Sweden’s Second Wolf Hunt Will Proceed Under Protest By EU….

Here we go again. 6500 Swedish hunters will stalk 20 poor Swedish wolves starting this Saturday. Last years hunt was the first wolf hunt held in Sweden in 45 years.

Hunters kill 20 wolves in first Swedish hunt in 45 years

January 2, 2010

More bad news, this time from Sweden.  For the first time in forty-five years, Swedish wolves are being hunted. Hunters killed 20 wolves out of the 27 wolf quota, on the first day of the hunt.  How incredibly sad. To my fellow wolf supporters in Sweden, my heart goes out to you.

Sweden’s wolves number a little over 200 animals. Yet this tiny wolf population is being hunted.  20 wolves are gone.  For what?

Wolf persecution is global!!

We have just begun to fight…….John Paul Jones


Now Sweden is back at it again. 


Wolf hunt set to proceed despite EU complaints

Published: 13 Jan 11 17:11

Despite looming legal action from the European Commission and complaints about the size of the quota, 6,500 Swedish hunters are set to go after 20 wolves in Sweden’s second annual wolf hunt.



Please support the EU protest against this hunt!!!  Wolf persecution is global. Stand up for Swedish wolves!!

Protest against the continued hunting of Wolves in Sweden

Sign The Petition by Clicking HERE:



Photos: Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

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