EMERGENCY ALERT: It’s Crunch Times For Wolves! Keep Calling US Senators!

The clock is ticking. On Friday the government is due to shut down unless the Democrats and Republicans make a deal to extend the date. There are murmurings an extension has been agreed upon.

Section 1713 still looms in the Budget Bill,  passed by the House of Representatives on February 19, 2011. Just to remind you how serious this is for wolves, it states:

Section 1713

“Sec. 1713. Before the end of the 60-day period beginning on the date of enactment of this division, the Secretary of the Interior shall reissue the final rule published on April 2, 2009 (74 Fed. Reg. 15123 et seq.) without regard to any other provision of statute or regulation that applies to issuance of such rule. Such reissuance (including this section) shall not be subject to judicial review.


So once again I repeat, please continue to call, fax and email Senators everyday, especially Senator Barbara Boxer, Chair of The Senate Committee on Environment & Public Works.

When you call Senator Boxer, please ask her to give you assurances that section 1713  will be stripped out of the final budget bill. 1713 would delist wolves in the Northern Rockies, without judicial review and return them to brutal state management.

I posted the draft of the “Wolf Bounty Bill” they are waiting to introduce in Idaho, which would treat wolves like vermin and put a $500 bounty on their heads. Is there any doubt what would happen to wolves if they were returned to state management/killing?


Here again are the contacts and talking points:

Capital Switchboard Numbers give the name of the Senator & you will be transferred to their office. You will then either speak to a staff member, or on the weekend – to voice mail.


Senate Committee on Environment & Public Works

Majority Members (10)


Chair Barbara Boxer, CA*

Fax: 1-415-956-6701

Max Baucus, MT

Fax: 1-202-224-4700

Thomas Carper, DE

Fax: 1-202-228-2190

Frank Lautenberg, NJ

Fax: 1-202-228-4054

Benjamin Cardin, MD*

Fax: 1-202-224-1651

Bernie Sanders, VT

Fax: 1-202-228-0776

Sheldon Whitehouse, RI

Fax: 1-202-228-6362

Tom Udall, NM*

Fax: 1-202-228-3261

Jeff Merkley, OR*

Fax: 1-202-228-3997

Kristen Gillibrand, NY

Fax: 1-202-228-0282

Minority Members (8) (Republicans)

James Inhofe, OK

David Vitter, LA

John Barrasso, WY

Jeff Sessions, AL

Mike Crapo, ID*

Lamar Alexander, TN

Mike Johanns, NB

John Boozman, ARK







-Let the Senators know you  support wolves and want them protected.


-Tell Senators to strip  section 1713 from the House Budget bill. This section delists wolves in the Northern Rockies, without judicial review and requires that states only have to maintain a population of just 300 wolves in the entire region. This means over 80% of wolves in the Northern Rockies could be slaughtered.


-The states of Idaho and Montana should not be allowed to “manage” wolves. Their prejudice against wolves is overriding good judgement and sound science.


-Section 1713 of the House Budget Bill undermines the ESA and tampers with one of the most important pieces of environmental legislation ever written. Do they want this to happen on their watch?


-Montana and Idaho politics are dominated by ranching and  hunting interests, effectively drowning out the voices of Wildlife Watchers.


– The budget bill is no place to legislate the fate of wolves or any Endangered Species.


We don’ t have much time, March 4  is days away.



Editorial: Zeroing out wolves in the GOP budget

February 27, 2011

Talk about a wolf in sheep’s clothing — the U.S. House has embedded an amendment to remove Endangered Species Act protections for wolves in its troublesome budget resolution that keeps the federal government in business after Friday. It’s one of many amendments the Senate needs to excise when it returns to Washington this week for work on the budget.

CLICK HERE To Read The Rest Of The Article


Andrew Wetzler’s Blog

After wolves. Are bears next?

Posted February 27, 2011

CLICK HERE for the link to the article


Photo: top and bottom photo courtesy kewlwallpapers.com

Middle Photo Wolf Skin: Courtesy C.B. Verlag

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  1. Every time I see one of those skins it makes me want to vomit. All that comes to mind is the manner in which it probably died. I don’t care who killed the animal or for what reason they did it, it’s just vile.

