Yellowstone Bison Slaughter Given Green Light…..

UPDATE: February 16, 2011

Schweitzer halts bison slaughter


2006 Bison Slaughter (BFC): Yellowstone Kills 758 of Last 4000 Wild Bison [Jan ’06]…from BFC

2008 Bison Slaughter: Yellowstone Bison Being Shipped to Slaughterhouse

“On Mar. 18, another 62 bison were loaded onto cattle trucks and sent to slaughter. This video, taken by Tim Stevens of the National Parks Conservation Association, shows federal and state agents loading these majestic beast like cattle.”…from GreaterYellowstone

2008 Bison Slaughter: “Montana Dept of Livestock and Yellowstone National Park are engaging in inhumane and cruel corralling of wild buffalo from their safe haven of Yellowstone. These buffalo are too large for the alleyways they are prodded through, tear skin from their bodies, rip horns from their heads, flip over, get trampled and die through this process. Get involved. Take action. Write your Senators, Congressmen and Yellowstone. Keep up with the latest through Buffalo Field Campaign”…from buffalomatter

Do you want to see this? Bison grazing in the Lamar Valley.

Or This?

From The Buffalo Field Campaign: Two calves at risk for injury – Captured bison in first holding pen. 08-JUN-2007

“The cropped photo was taken soon after the group of approximately 40 bison including calves had been hazed and herded into the capture facility’s holding pen on National Forest land just east of Yellowstone National Park. This photo is yet another documenting of the fact that hazing and penning is risky for bison calves. When Yellowstone National Park was created, its western and northern borders cut through natural areas wherein bison move freely and forage. The capture facility is near habitat quite natural for the buffalo and stands as the major reason they migrate from the Park in winter and spring. These not large locales are mostly in National Forest adjoining Yellowstone, and should be codified as bison sanctuary.”….from the BFC

Yellowstone’s bison lost in court, a federal judge cleared the way for 217 bison, who tested positive for brucellosis, to be sent to slaughter, out of the 525 that have been penned so far. That’s Monday’s count. It could go higher. Environmental groups are expected to appeal this decision. The bison’s only hope lies with the appeal.

The bison are hungry and leaving the park for their lower elevation feeding grounds. That’s what they’ve been doing for thousands of years before there was a Yellowstone National Park or The Montana Department of Livestock or cattle. Cattle are a non-native species that trample native grasses, pollute watersheds and are the cause of untold suffering. Wolves and bison are being sacrificed on the “sacred cow altar”.

The videos show what shipping our iconic bison to slaughter looks like. Why is the guy smiling while prodding bison, in the third video @ 1:14?

These videos from 2006 and 2008 are gut wrenching to watch. But please share them with everyone you know who cares about wildlife. As unpleasant as they are, they need to be seen by as many people as possible. How many more years are we going to allow this to go on? Isn’t it time to put these archaic, brutal policies to bed? Those bison are descended from the last of the great buffalo herds, that once roamed this country by the millions and we’re letting the cattle industry kill them.  Why???

Slaughtering Yellowstone’s bison is a tragedy that plays out year after year yet nobody has been able to stop this madness. “Is this the Year of  the Bison”?  Will it stop this year? Not according to U.S. District Judge Charles C. Lovell.

“Distasteful as the lethal removal may be to some, it is clearly one of the foremost management tools – time honored – necessarily utilized to protect the species, the habitat, and the public,” the judge wrote.

Time honored?  Time honored by whom? Certainly not the people who care about the iconic bison and certainly not by the bison themselves, who’s only crime is to live in a world where you are killed for being hungry. Does this make any sense to you?

What image is conjured in your mind when you think of  Montana? Beautiful mountains, parks, wild rivers or bison sent to slaughter for the crime of being hungry? Or is it the hundreds of dead wolves sacrificed for the sacred cow?

Montana is shooting its tourism industry in the foot. People from all over the world come to see Yellowstone’s wild free-free roaming bison. They are clearly worth much more alive than dead but the Montana Department of Livestock and their minions  would rather round them up like cattle for slaughter in the name of their red herring excuse, brucellosis.

There has not been one single documented case of bison transferring brucellosis to cattle. BUT there have been cases by the other brucellosis carrying animal,  that’s allowed to roam freely in Montana, ELK!! Why aren’t elk rounded up, tested and slaughtered? Because the hunting lobby would scream to high heaven. Oh FWP announced they’re going to carry out a brucellosis study on elk but elk are still allowed to range freely, NEAR CATTLE. How in the world is the bison slaughter justified when there is a double standard between elk and bison? It’s a selective crisis and it’s killing Yellowstone’s iconic buffalo.


The real reason bison are prisoners in Yellowstone National Park and  are sent to slaughter if they dare leave,  is the cattle industry does not want bison competing with cattle for grass. That’s it. Forget brucellosis.  It’s all about precious cattle and competition for grazing land.

There is something pro-active you can do to help bison and wolves right now.  Stop eating beef.  That would be a powerful way to hit the livestock industry in its wallet, where it hurts. It may sound radical but it’s not as hard as you might think. Evey time you enjoy a steak or grab a hamburger at McDonald’s think about the untold suffering and destruction the cattle industry has wrought, not just in this country but around the world. Even if you slowed your consumption of beef it would help. The bison would thank you, the cows who suffer greatly would thank you and the wolves would definitely thank you. Think about it.


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Judge clears way for Yellowstone bison slaughter

By Laura Zuckerman Mon Feb 14, 8:55 pm ET

SALMON, Idaho (Reuters) – A federal judge on Monday denied a request from environmentalists to halt the execution of buffalo at Yellowstone National Park, a ruling that clears the way for hundreds of buffalo to be shipped to slaughter.

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Videos: Courtesy GreaterYellowstone, BFC, buffalomatter

Photos: Courtesy Buffalo Field Campaign, Public Domain Images

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