200 Dead Goats, Imagine The Outcry If Wolves Were Responsible….

A guy leaves 2oo goats to die in the middle of winter and is now brokering a plea bargain to avoid jail time?

Get this, as part of the deal he won’t be able to own goats for six years. How about NEVER!! Why would this person ever be allowed to own any animal again?

Many of the goats were piled on top of each other in a heap.

“Neighbors who discovered the goats described finding “piles of death.” The goats, which apparently climbed on each other for warmth, were waist high in some places of the barn.”

Can you imagine the outcry if wolves were suspected of this? We’d never hear the end of it. 

The sad thing is this is not an isolated incident. Animal abuse is rampant. Just read the news and you’ll find heartbreaking stories on a regular basis.

And yet wolves are demonized and persecuted relentlessly. Entire agencies are dedicated to monitoring them like they’re common criminals. Hundreds of wolves are brutally killed every year by our own government for agribusiness, yet a person can negligently allow 200 goats to die and they get a slap on the wrist? 

Hypocrisy, the lie, is the true sister of evil, intolerance and cruelty……


Malta man reaches plea agreement in deaths of 200 goats in Dodson area


Malta man accused of leaving more than 200 goats to die last February in Dodson reached a plea agreement that allows him to avoid jail time, but forbids him from owning goats for the next six years.

Jon Carman was charged with one count of aggravated animal cruelty, which carries a maximum sentence of two years in jail and a $2,500 fine. His three-day trial was scheduled to start today.

Phillips County Clerk of District Court Iris Robinson said the trial was vacated Tuesday because Carman and the county attorney reached a plea agreement.

Under the terms of the plea agreement, Carman will plead no contest to felony animal cruelty and Phillips County Attorney Ed Amestoy will recommend a six-year deferred sentence, according to KRTV.

To read the rest of this sad story CLICK  HERE:



Photo: Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

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  1. If it were wolves, you can bet the man would be bawling his eyes out
    “My poor goats!”

    There was an instance of a woman from British Columbia who found a wolf in her barn with one of her goats in its mouth. The goat was already dead. She shouted at the wolf and poked it with a stick to no effect. She then did the most STUPID thing you could imagine – she tried to take the carcass from the wolf… with her bare hand.
    Naturally the wolf bit her and soon took off, the woman shot the animal as it retreated from her property.


    • John….That is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard. Just when you think people can’t get any dumber, they do.



  2. John d. : you are so right; they always suddenly LOVE their livestock if it even appears a wolf could have killed it. Same with the hunting dogs they neglect!
    Poor Goaties!! I’m with you, Nabeki; he should never be allowed to own any animals again! Six years he can’t own goats??? Sorry, but WTF??


  3. Also, it doesn’t take much to feed goats; mine simply share hay with the horses and get a little grain each day, and they are so fat i’m trying to get them to LOSE weight ! They look like fat little sheep right now 😀


    • LOL…fat little sheep.



  4. 200 (two hundred) goats die, and he is charged with 1 (one)count of cruelty. That is unacceptable, even more so than the plea bargain as that is specifically a bargain. However, two hundred victims being consolidated into one crime was not a bargain, that was accepted as a given.

    I see that even within MT the case has caused controversy over his non-punishment, so that is a good sign. It may even wake up a few people to just how inadequate animal protection legislation is in the west. It’s not just “third world” places where animal abuse is systemic, and the people callous toward or blind to the suffering of non-human life.


    • I sincerely hope so pavementsofsilver…..it’s egregious beyond measure that he got off with no jial time and wolves would pay the ultimte pricei if they wee involved.



  5. This is terrible. Why are people so ignorant and cruel?

    I do not think that wolves will be blamed for this killing.


    • I don’t understand it Zarago.

      Wolves weren’t blamed for it but I was making the point that if they were can you imagine the outcry. This guy gets of with a slap on the wrist. Is there no justice for animals?



      • The connection between humans and animals has been ripped apart. People now say “It’s just goats”, but all animals diserve justice if something terrible has been performed on them.


  6. You know what’s even sadder about all this? If he’d left 200 dogs to die, he’d be doing several years’ worth of jailtime and there’d be no talking out of it. This is why I just hate a lot of “dog people” – the only animal in existence is the dog, everything else is merely a commodity.

    And I also agree about the ranchers. It’s amazing how they raise these animals for the purpose of being killed but when a predatory animal is involved, suddenly they act like their BFF was just tortured to death in front of them.

    I’d be far more sympathetic to them if they weren’t such liars. And get this: I’ll be going into ranching (not for killing) very shortly. Yet I don’t support wildlife “management.” I of several non-lethal methods for preventing livestock predation that are little known, but very successful.

    Also, on the subject of predators, I get it that this is a wolf site, and I love it that you’re trying to educate people and agree with most of your points, but I’d also like to bring up coyotes aren’t evil monsters hellbent on destroying all that’s good in this world. Over one hundred thousand coyotes are killed through very brutal means each year. They have it worse for wolves overall in that there is literally no protection for them in regards to animal cruelty laws. You can do whatever you want to a coyote and get away with it. Ever heard of Vargy or Nitro? Google them and add coyote.