    Animal hair looks so ugly on people, just doesn’t fit at all. Every winter, I discretely cringe, my eye twitches in disgust, as I pass someone in a fur trimmed parka. Happens when watching movies too…


    • John, I really wrestled with putting up the skin pic but sometimes You have to remind people of the reality wolves face. I agree the pelt does not look anything but sad and grim. I don’t understand the caveman attitude about wanting to skin an animal so you can make a rug out of them. I wonder how beautiful that wolf must have been when he/she was alive? Now it’s just a trophy of death.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


      • It seems to be getting more prolific on sites like DeviantArt these days to show off skins and bones, gab about how beautiful the remains are and how it brings them closer to nature.

        Sick Sick people.


  2. please can you tell me if you know of any organisations/groups that do for bears what you do so very well for wolves.sadly, both species need all the help they can get.


    • jaqui….There is a wonderful organization dedicated to preserving habitat for the great bear, called Vital Ground. Here is the link: http://www.vitalground.org/The_Grizzly_Story

      Just want you to know that I love bears, especially brown bears. One day I want to start a blog dedicated to them.

      For the wolves, For the grizzlies,


      • Hello Nabeki,
        I am in communications with Defenders of Wildlife & am in their favorites box on their FaceBook page, due to I know the online guy who operates that page, as well as their TV Spokesperson. I would love to assist you here & on FB, RE: mostly Wolves, but also other wildlife. I have many sister sites that deal with bears & many contacts with USFWS, especially in MT, where bears are very active (& naughty).
        I would Love for you to add me to your ‘Contacts’ section on right of page here, or even my group link with picture. In return, as I post that i campaign for Defenders and a local WolfDog Rescue, I would add your site too. We could help one another. if interested please let me know. After seeing <> on this page, I will glady add you as part of my campaign also, hopefully directing my group of over 13k fans to your site. Please consider, and then i can also give you some sisiter sites of Defenders who deal with bears. here is my FB Group Link: http://www.facebook.com/pages/WOLF-SPIRIT/222871437925?sk=wall
        Thank You so much.
        (I also work with the Red Wolf coalition, & live just a few miles from the Red WOlf Sanctuary, so I try to help both them, who rec. help from Defenders & our state, & also a rescue group in western part of state, who despeerately need help, & rec. no funding) so ALL Wolves need our help, and if we can intertwine our voices, maybe we can together make better changes for all wolves & wolf dogs alike.
        Admin of <>
        Corp Worker for Defenders
        Volunteer for Red Wolf & Online Volunteer
        for Full Moon Farm, and Volunteer for marine
        & mustang (endangered wildlife on beaches of NC)

        Patti Wolf


      • Wow Patti you are one very busy lady. Thank you for all you are doing for wolves and wildlife. I would love to chat with you and will drop you a line on FB. I’d be happy to add you to the contacts section on HJF.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  3. Dear Nabeki and all,

    I just spoke with a very nice person in Boxer’s San Francisco office. Her name is Kay. I asked her to please see if she could get an update from the Senator on the status of Section 1713. I explained to Kay that it is CRUCIAL that this Section be stripped from the bill before going to Obama for signature, otherwise wolves in the Northern Rockies will be slaughtered by the hundreds. I reminded Kay that as Boxer is the Chair on the all important Senate Committee on Environment & Public Works we wolf advocates are depending on her to make sure this section is stripped. I would encourage all to call and speak with Kay to make sure she gets the message loud and clear. The number is 415-403-0100. I told Kay that I would give her a call first thing tomorrow morning for a status update.

    Have posted this on Warriors and Wolf Watcher Diane, Cindy and Marc’s FB Pages. I think calling the San Francisco office and speaking with one person, Kay, will get the message across loud and clear. I told her I would call her back first thing tomorrow morning to get a status update on Section 1713.


