Another Day, Another Dead Wolf….

A wolf wearing a radio collar was found dead in Wyoming. No cause of death released.

It’s weird to me that so many wolves are killed by Wildlife Services every year but an investigation is launched when they find a wolf dead. Not that they shouldn’t be investigating, it just rings hollow to me. Ya know?


Wolf killed in Wyoming; cause under investigation


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  2. This has been a very sad week so far. i agree,Why would they Investigate it. I am sure no one will recieve any kind of Punishment for it.I am Praying for them .


  3. Any radio-collared dead wolf should be skinned and examined to see of there was damage or an infection at the darting site.
    When Macho-B the Arizona Jaguar(Died 10 days after being darted and radio-collared.) was skinned in order to make a mount for the Arizona Game and Fish Department, he was found to have a large draining abscess at the dart site.
    Capture darts use an explosive charge that fires when the dart strikes the darted animal and forces hair,dirt and bacteria deep into the animal’s tissues, which often causes severe infection and death.

    If you google various wildlife telemetry studies and look at the photos of the collared animals, you will see glove-less biologists handling the darted animals, often in very dirty environments.
    I have photos supplied by the AZG&F Department of Macho-Bs capture and the biologists have no gloves and wrapped his head in a dirty camouflage T-Shirt while processing him.
    He was well fed and his coat was shiny in the photos.

    The Biologist in charge was found guilty of illegally capturing Macho-B,and was fined and fired.
    He is now helping a researcher in Spain capture and collar endangered Iberian Lynxes. Look for them to go extinct soon.


    • It’s rather frightening to know that the ones handling wildlife are so negligent. You could at least expect the most fundamental of veterinary knowledge from the ones that handle wild animals.

      Veterinarians must use the same skills to a level on par with human doctors and surgeons (they must also swear their own form of the Hippocratic Oath). This professionalism includes the necessary precautions when it comes to hygiene. Everything used in a procedure, especially hands, has to be thoroughly washed, dried and sterilised before it touches the skin of a living being and gloves are ALWAYS worn throughout the procedure, no matter how trivial. Even when giving something as seemingly simple as vaccinations, a doctor will clean the injection area and wear gloves.

      Anyone who doesn’t do this when working with humans or animals should be fired on the spot for gross negligence.


      • You see it all the time John, biologists handling wolves, involved in collaring, no gloves. But wait, the haters are so worried they’re gonna get tapeworms from wolves,when biologists handle wolves all the time, many without gloves. I don’t think I’ve heard of one incident of hydatid disease from the wolf biologists. Oh why do I even try to throw facts their way, those pesky little facts.



    • I’m with you on this Larry. I can hardly stand to think of the senseless death of Mach-B. It upsets me so much, he died for nothing. I dislike radio collars for all the reasons you mentioned. I dislike the darting and harassing of wolves for collaring, the helicopters that chase them. Wolves can get PTSD, remember Tenino?

      So the biologist in charge of the Macho-b debacle is now collaring other endangered animals. What?



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