    I don’t want to just protect wolves. I also want to protect other animals from abuse, too. And while coyotes don’t have much to do with the above blog post, I’ve seen a few comments thrown at coyotes here and there in other blog post that left me feeling like you don’t care about them.

    I’ve actually seen people brag about killing coyotes, but when someone mentioned killing a wolf, they freaked out because wolves are majestic and coyotes are just coyotes. Wolves are hardly majestic when they’re killing their prey, taking a dump, reproducing, etc. They’re beautiful animals, but they’re not noble. This is coming from someone who identifies strongly with wolves and is a wolf therian. Coyotes are just as majestic as wolves are, just as beautiful, and deserve to live just as much.

    So I’m sorry if this isn’t the point you were trying to get across, and I sincerely hope it isn’t the case, because I do support your efforts and would love to help, but at the moment, I’m also concerned about an animal that while not facing the threat of extinction just yet is suffering unspeakable acts of cruelty on a regular basis.


    • Hi Kibym,

      We are big supporters of coyotes on this site. We went to bat for them last year when Idaho SFW was holding their annual, disgusting predator derby. Many groups came together and pressured Nikon, who was one of their sponsors and Nikon to their credit, dropped their sponsorship. We wrote to Cabella’s as well but sadly they continue to support predator derbies. Not only are coyotes killed in these “contests” but so are foxes, bobcats and last year they included wolves. If you go to the front page of this blog and click on categories, there is one for Predator Derby. Here are links to some of the posts:

      FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Wildlife Advocates Condemn Twin Falls ID Wolf/Coyote Killing “Derby”




      Wile E Coyote Finds Safety In Numbers In Wolf Country

      Please visit Project Coyote, run by Camilla Fox. You will find all the information you could ever want on their efforts to protect the little “song dog”.

      I’m glad to hear you’re going into ranching “not for killing”. What kind of ranching?

      We support all predators on this site. The wolf is our main focus but we care about all the apex predators and meso-predators, like the coyote.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


      • Coyote derbies are still going on today. In some places, they are offering paid bounties on them. It’s very sickening. The people who participate in these coyote sport killing contests do so for money and prizes. They are a sick bunch of people with no respect for wildlife. Events like this happening just proves yet again that hunters are not the conservationists they claim to be. They only want wildlife around so they can pull their guns out and shoot it dead.


      • Jon…There are so many predator derbies all over the country, it’s truly sickening. To me it’s just allowing animal cruelty. What’s the difference between shooting a dog or cat or shooting a coyote, bobcat, fox or wolfz? The state game agencies determine which animals it’s OK to kill and then it’s supposed to be alright. We all know that’s a crock. What kind of human being enters a contest to kill animals for points and prizes? To me they are just as bad as the girl in Europe that was caught on video tossing puppies off a bridge. None of this behavior is normal. It’s sick and the people that participate in it need to have their heads examined.



    • Hi, even though coyotes are not talked about on here as much as wolves, I’m certain we all care about them. Coyotes like wolves are persecuted a lot and viewed as vermin. We fight for all of the persecuted animals whether it be wolves, bison, coyotes, bears, etc. You are 100% right. Coyotes deserve to live as much as wolves.


    • That is a common excuse that the sport hunters use to justify their killing. The animal is not endangered so it’s ok to kill them, but it’s not. It should not matter if there are a billion coyotes or if there is 1000 left. each coyote serves a purpose in the ecosystem. We live in a world where there is little respect for wildlife and hunters just use any lame and phony excuse they can to justify them slaughtering wildlife. Look at the pictures and the videos they post on sites like youtube. Them smiling over the dead coyote they just killed for sport. These animals stand no chance against a high powered rifle shooting at them from a good distance away. These people who commit these wildlife crimes have no respect for wildlife what so ever. Respect to me is letting an animal live, not killing it for some lame reason,


      • T.REX? OMG now I’ve heard it all. Maybe this guy needs to go back the Cretaceous period and see what a real T. Rex lools like. This is definitely post worthy. Thanks for the link Jon.



      • You are so right Jon. You can clearly see from the pictures they enjoy killing animals. Why the huge smiles on their faces, like they’ve just won the lottery? It’s legalized animal cruelty. I have no idea how a person becomes that way. Why they would take pleasure in killing an animal? Their wiring has to be crossed. I’m sick and tired of reading these horrific animal torture stories. Coyotes have the right to exist like any other animal. But somehow we have agencies that play god and decide which animals it’s legal to kill. It’s a very sick system.



  7. Kibym……..I’m really not sure where on this blog people have spoken out against coyotes. In fact, I’ve found the opposite and many have spoken out against the “Coyote and other predator” killing contests that are being held throughout the country and especially in Idaho and Montana. The main sponsorship of these “killing derbies” has been, and still is, Cabelas. Many have taken the time to call and email Cabelas to protest this…sadly, they don’t listen. They only listen to the hunters and ranchers that consider coyotes nothing but vermin.
    Not sure what you mean about “going into non-kill ranching”???? Does this mean that you’re not going to slaughter your cattle? If so, good for you!!
    If it means “predator friendly ranching”, good for you also.
    A book suggestion……”Sacred Cows at the Public Trough” by Denzel and Nancy Ferguson.


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