“Western Watersheds Project Stands Up For Wolves”

Limpy (killed 2008)

Western Watersheds Project is one of the co-plaintiffs in the wolf delisting lawsuit, which was won on August 5, 2010, when Judge Molloy restored ESA protections for gray wolves in the Northern Rockies.  Now they are one of just three c0-plaintiffs, (the others are Alliance For the Wild Rockiesand Friends of the Clearwater) who refuse to play “let’s make a deal with wolves lives” and sign onto an agreement  brokered between the 10 other co-plaintiffs and USFWS. The deal asks Judge Molloy to stay his own decision and delist wolves once again in Montana and Idaho.

Please donate to this organization who is doing so much to help save our public lands from livestock degradation and protect habitat for our native wildlife. Help them save Montana and Idaho wolves!!

Thank you Western Watersheds Project for not caving into pressure and standing your ground for wolves!!



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Western Watersheds Project Continues to Fight For Wolves In The Northern Rocky Mountains


As political pressure grows to delist wolves in the Northern Rocky Mountains Western Watersheds Project stands up to the pressure.

Several of WWP’s co-plaintiffs in litigation that successfully re-instated Endangered Species Act protections for wolves in August 2010 have agreed to a settlement with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and are asking the federal court for Montana to partially vacate that decision and delist wolves in Idaho and Montana from protections of the Endangered Species Act.

Read the terms of the proposed settlementpdf

Western Watersheds Project along with our co-plaintiffs the Alliance for the Wild Rockies and Friends of the Clearwater oppose the proposed settlement and will ask the federal court to deny the request to partially vacate its August 2010 decision and delist wolves in Idaho and Montana.

Western Watersheds Project does not support the settlement for the following reasons:

  • The settlement will result in wolves being killed in Idaho and Montana beyond their ability to recover a viable population.
  • Western Watersheds Project supports the laws of the United States.  The proposed settlement asks a federal judge to authorize the breaking of federal law.
  • The proposed settlement includes no requirements to protect any specific minimum number of wolves in Idaho and Montana.
  • Western Watersheds Project does not believe that this proposed settlement will prevent or dissuade Congress from taking legislative action to delist wolves.

Western Watersheds Project is committed by science and law to the protection of wolves across the United States.

Please Support Western Watersheds Project

CLICK HERE to visit their website


Photo: Courtesy Steve Justad 2008

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March 19, 2011

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  1. DANSK: wolf. Jeg kan ikke fatte, at ulven som jeg elsker så højt, 60 år, skal jages konstant, af bestemmene, bedømmende regeringer, ulven er et så godt økosystem, men da vi er bleven for mange mennesker, kan jeg forages over, at den så smukke ulv, skal jages konstant, ærgeligt, at jeg ikke bor i ulveland, men følger den igennem medierne, og ikke sidder i bestyrelsen, for afstemning, så fik ulven min stemme for overlevelse, og NU må dette jagteri, stoppes, VI har brug for den, og mennesker har ødelagt dens nomale spisevaner og jagt på svage og syge dyr,med at flytte ud til den. JEG syntes at i skal forstå ulven,og nedskydningen af den, gør at jeg altid forsvare den med mit store HJERTE til den. venlig hilsen vibeke hansen, ulvens ven og stemme. jagt skal stoppes nu, tak

    Translation from Google:

    DANISH: wolf. I can not believe that the wolf that I love so much, 60 years old, hunted constantly by the rules say, rate incoming governments, the wolf is such a good ecosystem, but as we have become for many people, I despise the fact that the so beautiful wolf, the hunted constantly shame that I do not live in wolf country, but follows it through the media, and not sit on the board for a vote, then got wolf my vote for survival, and NOW, this jagteri, stop, we need for it and people have destroyed its its normal eating habits and hunting on weak and sick animals to move out of it. I seemed to need to understand the wolf, and the downing of the makes that I always defend it with my big heart to it. Sincerely, Vibeke Hansen, wolf’s friend and voice. hunting must be stopped now, thanks


