“Lords Of Nature” US Senate Project…

Recently Howling For Justice was joined by NIWA and Wolf Warriors , to complete the substantial project of sending  “Lords of Nature; Life in a Land of Great Predators” to 75 Senators in Washington DC.  This excellent documentary, which illustrates the essential role that wolves play in a healthy ecosystem, was produced by Greenfire productions of Oregon.

Our deepest gratitude goes out to Maggie and the other wonderful volunteers who delivered Lords of Nature and our “Wolf Truth Letter”, to the Senate today.

We sincerely appreciate all the people who helped with this project behind the scenes; some that we have never even met!

We are grateful for the opportunity to send this very important message to Washington on behalf of the wolves of the Northern Rockies. Today both Budget bills have been defeated, our timing turned out to be perfect.

Now Senators have an opportunity to watch the ground breaking documentary, Lords of Nature, which so beautifully outlines the vital role wolves play in nature. We hope Senators gain a better understanding of the importance of apex predators, like the wolf.

Wolves do not belong in budget bills. We have to ensure that whatever version of the budget the Senate adopts, delisting wolves will not be part it.


Photo: Courtesy Lords of Nature

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  1. “Lords of Nature” is a phenomenal documentary, I just recently purchased it myself. I’m sharing it with everyone I know and hope to screen it at local schools. This is what people need to know about wolves (along with their loving social nature)


  2. Where can it be purchased? I would love to have it. “Man is NOT the ones who keep the balance in nature. God put that in her DNA a long time ago. The only thing man CAN do…is screw it up.”


    • I embeded the link in the post. See where the link is colored over Lords of Nature. If you click on that it will take you to their website. It’s an amazing film.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  3. Nabeki, I really worry about Idaho’s wolf population. One of these bills is going to pass sooner or later and Idaho wants only 150 wolves. There are 1200 or more wolves in Idaho. This is going to be a slaughter. There must be something we can do to protect these wolves. These hunters and ranchers and their politicians are going to try like hell to get one of these anti-wolf bills passes.


    • I know Jon. There are so many bills and assaults on wolves it’s like the Salem Witch Hunts. Actually there are only about 750 to 850 wolves in Idaho. Who really knows, there could be less. I believe there is a lot of poaching going on since the poachers think they won’t be prosecuted or they’ll just SSS. I don’t see any light at the end of this because this legislative move is a nightmare. When it was in the courts it was manageable, now we have every politician pandering to their wolf hating base to introduce more anti-wolf legislation. Someone needs to stand up for wolves in Congress and be their champion but I’m not holding my breath.



      • Suzanne Stone says 1000 nabeki. The # of wolves is not important as I’m against killing any of them. Just thinking of the possibility that if one of these anti-wolf bills pass, over 900 wolves who are doing nothing wrong just trying to survive will be killed. It’s a thought that is really hard to think about. Montana and Wyoming as well and the other states that have wolves included.


      • http://www.ktvb.com/home/More-wolf-tags-could-be-sold-next-season-93212429.html

        “Unsworth said there are 850 wolves in Idaho right now. Stone said that number is more like a 1,000.
        “Our wolf population has grown because we have a lot of pups on the ground right now,” Stone said. “My understanding is that we’re over a 1,000 as far as the number of wolves in the state. So by reducing it to 520, you’re essentially looking at cutting that population in half.”
        Something else being considered is allowing hunters to use traps and electronic calls in some regions in order to bait the wolves.
        “All those are methods that we currently use on black bears,” said Unsworth. “So those might be considered in some areas. We have a few areas where we have chronic livestock depredation and a few areas where we have some problems with too much predation on our elk herds.”
        Stone said these methods are effective, too effective. She said that history has shown that all wolves could be eradicated this way.
        “That’s how wolves were eliminated from the West,” Stone said. “People were trapping them. They were poisoning these animals.”

        They not only want to cut the wolf population in half, they want to go much further than that and get the wolf population down to 150 wolves. Wildlife services also kill a lot of wolves. Both these things together and you basically have an extermination plan to deal with the Idaho wolf population. It’sdisgusting these creatures who are just trying to survive might very well be out through this.


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