Atka the Arctic Wolf…

Here are a few videos from the Wolf Conservation Center that star Atka, their ambassador Arctic wolf.  He’s the same ambassador wolf that visited Diane’s sixth graders in New York, last December. He’s a real beauty.

I want to promote a positive wolf day every week, so we can focus on the good things. There is so much bad news, it’s bringing us all down.

I urge people, to send me positive educational wolf videos they may find or create themselves. I’m convinced we need to do more to promote wolf education and focus on the positive. It’s just as important as reporting on the daily barrage of bad wolf news we are subjected to.

So enjoy Atka, he’s a quite wonderful wolf ambassador. Thank you to the Wolf Conservation Center for the amazing work they do educating the public and especially young people about the importance of  wolves!!


The Wolf Conservation Center


Photos: Courtesy Wolf Conservation Center

Videos: Courtesy Wolf Conservation Center

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