How The Vote Went Down On Both Budget Bills…UPDATE 3/11/11

Where’s Waldo? Find The Wolf in the Picture.

UPDATE: March 11, 2o11

There has been some confusion about how Democratic Senators voted on the Senate version of the Budget Bill (Amendment 149 (Inouye), which included 1709, the wolf delisting rider, inserted by Senator Jon Tester.

Here is a link to Gov. Track. It tells you how each Senator voted. Please refer to this when calling your Senators.

What I think is happening is some Democrat Senators are saying they voted no on HR 1 (the House version) but not mentioning they voted yes on the Senate version (amendment 149)

S.Amdt. 149: In the nature of a substitute. to H.R. 1: Full-Year Continuing Appropriations… (Vote On Amendment)


HR 1,

House Budget Bill

HR1, the House budget bill, which included the wolf delisting rider 1713, was defeated by a vote of 44-56. Not one Democrat voted for HR 1. Three Republican Senators crossed over to vote no on the bill. They are:

Sens. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.)

Rand Paul (R-Ky.)

Mike Lee (R-Utah)


Senate Version Budget Bill (Inouye):

Democrats Who Voted NO on the Inouye Amendment Senate Budget Bill.

Vote 42-58

Michael Bennet (D-Colo.)

Kay Hagan (D-N.C.)

Herb Kohl (D-Wis.)

Carl Levin (D-Mich.)

Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.)

Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.)

Ben Nelson (D-Neb.)

Bill Nelson (Fla.)

Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.)

Mark Udall (D-Colo.)

Jim Webb (D-W.Va.).

That’s it, just ten Democrats and an Independent who voted this bill down.  I guess the rest of the Senators, that i thought revered and cared about the ESA, decided to throw wolves under the bus for political expediency.

Clearly we have our work cut out for us if the majority of Democrat Senators voted for the Senate version, they must have known  it carried the wolf delisting rider 1709.

Call the  Senators that voted NO on the Senate version and thank them. I’m gong to call them all personally and ask what motivated them to vote against the Senate bill, which was definitely a win for wolves.

Capitol  Switchboard




Posed in: Wolf Wars

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  1. Ya, well I guess Mitch McConnell didn’t take my veiws into consideration. Of coarse, I really didn’t think that he would. The truth is, I think it all comes down to votes and money for them. Get enough peeps putting pressure on them saying they won’t vote for them in the next election, they get scared their wallets won’t stay fat so they do the right thing. That’s all they care about. Sorry, I rant when I am angry.



    • Mr droopy face only cares about tax cuts….period

      I have been on the phone all morning. Reid’s chief of staff is David Krone. These Democrats that voted for this bill will know before we are through with this that this is not the democratic process to slip a rider through the backdoor to turn back environmental protections 40 years. I have stressed like Salle on Ralph’s blog the outrageous language of no further judicial review in this rider. So MR Testicle from Montana thinks we will stand for this power grab where they can kill all the wolves in the Idaho and Montana region and we will just say OK. I asked Boxer’s office for clarification on where the Environmental Committee stands on this rider language. I think Mark Udall, Bennett and Saunders voted in large part due to this ESA overreach- Udall’s office confirmed this fact


      • I know for a fact Senator Bernie Sanders voted against this in large part because of the ESA and wolf issue. His aide told me so when I called a couple of days ago. I asked if Senator Sanders could introduce an amendment to strip the language our of the Senate bill and he said he wasnt’going to vote for either bill. So I think we all need to take the time to call Sen. Sanders and Sen Udall and all the other Senators that went against there own party (except for Sanders, he’s an ID)…and voted no the “Wolf Slaughter Bill”.

        As for all the other Democrats we have them all on fhe record about what they were willing do when it came down to it, throw wolves under the bus. So we need to demand they stand for the ESA and wolves and strip any wolf delisting riders out of any budget bill they throw out there, or we won’t be voting for Democrats in the future.



      • Tom Udall’s father must be rolling over in his grave after his son Tom voted for this bill. I made his office tell the senator to review the bill and read the actual language in the rider. Gillenbrand and Franken should be swayed by the over reach. I spoke to Krone who is Reid’s chief of staff and I gave him an earful. Reid is the problem- he’s a dealmaker and would sell out wolves and the ESA for a few votes. It is unfortunate we are getting no leadership out of the whitehouse on Wisconsin or anything


      • william…the biggest problem starts at the top. Obama and his rancher Interior Secretary started this ball rolling by delisting wolves in 2009. So we’re not getting any leadership because the Obama admin does not care about wolves or the ESA for that matter. I have to say he may be one of the worst presidents we’ve ever had. If nothing, we could always count on the Dems to be good on environmental issues. Now we don’t even have that. We have two parties seemingly agreeing about wolves. Who do we turn to for relief? Obama could have picked Kennedy for the Interior and none of this would have ever happened. He allowed the first organized wolf hunt ever in this country. It’s Obama and Salazar who are the problem. The rest of the Dem minions are baa baaing along like sheeple.

