The Wolves….

“They say the wolf bestows its happy spirit to help people. Women who obtain this spirit become skilled in creative endeavors and experience a strengthening of the senses. I would like to think there is some truth to this in my own life.”Judi Rideout

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  1. When we called this morning to complain that our Senators had voted for the Budget Bill(s) that included the “wolf massacre” rider, we were told that Senator Diane Feinstein had in fact voted against the bills. Her name did not appear on the list of Senators that had voted against the Budget Bills as reported on the Howling for Justice site.

    Because we could not obtain what her reasoning was for voting down the bills, we passed along to her aid that we wanted any rider that had to do with the delisting of the wolves removed from any bill.

    We asked if it would be important to send along a written statement to that effect. The aid said that our comments would hold more weight if we would send a follow up written statement. The fax number for Senator Feinstein is, 202-228-3954.

    We have yet to hear from Senator Boxer. Calling and then faxing a statement is most likely the most effective way to make a statement.

    You can be sure that there will be another bill with another horrible rider. We have to keep on the pressure to end any attempts at destroying the wolves now and in the future.


    • Thank you Carl and Janice Butler for the informaton,I appreciate it.


    • The no votes on the Senate version appeared in “The Hill”. That is where I got the names. Feinstein nor Gillenbrand were on that list. If they did vote no on both bills, I’ll track the info down. For now, I’m still going with the ten democrats and one independent that were reported to have voted no on the Senate version. I’ll get back to you and let you know what I find out.



    • Senate rejects dueling spending plans, leaves legislative stalemate
      By Alexander Bolton – 03/09/11 03:52 PM ET

      Senators voted largely along party lines Wednesday to reject two proposals to cut federal spending, leaving a legislative stalemate that will have to be resolved briskly to avert another government shutdown.

      A Republican proposal passed by the House that would slash another $57 billion from the fiscal 2011 budget failed 44 votes to 56. It did not receive a single Democratic vote.

      Three members of the Senate Tea Party Caucus also opposed the bill: Sens. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.), Rand Paul (R-Ky.) and Mike Lee (R-Utah).

      An alternative Democratic plan to cut $6.2 billion in federal spending failed to garner any Republican support. The vote was 42 to 58.

      Ten Democrats and one independent, a mix of centrists and liberals, voted against the Democratic alternative for different reasons: Michael Bennet (D-Colo.), Kay Hagan (D-N.C.), Herb Kohl (D-Wis.), Carl Levin (D-Mich.), Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.), Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.), Ben Nelson (D-Neb.), Bill Nelson (D-Fla.), Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), Mark Udall (D-Colo.) and Jim Webb (D-Va.).

      I’ll check on Thomas but unless The Hill is wrong and if they were they would have written a retraction, then I think we have to believe what they reported. I don’t see Gillenbrand or Feinstein on the list of Dems that votes against the Senate version. I’ll keep checking though.


  2. Kirsten Gillenbrands office told me they voted against the Budget bill also. Nabeki please do not think i am criticizing your list you do so much great work on behalf of wolves. Carl and janice I talked with Boxers office the other day after she voted for the bill and I asked for her to put out a statement of her position on this rider like she did when she opposed the house bill of Simpson’s(Which I didn’t see either)


    • Today Obama made a reference to the topic of riders which he said are inappropriate and not favored by the american people in his press conference. After that i emailed Reids office to let him know that


    • william…I think Gillenbrand was talking about HR 1, the House version. The no votes for the Senate version were reported in The Hill, that’ were I got the names. I would call Gillenbrand again and ask if they voted no on both bills or just the House version. Not one Dem voted for the House version, so I don’t think Gillenbrand went out on some huge limb. It’s the Senate vote that upsets me. Ten dems and 1 independent. Let me know what they say. Or we can look it up on Thomas.


    • william and Carl and Janice..