    • Thank you so much SWCG for all your hard work today. It worked. We did it. Wolf Warriors showed what we can do when we mobilize. What a great feeling…..HOWLS TO YOU!!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  4. Nabeki,
    Called and spoke with her secretary and told her VERY IMPORTANT to get the message about 1713! Told her how they were trying to strip the ESA status off wolves.


    • What a terrific group of people. Thank you crystal wolf. We held back the tide for one more day, that threatens to roll over wolves. I’m enjoying the evening, it’s been awhile that we all can relax a little.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  5. Everyone,From what I have read from other sites that 1713 is worded in such in a way that the word wolf is not mentioned,so if that is true,Senators will be not realizing what is actually being said.They say it was crafted to be this way. We better make sure Senators know and read.


    • Whew!!!Dodged that bullet.Don’t have to worry about 1713,just have to keep dodgeing the next round of bullets from the ones who want to harm wolves and other wildlife. We need to keep being in /on the front lines .Great work everyone.Thank You.


      • Woody on ralph’s blog said that the house CR has been scrapped. we just need to stay focused and speak up for wolves- i have faith in Boxer, Saunders and the rest of the Democratic Senate to stand behind the animals that are under assault


      • William….I posted the new CR on the top post. All the bad riders, including the Simpson amendment have been stripped out. I’ll keep everyone posted when I have more info. Just know that everyone did a fabulous job today and we can all feel proud we were able to help our beleaguered wolves.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,


      • Rita…tonight we celebrate but we all know the haters will be back in force. BUT we have a voice now and we’ll never, stop and never give up. There are actually people in Washington that are listening. HOWLS to them!! HOWLS to us!!

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,


    • Rita….here is the dreaded, sneaky, now dead 1713:

      “Sec. 1713. Before the end of the 60-day period beginning on the date of enactment of this division, the Secretary of the Interior shall reissue the final rule published on April 2, 2009 (74 Fed. Reg. 15123 et seq.) without regard to any other provision of statute or regulation that applies to issuance of such rule. Such reissuance (including this section) shall not be subject to judicial review.”

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  6. It does make a difference when we call, write, etc. we are a much bigger movement than the wolf hating hunters!


    • Wolf advocates are awesome Jon and I’m glad to know everyone of you!!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  7. On Prodject Coyote’s facebook,they are stating that we need to keep calling Senators about HR 1 along with the Secton 1713 which is still on it.They just extended the time ,but it could be voted on any day..I hope I am wrong but the last time I blinked,Ryder 1713,was put in a must pass bill in the House…


    • Hi Rita,
      I’m going to do an update on this tonight but basically this is what is happening. The Senate and House could not come to an agreement before Friday on the budget bill. The government would have then shutdown. So the House passed a CR (continuing resolution) to keep the government funded for the next two weeks) and Senate voted to approve it today.

      Yesterday we averted a showdown on a vote to pass HR1, which has the bad wolf delisting provision, section 1713. So that was a victory for wolves BUT in the next two weeks the Senate is going to be wheeling and dealing with the House to compromise on a budget bill, which means we still need to be vigilant and keep the pressure up on our Senators and let them know not to include section 1713 in the final bill.

      Most of the Democrats hate HR1 and I’m positive it will not be passed in it’s present form. There are too many bad riders and bad language in the bill that have nothing to do with the budget. The good thing that came out of our rally this week is most of the Senators now know what 1713 is. The wolf delisting is not hiding in the bill anymore. Also we saved wolves from being delisted this week because if they had forced a vote the language of 1713 more then likely would have passed.

      So we to keep calling congress to let them know we want 1713 stripped out of HR 1. The battle is not over but we won a victory yesterday by keeping wolves safe for another two weeks. Now we have to make sure they pass a clean budget bill. As I said I’ll write blog post on this 2night.

      Hope that helps.



      • Yes it does.Thank you very much,Nabeki.


  8. People need to pay attention to all the bills, but the Orrin Hatch one and the Denny Rehberg ones are the worst. keep an eye out for those and keep the phone calls, the emails, etc coming. It does make a difference.


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