        I do not trust Reid, if you remember Don Peay released the emals back in the fall of 2010, that were being passed back and forth about trying to do exactly the same thing Congress is doing now, attaching a wolf delisting rider to a spending bill. Reid was mentioned in those emails. Remember?

        We have been abandoned by the Dems. Now it’s our job to remind them that they are pissing off their base and it will not bode well for them in the next election. I/m sick of all the wheeling and dealing with wolves lives. Enough.



  2. It is sad that the government is trying to trim the budget on the backs of working and law biding citzens and I have yet to see them freeze or cut back on their wages. They get paid enough and they are set for life when it comes down to taking care of their health .Money talks and no one seems to be immune to it.Neither party has not done a great job in handling money,if they get extra money,it is like a kid running into a candy store.


    • I love how the banks and Wall Street took us into this depression/recession. Then they got bailed out with billions of taxpayer dollars. Now because the wrecked the economy they want to balance the budget on the backs of the middle.class. Exactly why don’t they cut their benefits, their salaries?



      • They must live in a dream world.Governors and the rest,who just can’t and won’t follow the rules and if you don’t like it just change it.I guess if I should go over the speed limit I could just say that law doesn’t pretain to me. The rest of us have to follow the laws but our leaders don’t? Are they putting thems above it? With the Koch borthers and such in these political arena,I think”the fox is in the hen house”.


      • Yes Rita they do live in a dream world. Too much elitism going on. They are not listening to the people on this. But that doesn’t mean we should give up. Keep calling and faxing. They know we’re out here.we’ve been making enough noise. I wish we could organize a March on Washington for Wolves and the ESA. The big orgs should be doing that, they have the money and power. Maybe we should be contacting them about this idea.



  3. Ths we know…Reid who was quoted as saying that he was against the rider that would delist the wolves permanently but that “I am only one person.”…he actually is one that threw the wolves under the bus.

    Senator Boxer of California has promised my family and other friends of the wolves that she would fight for the wolves. Her name does not appear on the list of those Senators that voted against the bill.

    Also, John Kerry was thought to be a strong advocate for the wildlife and our environement…Where was his vote?

    Democrats used to be pro wildlife. Have they turned tail with the others. It just goes to show you how evil and desperate these people are.

    We will certainly call all of these Senators to ask them why they did not do what they promised they would do.

    We will be making the calls to the others on the list to congratulate them for voting against the bill that carrried this horrible rider with it. We will also ask them to see that abolutely no riders of any kind are attached to the budget bill. We will ask them to stand firmly against the delisting of any endangered species without judicial revue…permanently.

    If riders are stil being attached to bills that have nothing to do with the content of the bill, is ther no way to get a rider of our own on the Budget Bill that would more permanently and adequately protect the wolves? Is that impossible?

    Just a thought: Those of us that care about the wildlife are doing what we can to fight this cruel ongoing war. We believe that all the organizations that are trying to save the wolves should join forces and revenue and invest in some prime time to educate the general public as to the true nature of wolves, discredit all these insane stories of wolves, and alert the public as to the heartless massacre that is being promoted by Montana’s Tester and Idaho’s Otter. (these men do not deserve a title)


  4. Never give up.For the Wild Ones.If they push,I push back.If I fall ,I’ll get back up,with the help from my fellow supporters.


  5. Not many dems crossed the line, and that will always be true for any party. Partisan alliance, and the safety of access to money, and the fact that being a reliable partisan increases one value to lobby interests trumps all other matters. So let us be happy that enough of them DID cross the line to keep the ESA, and our own (infinitely weaker)factions interests (those of the wolf) safe, for now.

    Today was a good day 🙂


  6. Great, great work people, you have my deepest respect.

    When I learned the grave news I crossed my fingers and prayed from out here in Europe and I was truly relieved to see your hard work paid off! I know the war is far from won but still, this victory of yours has really put a smile on my face.
    With so many bad things going on everywhere, each bit counts a whole lot


  7. We need another party to vote for, this cannot be tolerated by society any longer. The corruption is beyond frustrating to continue to stand by and not get out in the streets and protest to stop killing all animals.


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