to this particular assessment, and for the patience and grace shown this particular Advocate.


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