Once There Was A Wolf Pack….

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It fills my heart with sorrow when I think of the wolves and wolf packs that are gunned down by Wildlife Services for agribusiness every year. They write their reports to back up the killing of wolves and their families. Emotionless words like confirmed kills, probable kills, strongly suspected kills or “probable depredation confirmed”, mask the meaning of what is really happening. Wolves are being slaughtered for the livestock industry and it’s all paid for with tax payer dollars.


From the Sept.11-24, 2010 Montnaa FWP Wolf Report:

“On 9/9, WS confirmed a calf was injured by wolves in the Bitterroot Valley east of Stevensville (10j area).  The calf was likely injured several days prior but took some time to round-up.

The Welcome Creek pack denned near this herd of cattle and wolves have been active in that area throughout the summer.(what does that even mean? It just says wolves, what wolves?) In June a bunch (a bunch?) of cattle were run through a fence and a cow and calf were run into an old barn and died as a result. Wolves were strongly suspected at the time. (Where’s the proof? What did the cow and calf die from? Where are the rest of the facts?)FWP stepped up monitoring efforts afterwards and set up a volunteer range rider to also help increase monitoring.  Seven calves have been reported missing in the past month. (Were these calves ever recovered? Why were wolves suspected of their disappearance?)

The Welcome Creek pack numbers 7-9 adults and has a litter of 7 pups.  FWP has authorized Wildlife Services to remove up to 5 members of the pack, preferentially removing a combination of pups and adults.

It seems the Welcome Creek Pack, who according to the report, wasn’t actually caught killing livestock but happened to den in the vicinity of cows, was selected as the villains. The report states a calf was injured by wolves on 9/9 but it doesn’t identify a wolf pack. Then wolves were suspected of running a “bunch of cows” through a fence and a cow and calf ran into a barn and died. It doesn’t say what they died from. It also doesn’t prove those wolves had anything to do with it, only that “wolves were strongly suspected at the time.”

It states wolves were active during  the summer, but active doing what and what packs were involved?  Seven calves supposedly disappeared but no wolf packs were connected to the disappearance. Did wolves just drag off calf carcasses somewhere without a trace?   In the end the Welcome Creek Pack paid the ultimate price, five members slated for death, “preferentially removing a combination of pups and adults.”

Isn’t that “stone cold”? I ask again, who kills PUPPIES? Who traps and kills wolves, coyotes and other wildlife for a living?

(*Blue italics mine)


That’s just one example, read through the reports yourself to see what I’m talking about.

I ask you this, who’s watching WS? What supervision does Wildlife Services face? Who goes behind them and questions their judgement? Who determines wolf kills? Do ranchers have a vested interest in having wolves kill livestock instead of say a coyote or mountain lion?  They aren’t paid for those kills. All we have are the ranchers, landowners, private citizens and Wildlife Services’ side of the story. Where is the oversight? Think about it.

There are 3 million cattle in Montana. Most of the losses are from non-predation like weather (over 10,000 calves died in winter storms one year), disease, reproduction, theft, even altitude sickness in some states. Wolves were responsible for just 97 cow losses in the entire Northern Rockies in 2009. That’s Montana, Idaho and Wyoming. Out of millions and millions of cows. Does that sound like a wolf crisis to you? It would be laughable if the hysteria and myths weren’t so deadly for wolves.

Here are some of the wolves that met their untimely deaths at the hands of Wildlife Services (formerly Animal Damage Control) in 2010. These are shadow wolf hunts that are being carried out with your tax dollars. And yet the states want to kill even more wolves. They want  state-sponsored wolf hunts. Is this what wolf recovery was all about? To kill wolves, their pack-mates, their babies, their brothers, their sisters, their mothers, their fathers? Is this what the American people want.? If not stand up and make your voices heard loud and clear in 2011.


Tell your Politicians, the Interior Secretary, the President, Fish and Game agencies, write letters to the editor, get this story out of the Northern Rockies. Tell everyone you know!! Raise a ruckus. We  have to outshout these people. They may be a tiny minority but they’re loud and well-funded.



Montana Wolf Mortality WS 2010

(I’m only reporting wolves killed)

12/31 & 1/5 Horse Prairie Pack…2 wolves killed by WS

1/8 Miner Lakes Pack…2 wolves killed by WS

1/20 Bender Pack…1 wolf killed by WS

Dry Forks Pack…2 wolves killed by Mt. WS

Feb..Fish Trap Pack….3 wolves killed by WS

2/17 Camas Prairie Pack….1 gray male wolf killed by WS

3/5 Silcox Pack…..1 female wolf pup killed by WS

3/8… 1 wolf killed by WS

3/13 Camas Pack…2 gray female wolves killed by MT WS

3/18 Ninemile Pack….1 wolf killed by WS

3/23 Superior Pack…3 wolves killed by WS

3/23 Ninemile Pack…1 uncollared black wolf (more than likely a yearling) killed by WS via aerial gunning (helicopter)

4/5 Horse Prairie Pack …1 wolf killed by WS

4/7 Dry Forks Pack…1 -2 wolves shot by WS but not recovered.