      This is the straight skinny from Gov.Track. This is how the Senators voted on the Inouye Amendment 149, which is the Senate version of the budget bill, containing the (“the wolf slaughter rider 1709)

      Here’s the link guys, read it and weep. Please call Senator Feinstein and Senator Gillenbrand’s offices and ask them for clarification on the Senate version of HR 1. They both voted yes!!

      S.Amdt. 149: In the nature of a substitute. to H.R. 1: Full-Year Continuing Appropriations… (Vote On Amendment)



      • Thanks for the clarification, I’ll get on Gillenbrands office on Mon. People should be reminding these sen about these polls which clearly show the only people that hate wolves and the ESA are ranchers and some of the more uneducated hunting groups like Peay’s group, Maine hunting today etc.


      • Your welcome wiliam. We’re planning on doing something with the poll information. It just shows how skewed this situation is. The haters have the floor and because they are so loud they have drowned everyone else out. We have to get the mo back.

        Did you see the ridiculous numbers on coyotes…they killed 12,000 lambs in 2009 in Montana alone, plus another 2300 sheep, yet wolves are demonized for their puny little depredations. Not to rag on coyotes because they get enough flak from the haters but it’s clear who the number one predators is of livestock and it’s not the wolf. Even so predation is just 1% of total losses. They lost 10,500 calves one year in a storm. And then complain about wolves, it’s ludicrous.



  3. I might have missed it, so will someone fill me in on how the 75 copies of “Lords of Nature” were received by the Senators….Thanks


  4. Yes,please don’t rag on the coyotes for I have to go back and fight against coyote and fox penninng.I thought it was over but we are back at it again.


    • I’m not trying to beat up on coyotes Rita because god knows they suffer under such terrible persecution. I was trying to make the point how the truth is twisted relating to wolves. Wolves aren’t even in the running concerning predation. The numbers are that low. Ranchers lose thousands and thousands of livestock to non-predation, IE. weather, disease, calving, altitude sickness and theft. Predation accounts for barely 1% of cattle losses. BUT if we’re going to compare predator depredations, I’m sure Willdife Services knows who the main predators of cattle and sheep are and it’s not wolves. I love coyotes and foxes. But in the battle to break through the outright lies that are spread about wolves I feel it’s necessary to point this out. Now in the context of predation and non-predation, coyotes are just a blip concerning losses. So even if they outpace the wolf by far in predation numbers, the numbers are still low.

      Somehow we have make people understand that it’s not about wolf predation, not with those low numbers and it’s not even about elk. What this is really about is a gun rights, anti-government, temper tantrum. In a perfect storm, wolf haters have been able to form coalitions with hunting groups, the ranching lobby, politicians and others like the The Safari Club…using wolves as their scapgoat poster child.

      We have to move the wolves’ story beyond the Northern Rockies. Even if the haters don’t care much for facts, the American people do, as the Harris poll shows. We need to spread the word that lies and damn lies are being told about wolves. We especially need to get the message out to the politicians.



      • I know, Nabeki.As humans we seem not to take any responsibility,of our actions.We set farm animals to graze on public lands in order for them them to eat,cheaply,we let our dogs loose when we get tired of them so they run in packs,and I am only mentioning a few.It is one big temper tantrum.Every politician is worried about their seat in the House and Senate.All that talk by our president about our enviorment being ruled by science and not politics,wasjust that, all talk.


  5. Farmers are the only types of people I know who can put cattle and sheep out in the desert and then publicly complain that there is no water or food. There was an ad campaign to get the ‘townies’ to support their producers, ending with the tagline: “Every family needs a farmer”… yeah every family needs a farmer who has enough motivation to take care of their animals and not lord it over the wider ecosystem.

    Farmers here have also become involved a in ‘scientific’ grazing ‘trial’ of alpine bushland, Alpine National Park to be precise. Said area is home to many small burrowing animals some of which are endangered, not to mention predators such as the dingo. Their justification: to see if livestock browsing will reduce the spread of forest fires…but also to see if they can make it so they can continually perform alpine grazing.


  6. We are called the smart ones,but yet we kill what we dont understand. So so sad


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