Please Sign For Finnish Wolves…

Finland’s tiny wolf population is critically endangered. Poachers are further decimating wolf numbers.


Finland’s wolf population has collapsed.

The total number of wolves has fallen by more than a hundred compared with the peak years, and the Finnish Game and Fisheries Research Institute’s (RKTL) fresh report with regard to the number of wolf packs and couples occupying the country does not show any signs of recovery.

The wolf population seems to have decreased even from the estimate from last year.

The estimate with regard to the autumn’s wolf territories is based on wildlife observations and a questionnaire sent to game management districts.

Researcher Samuli Heikkinen from RKTL emphasises that the figures will become more precise and complete with the coming of snow-cover. That is when the wolf counting will commence in earnest.

But the trend is heading downwards.

Whereas in 2005 there were an estimated 250 wolves in Finland, there were only 150-160 individuals left at the end of last year.

In the mid-1980s there were a minimum of 300 wolves in the country.

Based on the latest observations, there are 14 wolf packs in Finland, which translates to between 150 and 185 individuals.

“The number is more or less the same as last autumn, but if the cubs are included the population has decreased to some extent”, Heikkinen explains.

The packs are approximately in the same areas as before, but from some areas they have vanished.

For example the packs that used to reside south of the city of Oulu have disappeared, as has the pack that used to live in the northern part of Satakunta Province.

“Even from the eastern province of Kainuu, where wolves are more commonly found, one pack seems to have vanished”, Heikkinen says as he examines his map.

“The situation for the wolf is lamentable. The population has diminished dramatically from the peak years”, maintains Sami Niemi, a senior official at the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

When the management plan for the country’s wolf population was drawn up in 2005, the minimum number of packs for a sustainable situation was set at 25. At first the population did grow, and in 2007 as many as 37 packs were counted.

The latest population estimates show, however, that the management plan’s objectives have not been reached.

Presumably illegal hunting is to blame for the population collapse.

“The population was on the increase when the so-called population management shootings were commenced. The permissible hunting was dimensioned conservatively with respect to the growth rate of the wolf population. At the same time, however, the illegal hunting of wolves is suspected of having increased. Presumably, in some areas people’s tolerance limits were exceeded”, Niemi analyses.

Now the hunting of wolves has been curbed and permits are granted only in exceptional cases where the animals have caused extensive damage or where there is a so-called “troublemaker” individual in the area.

For the current hunting season 22 permits have been granted, primarily in the reindeer husbandry areas and in Eastern Finland.

Last year 37 permits were approved.!/note.php?note_id=116938581700497&id=113171248737451


Help Finnish wolves. Please read and sign this petition.

It states:

“Sign the petition to save the wolves! We are collecting signatures until the spring of 2011. The signatures will be presented to the Finnish Minister of Agriculture and Forestry.”

Click here to sign.

*There have been problems reported with the petition. Some comments haven’t gone through. If it doesn’t work the first time, please try again.


Finnish Large Carnivore Research Project


Photo: Courtesy Ilpo Kojola

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  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Jenni , Nabeki. Nabeki said: Please Sign For Finnish Wolves…: […]


  2. Nabeki,I signed and wrote a message but I am not sure that they recieved it or not. I didn’t get the usual response. I will try again on and off threw out the day,just in case.


    • Rita,
      There may be something wrong with that petition. I know other people have said the same thing, although others have had no problem with it. Not sure what’s going on with it?



  3. I’ll sign this one too Nabeki.


    • Thank you Zarago!!



      • It’s the least I can do Nabeki.


  4. I tried to sign too, both with the link and copying into a separate browser. Between the wolf slaughter and the BLM now gathering up yet more horses, I am close to being in a total blind rage with the sheer stupidity and total inhumane and heartless way our wildlife is being treated, all for the sake of the Cattlemens Association, the NRA and the Hunters to treat everything as theirs to destroy at will.


    • I’m with you on this SCWG. There is no rest for the weary. It has been a year and half of non-stop cruelty and bad news. I’m totally sick of it myself. Things have to change but this is what change looks like. We are fighting this battle so others don’t have to. Change will come, it’s just slower then we’d like.



  5. Signed and sent. By the way, I thought I’d add this on; in light of the recent bird die-offs, Wildlife Services has recently announced- with pride!- that they have killed over 4 million starlings and red-wing blackbirds in an operation they called ‘Bye Bye Blackbird’. The news is spreading of what they do, and people are getting angry. This would be an opporotune moment to get the news out about what they do to the wolves on a regular basis. Here is an article on the subject, and a link to their website. (Which you may have seen before…)
    We can stop this, but to do that we need awareness, we need dedication, and we need perseverence.
    The SCW

    Defending the defenseless
    Fighting for those who cannot
    Better hold on to something, because change is coming


    • Thank you,SCW,for the info and link.


    • Thanks for the links SCW. We are all onto Wildlife (Dis)Services. They are a despicable agency, killing our wildlife with tax payer dollars. They need to be de-funded. Many groups have tried. WildEarth Guardians has a campaign against them but Wildlife Services has powerful friends, they do the bidding of agribusiness. We have to keep trying though. Most Americans have no idea this agency even exists, let alone killing millions of our wildlife each year. That’s the problem…it’s almost a news media blackout on this agency.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  6. DEAR NABEKI!I SIGNED HERE AND ON FACEBOOK,TOO. JEAN DE FRANCE,TOO. monday morning i called finnish embassy and i spoke with the consul! he told to me exactly that: “people kill wolves in Finland because wolves go in the garden of people and kill dogs and people(!!!!), something like this”.HE TOLD TO ME EXACTLY THAT IN FRENCH…SOMETHING LIKE THIS…I was very upset and i explained to him WOLVES NEVER ATTACK PEOPLE! SO,I TOLD TO HIM WE WILL MAKE DEMONSTRATION,I HEARD IN HIM VOICE THE ANXIETY…i called swedish embassy but the consul was always “busy”…of course,but i left message.NABEKI,please believe me,here,in Paris we will make demonstrations but we must make banners!my husband called the Fondation B.B.and he explained what happening in sweden,finland.we have one promise.i hope theys keep they’s promise.we do it what we can…what i hope, in others european capitals, BERLIN,ROMA,LONDON,BERN,others… Wolves Warriors stand up!!!anti-wolf people CAN’T INTIMIDATE ANY WOLVES LOVERS HERE…ANY. I’m sure! ONCE MORE AGAIN: EUROPEAN WOLVES WARRIORS STAND UP!!! JUST STAND UP!!!


    • We need a thousand more Agnes to fight for wolves, You are wonderful. Thank you for signing and being pro-active for Swedish and Finnish wolves. I can’t believe he had the nerve to tell you wolves are killing people in Finland. That is outrageous.

      I know you will not be intimidated. Please keep us all posted on what is happening in Europe. There are Wolf advocates all over the world and as you said we need to STAND UP for wolves and stop letting ranchers and hunters dictate policy. Good for you Agnes. You’re my hero!!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,




  8. Its very depressing – rural Finland appears to have as many ignorant red-necks as the likes of Idaho, Montana etc. So much for the “Green” image of the Scandinavians!!:(


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