4/20 Superior Pack…1 uncollared black wolf killed, 1 uncollared gray wolf killed by WS

4/21 Superior Pack …alpha male (father) of the pack killed by WS (entire pack removed)

4/21 Horse Prairie Pack…1 collared female wolf killed by WS

4/21 Camas Prairie Pack…1 wolf killed by WS

4/22 Camas Prairie Pack…1 collared male wolf killed by WS

4/22 Fishtrap Pack…1 collared wolf, NW221F, was killed by WS

5/6…1 wolf trapped and killed WS

5/7 Ninemile Pack…2-year-old collared male wolf killed by WS

5/11 Trapper Peak Pack…1 black male wolf trapped and killed by WS

5/17 Trail Creek Pack…1 wolf trapped and killed by WS

5/18 Bender Pack…2 wolves killed by WS

5/18 Elevation Mtn. Pack….the collared alpha female (mother) and uncollared gray male were shot by aerial gunning (helicopter)WS

5/19 Bender Pack…1 collared wolf killed by WS

5/19 Trail Creek Pack…1 wolf killed via aerial gunning (helicopter) by WS

5/20 Selow Pack?….1 black adult male wolf killed by WS

5/21…4 wolves killed in two separate actions by WS

5/26 Selow Pack?…2 gray male wolves killed by WS

6/1 Cedar Creek Pack…1 collared gray male wolf killed by WS

6/2 Trapper Peak Pack…1 gray yearling female wolf was trapped and killed by WS

6/2 Selow Pack…1 collared male wolf killed by WS

6/7 Trapper Peak Pack….1 yearling wolf killed by WS

6/18 Selow Pack…1 black adult female wolf killed by WS (believed to be last member of pack)

6/25 Silcox Pack…1 female wolf killed by WS

6/27 Silcox Pack…1 male wolf killed by WS

6/28 & 6/29 Table Mountain Pack…3 wolves killed by WS

6/30 Miner Lakes Pack…1 wolf killed by WS

7/9 Horn Mountain Pack…1 wolf killed by WS

7/10…2 wolves killed by WS

7/15 Canyon Creek?…1 wolf killed by WS

7/29 Horse Creek Pack…1 wolf killed by WS

8/6 Horse Creek Pack…1 wolf killed by WS

8/17 Horse Creek Pack….2 wolves killed by WS (not sure if they were from this pack, report confusing)

9/2 Montitor Mountain Pack?…MT FWP authorizes the removal of 3 wolves

9/4 Monitor Mountain Pack…2 wolves killed by WS

9/5 Monitor Mountain Pack…2 wolves killed by WS

9/10 Horse Creek Pack…2 wolves killed by WS (believed one adult and 2 pups remain in the pack. Wildlife Services is looking to wipe out the rest of the pack or “full pack removal”

9/10 Murphy Lake Pack….1 wolf killed north of Whitefish, Mt by WS

9/10 Horse Creek Pack…1 black adult male wolf killed by WS

9/12 Ovando Mountain Pack…3 wolves killed by WS

9/16 Horn Mountain Pack…WS given permission to kill the entire pack of 9 wolves or more

9/16 Horn Mountain Pack…1 wolf killed from the pack by WS

9/21 Horse Creek Pack…1 gray female radio collared wolf & 1 gray wolf killed by WS

9/23 & 9/24 Horn Mountain Pack…4 wolves killed from the pack by WS.

Wildlife Services looking to remove the remaining 5 members of the pack

9/27 Welcome Creek Pack…1 adult male wolf killed by WS

9/29 Welcome Creek Pack…1 adult male wolf killed by WS

9/3o Horn Mtn. Pack…5 wolves killed by WS (entire pack is now dead)

10/5 Irvine Pack…1 wolf killed by WS

10/7 & 10/8 Murphy Lake Pack..3 wolves killed by WS

10/8 Irvine Pack…1 wolf killed by WS

10/15…3 black wolves killed by WS

New Pack (unnamed?)…WS has been authorized by FWP to kill breeding pair (mother and father) and their 3 pups

