Senate Votes Today On HR 1. Vote @ 3pm EST. Wolves’ Fate Hangs In The Balance!

March 9, 2010

Capitol Switchboard



The vote was delayed yesterday but Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid (D-NV), is forcing an up or down vote on the House budget bill HR1, today, March 9 @ Noon EST.  That means the Senators must vote yes or no on all the bad riders and huge budget cuts that are in HR1.  Many moderate Republicans do not want to “go on the record” and sign on to the terrible things in that bill.The most terrible is the “Wolf Slaughter Rider” 1713″

This is Senator Reid’s statement, made on the floor of the Senate yesterday afternoon, regarding today’s vote on HR1 and it’s Senate Counterpart the Inouye Substitute Amendment 149.

“Twelve noon, Wednesday March 9, that the Senate proceed to the consideration of calendar # 14 HR 1, the Defense Appropriations long-term continuing resolution, fiscal year 2011, That there be three hours of debate on HR 1 and the Democratic alternative Inouye substitute amendment number 149 the time equally divided between the two leaders or their designees, prior to vote on passage of HR1. That the vote on passage be subject to a 60 vote threshold, if the bill achieves 60 affirmative votes, the bill will be read a third time and passed. If the bill does not achieve 60 affirmative votes, the majority leader will be recognized to offer the Inouye substitute amendment #149. The Senate then proceed to a vote on the substitute amendment. The substitute amendment be subject to a 60 vote threshold. If the substitute amendment achieves 60 affirmative votes, the substitute amendment be agreed to, the bill as amended will be read a third time and passed. If the substitute amendment does not achieve 60 affirmative votes HR 1 be returned to the calendar. No motions or amendments be ordered to the substitute amendment or the bill prior to the votes. Further that all the above occur with no intervening action debate.

Mr President even though there’s been a few have turns in the road, we’re at the place we need to be. We need to be able to show the American people where we are on these two measures and I express my appreciation to my friend the Republican leader uh that as we said things don’t always work smoothly around here but they usually work. And now we’re at a point where we can vote on these two measures, which is what we need to do”

If you can figure out what he’s saying good luck. No seriously, anyone watching this on C-Span today would have been scratching their heads? I know I was, I had to read it several times to figure it out.

Basically what I understand it to mean is Reid is forcing an up or down vote on HR 1.  Remember this is the infamous House Budget bill HR1, that was passed in the House on February 19, 2011. It contains the “Wolf Slaughter Rider” 1713. If this bill passes today, wolves in the Northern Rockies would be delisted, without judicial review. Which means they’ll be turned over part and parcel to the states with no redress. I don’t even want to think what this will mean for the  1700 wolves who live in the Northern Rockies. Everything we’ve worked for, over the last 15 years, will be destroyed. Wolves will be slaughtered.

Reid then goes on to say that if  HR 1 does not pass then the Senate will consider Inouye Substitute Amendment 149. The amendment just shows the numbers but the actual language in the Senate CR contains  1709. pushed by Senator Tester.

“U.S. Sen. Jon Tester, D-Mont., has inserted language into the Senate’s Continuing Resolution – the bill that funds the entire national budget – declaring the gray wolf a recovered species in Montana and Idaho”

1709 is the evil twin of 1713 and does exactly the same thing that 1713 does,  delists wolves in the Northern Rockies, without judicial review. They would be turned over to the states and again we all know how that will turn out for wolves. So this is very, very serious. All our calling, faxing and emailing is coming down to today.

If I’ve confused everyone, I’m sorry. Government was never meant to be this difficult to understand, so secretive, so under-handed that wolves could lose their protections and the ESA dismantled all because a Representative and a Senator decided to play politics with wolves’ lives and stuff a sneaky delisting measure into a BUDGET BILL. What do wolves have to do with the budget? Absolutely nothing but the anti-wolf forces couldn’t win in court so they are trying an end-round the ESA

Do not give up!  Please watch the vote on C-span tomorrow if you can.  My gut tells me  HR1 won’t pass but there is no way to know. If it does, wolves are doomed. If HR1 doesn’t pass, then they’re going to vote on the Senate version. Either way it’s going to be a horribly nerve-wracking day. If neither bill passes then it buys wolves and us more time. Please do not stop calling your Senators. They know we are out there and are hopping mad.  We are making a difference because every time I call I’m told many, many people are contacting them about the wolf delisting riders in these bills.

