Minds Eye


I linger on a thought. Wolves running free

In my mind’s eye I see

Run, run, run from the guns

Run, run, run from the hate

Be swift, hurry, no harm shall come to thee

In my mind’s eye I see..


January 21, 2011



Video: Running With Wolves In Russia

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Posted in: gray wolf/ canis lupus, Wolf Wars

Tags: Russian wolves running, gray wolf, beautiful wolves

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  1. @ Nabeki,Thank you for the Video. That was wonderful watching them play in the snow. Wild and Free.


    • Your’e so welcome anna, glad you enjoyed it.



  2. On snow or on lakes or even at any place my heart beat fast when watch them play or run free… But any time i cry when hear them Howl and fill up the night with their songs…


    • That’s really a beautiful way to put it Vasileios.



  3. Love the video andI loved your verse{poem] that you wrote.Run,Run,Run….


    • Thank you Rita. Glad you liked the video, the song keeps playing around and around in my head.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


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