Sweden’s Second Wolf Hunt Will Proceed Under Protest By EU….

Here we go again. 6500 Swedish hunters will stalk 20 poor Swedish wolves starting this Saturday. Last years hunt was the first wolf hunt held in Sweden in 45 years.

Hunters kill 20 wolves in first Swedish hunt in 45 years

January 2, 2010

More bad news, this time from Sweden.  For the first time in forty-five years, Swedish wolves are being hunted. Hunters killed 20 wolves out of the 27 wolf quota, on the first day of the hunt.  How incredibly sad. To my fellow wolf supporters in Sweden, my heart goes out to you.

Sweden’s wolves number a little over 200 animals. Yet this tiny wolf population is being hunted.  20 wolves are gone.  For what?

Wolf persecution is global!!

We have just begun to fight…….John Paul Jones


Now Sweden is back at it again. 


Wolf hunt set to proceed despite EU complaints

Published: 13 Jan 11 17:11

Despite looming legal action from the European Commission and complaints about the size of the quota, 6,500 Swedish hunters are set to go after 20 wolves in Sweden’s second annual wolf hunt.



Please support the EU protest against this hunt!!!  Wolf persecution is global. Stand up for Swedish wolves!!

Protest against the continued hunting of Wolves in Sweden

Sign The Petition by Clicking HERE:



Photos: Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Oh not again! Why are they doing this? There are such a tiny amount of wolves in Sweden, and they want to reduce that number? Are they out of their minds!?

    I will sign the petition.


  2. I have signed the petition once, but will see if I can do so again. How on earth does and government on this planet justify killing 10% of a species. Okay, time to look at the healing video of Apricot.


  3. Our good friend Kevin from save western wildlife(just certain kinds) posted his usual nonsense about illegally introduced Canadian wolves in the US. He neglected to mention how the western hunters favorite approach is shooting their game from their pickup truck in between beer burps. He also mentioned how threatening hunters is illegal in the US, but once again failed to mention how they threaten elderly women and their families if you question them hunting on your private property- yes we be wolfaboos whatever the hell that means. It goes to show that the wolf is not the only species with an inbred gene pool


    • Yeah, Kevin Watson is his name and he has been saying forever it seems that he and other hunters are going to remove the “non native” canadian wolf from Oregon.


    • We have to change the dialog and stop talking about elk. The haters are driving the conversation. Only 5 percent of Americans hunt, people are not sitting around worrying about how many elk there are in the Northern Rockies…we have hundreds of thousands of elk, that’s enough. Who says the “elk cult” owns America’s wildlife. They don’t…I’m sick of their whining and bellyaching.



      • Only the hunters are Nabeki. Yes, they should be called the elk cult. They are a sick bunch. We try to protect animals from being killed by them while they try to protect animals so they can kill them themselves.


      • Definitely “The Elk Cult” Jon….let’s turn it around on them.



  4. Nabeki- I can only assume they are doing this hunt as a political move because I have heard they will be bringing in wolves from Russia and Finland to enhance the gene pool and any hunt after that for at least a few years would be counterproductive


  5. Yes, they re out of their minds. I growed up in the arias of the wolves in Sweden and people here re evil. Out of the hunt they dont ve a life. They share vodka with each other while they speak about how to kill…. The animals here dont ve a chanse….. If they cant kill them legally they kill them, dig and keep the mouth shut. Pray for our wolves. ❤


    • We’re with you lena. So sorry about the hunts. We were feeling the pain of two wolf hunts going last year. I know Sweden did too. …with their first wolf hunt in 45 years. I hope the EU is successful in stopping further wolf hunts in Sweden. This a sad day for Swedish wolves.

      For the Swedish wolves, For the wild ones,


  6. Lena-
    In the US we turn the hurt that we feel when we see these animals persecuted into determination. Remember that hunters are in the minority and the tide is turning in our favor. Stay strong wolves have allies!!!!!


    • William, Don Peay and his organization should change their name to sportsmen for killing wildlife instead of sportsmen for wildlife. They care very little about wildlife. They only care about killing it.


      • Peay is a loon and outside his Utah bubble most Americans would agree


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