10/15…1 adult wolf killed by WS

10/15…1 wolf killed near Hall by WS

10/21…1 wolf killed by WS

10/25 Welcome Creek Pack…2 adult male wolves were killed by WS

11/11…1 wolf shot under 10(j) Big Hole Valley (under investigation by USFWS)

11/24 Mill Creek Pack…1 black wolf pup killed by WS

12/21…1 wolf killed in Ulm area by WS

12/21 Baker Mountain Pack…2 wolves killed by WS

Except for one mention of a range rider and a few instances of using fladry, pro-active animal husbandry is sorely lacking from this picture. When are the ranchers going to step up and protect their investment instead of running to the federally funded Wildlife Services for “predator control?”. Who say’s they have the taxpayer-funded right to have predators removed? What business doesn’t have risk? Why should the taxpayers fund their “tiny” risks from wolves? Please ask these questions of your Senators and Representatives. Tell them you don’t want your tax dollars funding WS, so they can kill wolves and other wildlife.  Don’t let the anti-wolf crowd direct the conversation. Ask these common sense questions about this wasteful, expensive, deadly program of killing wolves for agribusiness.


Law Enforcement/(Wolves dying from other causes in 2010)

(IE: motor vehicle accidents, “state defense of property”, (10j), suspicious deaths being investigated, et. al)


1/9 DeBorgia Pack? …1 gray female wolf pup hit by a car and killed on 1-90 near St. Regis

1/10…1 dead wolf found, North Fork of the Flathead, investigation by MT FWP

1/15 Saphire Pack…1 collared gray female disperser wolf shot by livestock owner.

1/21…Satire or Wolf Creek Pack?…1 wolf hit and killed by vehicle on Wolf Creek Road.

1/30…1 yearling wolf killed in a snare that had been placed for coyotes, in Wolf Creek Area.

2/9…1 wolf pup hit and killed by a vehicle on Hwy 287

3/27…1 wolf found dead south of Butte. Death under investigation

4/18…1 wolf shot by private citizen on private land in Madison Valley, warning issued, no follow-up by FWP

4/18…1 wolf  shot by private citizen near Lennep, FWP investigating

4/27…1 wolf killed by ranch manager, south of Butte

4/27  Trapper Creek Pack..1 yearling wolf found dead by FWP. It’s collar was found on 4/28. It was determined by FWP the wolf had  been illegally killed.

4/29…1 two year old gray male wolf was shot by landowner, north of Missoula

5/11 Elevation Mountain Pack…1 female black yearling wolf shot by rancher

5/11…report of possible wolf who was killed on private land in Carter County. After investigation it was determined it was not a wolf but of domestic dog origin. The animal was also wearing an orange fluorescent pet collar.

5/11 Elevation Mountain Pack…1 black yearling female wolf was shot by rancher, near Helmsville.

5/18 Mitchell Mountain Pack…wolf hit and killed by vehicle north of Wolf Creek.

May 2010…Person plead guilty in federal court in Missoula for shooting and killing a wolf illegally, violating the Endangered Species Act. (This incident was also mentioned in the Feb 27 to March 5th wolf report. I’m assuming it’s the same case?)

5/18 Mitchell Mountain Pack…1 collared gray female wolf (last remaining member of this pack) shot by landowner

5/25 Cilly Pack…1 breeding female (mother) wolf was hit and killed by a vehicle on the Swan Highway. She was lactating, which means it left her pups motherless.

6/22 …1 adult gray wolf was hit and killed by a vehicle  on 1-90 between  St. Regis and Superior.

7/27…1 adult wolf was hit and killed by a vehicle on 1-90 near Lookout Pass.

8/19 Cougar 2 Pack?…1 yearling wolf hit and killed by a vehicle on Hwy 191 near Daly Creek

9/9 Silver Lake Pack…. 3 wolf pups were found dead at the pack’s rendezvous site. Investigation ongoing.

September 2010…Cache Creek Pack…2 wolf pups found dead were autopsied, they had not been shot and no cause of death determined. Investigation ongoing.

9/12…1 black wolf pup found dead by FWP west of Clyde Park, Mt. Cause of death under investigation.

9/12…1 black wolf pup was found dead by FWP, Brackett Creek Area, Bangtail Mtns. The death is under investigation

9/17 Ksanka Pack…1 gray wolf pup was euthanized by FWP near Eureka. The pup was emaciated and in poor condition. The death is under investigation.

10/8…1 wolf killed by ranch manager in the Big Hole

10/11…1 wolf  shot and killed by landowner in Miller Creek.

10/24…1 wolf killed by livestock producer

10/30…1 wolf killed by hunter. Under investigation by USFWS.