    • Thank you for your concern for wolves in the Northern Rockies vibeke. It is a tragedy they have been sold out. The worst kind of wolf haters live in these two states. If they are turned over to them there will be slaughter. BUT it’s not over yet, I hope Judge Molloy does not sign on to this. We will have to wait and see but if he does it will be the end of wolves in the Northern Rockies as we know it. That’s my prediction. My heart is breaking but I’m also angry that our own side went down this road when the know the amount of hate that’s been directed at wolves in those two states.

      ps. I have your email address and Facebook profile…thanks!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  2. Thanks Nabeki…..This should finally open some eyes as to the difference between a “principled” conservation group like Western Watersheds Project, Alliance for the Wild Rockies, Friends of the Clearwater and a supporter like WildEarth Guardians versus unprincipled “conservation” groups like Defenders and the other “sell outs”. There is nothing in this agreement that will prevent Tester, Rehberg, Simpson, Hatch and the other anti-wolf congressmen from continuing to add “riders” to bills until they finally sneak one through that will permanently de-list wolves, with no judicial review, and weaken the ESA. Worst of all, this lame compromise, will doom 500 wolves in Montana and Idaho. The compromisers will have the blood of these wolves on their hands. Jon Marvel , director of WWP said it so well…”collaboration simply gets you marginalized”….4 organizations involved in this understand that… the rest don’t, and have lost the respect of wildlife advocates throughout the world.


    • If I’m not mistaken the Center for Biological diversity sided with the sell outs! That surprises me- It is obvious that WWP understands this situation better than anyone- Marvel understands the power of the livestock industry. We need to fight for wolves!!!!! Jerry we should go to Washington DC if possible- I’m in if others want to join me


  3. Some VERY ugly settlement terms……
    Terms of the settlement, “The plaintiffs (DOW, NRDC, etc.) will not file a lawsuit challenging any delisting or reclassification rules before March 31, 2016. They also will not petition the federal government to relist wolves in the Northern Rockies for the next three years.
    WTF are they thinking??!!!


  4. http://hunting-washington.com/smf/index.php/topic,73047.0.html

    Start emailing people, phoning them, etc.

    Tell them to say no to HR 509 and S249

    hunters want all wolves taken off the the esl and they want to massacre a lot of wolves. Write, phone, etc and tell senators and whoever else to vote no and say no to HR 509 and HR s249

    Wolves need to be protected especially in states where there are small #s like Oregon, NM, Washington, etc


    • And post this at wolfwarriors on fb and wherever else you can. Say not to hr 509 and s249


      • Nabeki, you can post this on ww facebook page? Let everyone know.

        hunters want all wolves taken off the the esl and they want to massacre a lot of wolves. Write, phone, etc and tell senators and whoever else to vote no and say no to HR 509 and HR s249


  5. I thought a settlement was supposed to be a compromise between the parties involved. What exactly do we get out of it? Did these organizations agree to the settlement for the sake of the measly concession that USFWS has to monitor the population for five years, and seek a scientific assessment of management practices? The settlement doesn’t even require them to take any action if the independent assessment says that wolves are in trouble. And I guess we get the M-Opinion which allowed the delisting of a portion of the population withdrawn, so it can’t be used in future cases — but that doesn’t do one thing to help Northern Rockies wolves right now.


    Defenders of Wildlife, Natural Resources Defense Council, Sierra Club, Center for Biological Diversity, Hells Canyon Preservation Council and Greater Yellowstone Coalition, Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance, Oregon Wild, Cascadia Wildlands Project, and Wildlands Network (formerly the Wildlands Project)


  7. Tester Will Continue to Push for His Anti-Wolf Legislation….


    • That is no surprise to me.I don’t think I have enough fingers to count on with all the bills that are set up to get the wolves off the endangered list.


  8. “Heart of the Wolf” comments on the “sell-out” and Defenders
    Heart of the Wolf Organization’s Op/Ed on this incident…http://www.facebook.com/#!/note.php?note_id=188057727904403&comments


  9. “Defenders Wolf Settlement All Bark, No Bite”…..Settlement Offers No Binding Solution to Threats to ESA.


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