Continue to barrage the Capitol phone lines. Pray neither bill passes, a stalemate would be good. Wolves would win the day.

I am shocked and saddened that not one Senator mentioned wolves or the ESA yesterday, that I’m aware of.   I believe it’s because  nobody on Capitol Hill wants to admit out loud to the American people, that wolves could lose their lives and protections because of a rider added to a BUDGET BILL??? The fate of hundreds and hundreds of wolves are in the hands of the Senate.

Please refer to my previous post for all Senate contact information by CLICKING HERE.



Senate Democrats say they will force vote on House spending bill

By Erik Wasson – 03/08/11 03:17 PM ET

Sensing division, Senate Democrats declared Tuesday that they will force Republicans to vote on the House GOP’s bill to cut $57 billion in spending.

Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said he would bring a cloture vote late Tuesday evening, and perhaps as late as 1 a.m. Wednesday, on a motion to debate the House spending bill.

CLICK HERE to read the rest of the article.

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  1. I can’t get a hold of anyone or anything. I think they’re afraid the answering machine will blow up if they leave it on. Why do they hide secret crap like “Wolf Slaughter Rider 1713” in those bills anyway.


    • We had no trouble getting through by phone. We did, however, have trouble with the emails. Because we were suspicious that the phone calls might not be communicated in a timely manner, we sent faxes as well. It is probably too late to do that but possibly not. Good for you for trying. Keep trying.


      • Carl and Janice…I don’t think either of these bills will pass today. Wolves will win the day if that happens. That means they will have to go back to negotiating. We have to make sure whatever they pass in the future that the wolf delisting riders are not part of the budget bill

        Thank you for your effort for wolves. Even though not one Senators said anything about the ESA or wolves, in all their speeches today on HR 1, they know we are out there and upset. The longer this drags on the better chance we have to turn this around.



    • I believe the reason they aren’t mentioning wolves U-NAH-WI is because they don’t want the American people to know wolves would lose their ESA protections from a budget bill rider. The ESA has broad support in this country, that’s why the riders were written to hide their true meaning. Speaking about it on the Senate floor would call attention to what has been done and they do not want that.



  2. Democrats,on the whole can never stand up to the repulicans.It is so sad that one would rather sacrifice ones principles and the ones you represent in order to retain ones job and not stand up for the repressesd and stand for the things that need to be preserved.You may face defeat but than you stood up for the ones you represented and who had hope and faith on. .


  3. “…things don’t always work smoothly around here but they usually work.”

    HAHAHAHAHAHA thanks for the laugh, Senator Reid.


    • Rand Paul says he’ll be voting no on both versions because the budget cuts aren’t big enough. If others feel his way, then maybe the bills will satisfy no one and won’t go through.


      • CaptainSakonna, I don’t think either of these bills will pass but we have to keep calling and letting the Senate know we do not want wolves included in a budget bill. Now more sneaky dirty tricks.



      • Don’t worry, I’m not slacking — I made a bunch of calls last night, and emailed every Senator on Sunday (except for that one guy who doesn’t seem to have an e-mail form). I also put up a new round of wolf posters on campus within the past week, trying to direct people to the Wolf Warriors Facebook group so they can help too.

        I also tried to contact the environmental/sustainability club on my campus (NECO, they call themselves) a couple of weeks ago. I am disappointed about that. I sent their president an e-mail telling her about Section 1713, and merely asked her to get the word out to members of the club so they could take action if they wanted to. I never got a reply, not even a “Sorry, I can’t do that.” NECO usually doesn’t get involved in wildlife issues; they are more interested in recycling and carbon emissions and that sort of thing. But I thought if any group on campus cared, it would be them. The poster they use to advertise their club even has animal silhouettes all over it, and one of them is a wolf. Maybe there was some sort of mistake (e.g. lost e-mail), but it seems more like their president just isn’t interested.


      • That can be so frustrating CaptainSakonna, when you’re trying to get a message across about how dire the situation is for wolves and people don’t have the same sense of urgency. Well at least you tried. That’s all you can do. I wish we could get our message out of the Northern Rockies because the only information people are getting back East comes from the ranching and hunting groups. They believe the myths and lies about wolves because they are not hearing anything different. We really need a celeb who would pick up our cause. Just a ten 30 second TV spot to tell America what’s happening here.



  4. I sure hope that everyone found the time to send emails, faxes, sign petitions, make telephone calls, and support organizations that are in the front line fighting the war to save the wolves. Good for you if you did. At least we are trying to save the wolves. Shame on you if all you do is talk about it.