11/3…1 wolf found dead, west of Missoula. Turned over to USFWS for investigation.

11/11…1 wolf shot in the Big Hole Valley under (10j). Under investigation by USFWS.

11/17…1 wolf found dead near Olney. Death under investigation.

11/17…1 wolf found dead in the Coal Creek area, North Fork of the Flathead. Under investigation.

So many little pups found dead under suspicious circumstances? Were their parents and packmates killed in the hunt or by WS? Was their nobody to protect them, feed them, give them love and care? Did they stave to death?  Were any poisoned? What happened to those pups?

*Information obtained from Montana FWP 2010 weekly wolf reports.


Americas Secret War on Wildlife

A Federal Agency Keeps The West Safe For Cows By Killing Coyotes, Wolves, Bears…..and Pet Dogs


Safe For Cows

 […] Montague Stevens saw only the surface of the land he hunted over. His active days afield coincided with the advent of erosion in the cow country, but he did not see it. The better to keep up with his hounds, he practiced riding his horse across the cavernous arroyos which were then invading the fertile valleys, but he did not recognize the invasion as something new in history, nor did he perceive its cause: the terrific overgrazing practiced by the early cowmen. Small wonder, then, that less intelligent men still fail to perceive that something more important than bears is departing from the western range. New Mexico’s grizzlies succumbed visibly to trap, gun, and poisoned bait, but New Mexico’s fertile valleys slipped down the Rio Grande in the night. Neither will return.

The University of New Mexico has done well to preserve this saga of how the state was made safe for cows. How the state is to be made safe from cows is a saga yet to be written

Aldo Leopold, “Review of “Meet Mr. Grizzly”, Journal of Forestry, March 1944.”


Top Photo: Courtesy kewlwallpapers.com

Bottom Photo: Courtesy Wikimedia Commons.

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  1. I was just Heartbroken this morning as i read this. i am signing everything i can and i have talked to the Fish snd gam for Arizona.Montana. i have sent emails to Sen. McCain. I have gotten lame respomses from Sen. McCain. I am saddened. The fish and game here in Ariz. Jon Oakleaf said that the letters sent to congress get sent back here to the Fish and Game without being read. I don’t suppose they read them either. I won’t stop. i post on FB. and try to get as many others to sign also. God Bless all that you domGod Bless our Wonderful Wolves. This is just so Wrong!


    • Hi Anna,
      It actually took me a week to finish this post because it was so depressing I had to stop and start. But I felt it was very important for people to see the damage that’s happening to wolves right now while they are still protected by the ESA. And those stats are only for Montana, I’m doing Idaho and Wyoming next week. Can you imagine the damage that will be done to wolves if there were state sponsored hunts on top of the WS killings. Last year 500 wolves died in the Northern Rockies.

      Thank you for being such an advocate for wolves, lets keep up the pressure. We have to make noise so Congress hears us. We can’t tiptoe around this, wolves are in serious jeopardy.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  2. Everyone who cares about wildlife should read this. Hopefully it will open some eyes and inspire participation in protecting our wolves everywhere.
    Wonderful job……..Thanks, Nabeki


    • Thanks Jerry! That was a tough post to put together. It depressed me terribly but people need to face the reality of what’s happening. Somehow this story has to break out of the Northern Rockies so other Americans can see what’s happening. I remember Alaska got a reality check when pictures of trapped wolves were posted everywhere, showing the suffering it created and a backlash mushroomed againsts the state. That’s what needs to happen here.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


    • I Cant agree more Jerry. Great work as always dear Nabeki…


      • Thank yoiu Vasileios!!

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  3. We must remember them in our struggle and dedicate our actions to their lost lives and the promise of restoration. The budget cutters need to begin with the Pentagon, “Wildlife Service”, and agricultural and energy subsidies.


  4. Hi Jayne….It seems America cares more about their hormone ridden beef burgers than endangered species. Which I totally don’t blame them, being a stereotypical American fatty. However, this news enrages me. Just because a stud with a rifle feels like their livestock is threatened by shadows, he blames it on wolves. I think these…ranchers…need a reality check. They seem to make killing wolves a sport.

    If the keep this up, we’ll soon have nothing left in the world that is truly beautiful.


    • Hi Jayne,
      I totally agree. The ranchers have had their way in the West for so long. They seem to get what they want. Who says they’re entitled to have our predators killed? It’s a sick system and one that needs to change. It’s going to take the voice of Americans to say no more to the cruel killing of our wildlife. We have to speak with one voice.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


    • Jayne…..It is the livestock industry that poses the greatest threat to our wildlife, from wolves, lions and bear, to prairie dogs.
      Cows and sheep need to be removed from our public lands …Groups such as Western Watersheds Project is actively working to protect our public lands from the environmental destruction caused by livestock grazing.
      On the other hand, Defenders of Wildlife has for years, coddled and collaborated with ranchers to the detriment of our wildlife.


