“Nearly half of Swedish wolf hunt quota met”….

They can’t hide, where can they run from the hunter’s guns? Today is the first day of the Swedish wolf hunt and already half are dead. This is an outrage. Last year they said the wolves were inbred and they needed to cull them. They were going to bring in new wolves to enhance genetic diversity. So what’s their excuse now? Uh-huh!  It’s political.

Shame on the Swedish government for allowing this to go forward. This is a wolf massacre. 6500 hunters chasing around 20 wolves, sounds like blood lust to me!!

Nearly half of Swedish wolf hunt quota met

Photo: Anders Wklund/ScanPix (file)

Sweden’s wolf hunt for the year began on Saturday, with nine wolves out of the allotted annual quota of 20 shot by 1pm, as protesters set off fireworks at a hunting area in Dalarna.

Read the rest of the sad story….http://www.thelocal.se/31448/20110115/.


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