    One has to wonder what the wolf haters will be shooting at next when there are no more wolves. The war to save the wolves will be ongoing even if the rider on the Budge Bill is removed.

    As an example: The Governor of Idaho is proposing a bill that would classify the wolves as vermin and put a $500 bounty on them. This is all the more reason to never spend one dollar in Idaho or on Idaho products.

    Writing to people like Governor Butch Otter of Idaho will not make a difference. People like him are committed to the destruction of wolves. One has to ask why? Especially when widely circulated stories of wolf attacks on cattle and sheep have been largely discredited.


  5. This was just posted by Karen Wallo, about an hour ago after speaking with Senator Reid’s office. It LOOKS like the Decision will be MOST LIKELY made between March 15-18th. But again this is from a politician and nothing is guaranteed. In t…he meantime, keep emailing, sending faxes and most importantly CALLING your Senators.

    “VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGE FOR ALL THE PRO WOLF GROUPS: CURRENT UPDATE: I just spoke to Senator Reid’s assistant and here is EXACTLY what is goin on. The DEBATE starts today and will be 30 hours long, therefore going on for up to 1 week! A Decision will MOST LIKELY be made between March 15-18th, the latest. It could happen sooner, but doubtful. It is looking GOOD for the riders all being removed from the House, there are many. The MAIN one on the Senate’s bill is SECTION 1709 that TESTER attached. Senator Reid IS GOING TO BE FIGHTING TO HAVE THIS REMOVED, however, HE is NOT the final word. There are 100 Senators who will be in debate. No promises can be made, SO WE MUST STILL BE CONTACTING THE SENATORS (ALL OF THEM, w/ the exception of the Northern Rockies UNLESS you are from ID, MT or WY, then, by all means CALL your Senator OPPOSING 1709! Our work is FAR FROM OVER. CALL/FAX/WRITE the Senators OPPOSING SECTION 1709, the rider that takes the gray wolf OFF the ESA!! WHAT I AM TELLING YOU HERE IS STRAIGHT FROM THE HORSES MOUTH. Thanks!”


    • Thanks SCWG…I think once the two bills go down today then the Senate has to go back to square one. The Dems and Reps are 50 billion dollars apart. We may end up with another government shutdown. As long as there is a stalemate, it’s good for wolves. We just have to get any bad wolf delisting riders out of any budget bills they pass.



    • Great news. Could this newspaper be any more biased with this statement?

      “The decision ignores subsistence needs of Alaskans who live on the island and conflicts with sound wildlife management policies aimed at preserving a rapidly declining caribou herd on Unimak Island, Alaska officials said in a statement.”

      So they think not killing seven wolves is going to hurt Alaskans, give me a break? Maybe the caribou herd is declining because PEOPLE are killing them.

      Thanks for the link Jon.



  6. Can someone tell us why Tester is able to get rider after rider attached to the budget bill …a rider that would destroy the wolves of the Northern Rockies?

    Now, that the budget bill including 1713 has been defeated, a new bill with a Tester generated rider 1709 (evidently a duplicate of 1713)is apparently about to be included with any new offering.

    So, the fight fight continues.

    Also, we would like to know how the Governors of Montana and Idaho can publicaly encourage people to ignore the Federal Court ruling that put the wolves of the Northern Rockies back on the endangered species list. Is it possible that we can simply ignore Federal Court rulings? Shouldn’t there be financial and legal repercussions?


    • It’s stunning isn’t it Carl and Janice. Look at the things Butch Otter has said also. Look at the stuff on Lobowatch concerning Xylitol. It goes on and on. There have been so many wolves poached yet how many poachers have they caught? It’s as if wolves’ lives mean nothing. Now is especially poignant because the females are pregnant. I can’t imagine the hell that would reign down on them if they were delisted. And yes Tester will be up to his antics I’m sure next week. This whole legislative angle really is so damaging. Do we face years and years of politicians trying to delist wolves? The issue is, they want a wolf hunt this year. that’s why they’re working so hard. They are just itching to get wolves back. It’s just a maddening situation. And now it’s hard to know who we can count on in the Senate. I know Bernie Sanders from VT voted against both bills. I really like him. We should call and thank him.

      I’d love for someone to introduce a rider to prevent wolves from being delisted but the problem is we can’t even get someone to introduce an amendment to take the bad riders out. Good idea though.



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