      • Today;s announcement of another victory for Western Watersheds Project in their quest to protect our public lands from the cows belonging to the “welfare ranchers”.


      • Great news Jerry. WWP does tremendous work. That’s one more valley saved from being trampled by cows. Thank you WWP.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,


      • Great to hear the news.Thank you for the post,Jerry Black.I will have to send them a big thank you.If there is any group that can get something done, it’s the Western Watersheds Project.


      • Jerry-
        While Defenders has a different approach than Western Watersheds,they still are effective in advocating for wolves. I think that all of us that support wolves should stick together rather than fight with each other over the way one group or another works.
        When I have testified at IDFG wolf management meetings in Boise, sometimes the only National organization advocating for wolves was Defenders. They have 500,000 members. Let’s keep them on our side.


      • Larry Thorngren…..I won’t even bother going there with you and your “Defenders” advocacy.
        Myself and many others here in Montana have a lot different view of Defenders than you have and many have quit supporting them.
        Work together??? Good idea, but it’s tough when they snub any grass-roots efforts.
        Be happy to talk about this anytime. I’m sure you can figure out how to contact me.


  5. Dear Nabeki, I knew from what you had said before that it would be bad. But this is nothing but sheer carnage. In light of the killing of wolves for no reason other than they are wolves, please take a look at this wonderful video on YouTube about a wolf named Apricot.


    • OMG SCWG….I was so down today after doing that post. I was wondering what I would write about next. Thank you so much for sharing Apricot’s video. I’m going to post it on the blog tonight. it was just what I needed. It shows the beauty of wolves and the people that care about them. What a tremdous video. Thank you!!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


      • What a wonderful video. Thank you for this.


      • I thought everyone would enjoy it. What a beautiful wolf.



  6. You know that ‘Environmental Assessment on Predator Damage in Nevada’ I’ve been bustin’ chops on?
    Seems damage doesn’t necessarily have to be ‘confirmed’ simply ‘suspected’.
    Of the blah-de-blah percent of livestock ‘damaged’, and the blah-de-blah billions of dollars lost (because 1.33 cattle are valued at $1500.95 (?)) how many cattle were actually run in this particular herd?
    10? 100? 1000?
    Are ANY losses acceptable when you have chosen,as your livelihood, LIVESTOCK? Who takes it in the shorts for ‘ligthning strikes’?
    I’m sorry; I know you folks have probably already had this tantrum yourselves on many occassions, but as I’ve only recently become a serial multi-tasker, I beg your indulgence.
    Overall livestock losses in the West account for 10’s of THOUSANDS of dollars per year; WS accounts for 10’s of MILLIONS in gubmint appropriations and there is no way to account for the damage done by arbitrary predator slaughter done on a massive scale.
    I want my damn money back.
    I don’t know how Howlers do it. My right eye is crossed and I think I’ve suffered a cerebral/vascular event of some kind.


    • Isn’t it so incredibly frustrating isn’t it Lisa? Just reading that stuff can cause one’s head to spin around backwards. They’ve got all their I’s dotted and T’s crossed. No matter what we say the wolves still lose. I can understand why you’ve suffered an “event”…believe me there are many nights when I want to stand on a hillside and scream at the top of my lungs.



      • I am so happy that the Western Watersheds have done this. It’s about time. I grew up on a Farm with Black Angus we never let our Cattle roam where they pleased. They were fenced in with Electric fences. Great work Jerry and Bless you Nabeki


      • Thank you Sinati for sharing. The best thing that could happen is to get the cattle off our public lands. Then ranchrers can raise their cows on their own FENCED property. Better for the earth, better for the predators, better for everyone.



  7. Wildlife Services previous name was:
    Animal Damage Control (ADC)[ -1997]

    Wildlife Services is also a part of the US Department of Agriculture.

    This is probably common knowledge and may explain their willingness to harass predators and other wildlife, to blow off ‘suspected wolf depredation’ as ‘wolf depredation’ and mass revenge killings. Predator Control: what a waste of money.


    • This is slaughter pure and simple John. And all paid for with taxpayer dollars. Most people have no idea this is going on. It’s my mission to inform people that this agency is killing our predators and other widlife for agribusiness. We have to get the word out there.



    • John….They apparently changed their name for marketing reasons. It just sounds better and very confusing. What does Wildlife Services even mean? More like Wildlife (Dis)Service.



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