Northern Rocky Grey Wolf Settlement

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According to the Associated Press and Lewiston Morning Tribune, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) has reached an agreement with ten conservation groups to de-list wolf populations in Idaho and Montana, while maintaining, for the time being, federal protection for wolves in Washington, Oregon, Wyoming and Utah. These ten organizations were some of the groups involved in a lawsuit that won protection for wolves Iast year.  Under this agreement, a 2011 hunt would be permitted in Idaho and Montana, the USFWS would stay involved in monitoring wolf populations in both states, and an independent scientific panel would be established to review the outdated recovery goal of 300 wolves in the Northern Rockies. The settlement includes no requirements to protect any specific minimum number of wolves in Idaho and Montana.

The Alliance for the Wild Rockies, Western Watersheds Project and Friends of the Clearwater are not part of this settlement even though we were involved in the conservation group lawsuit that won protection for wolves Iast year. In August 2010, Judge Molloy correctly placed Northern Rocky grey wolves back on the Endangered Species list because, under the Endangered Species Act, imperiled wildlife populations cannot be de-listed according to state boundaries. We will continue to work toward wolf recovery according to the law, not political threats. Instead, we have retained attorneys to ask U.S. District Judge Donald Molloy to stand by his decision and deny the settlement. In any case, this settlement can’t guarantee that Congress will not pass legislation that would permanently de-list grey wolves from the Endangered Species list.

We greatly appreciate the continued support from citizens around the country. Don’t hesitate to call our office (208) 882-9755 if you have questions or concerns. If you like to blog, consider visiting Howling For Justice:

Other groups, like Defenders of Wildlife, who was a party to the settlement, are looking for feedback as well. Here is a link to comment:….


Please Support Friends of the Clearwater.  They are not part of this settlement and are working to keep wolves protected in the Northern Rockies!

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No Justice For Montana and Idaho Wolves…

Betrayal hurts. Last Friday it was announced a “deal” had been struck between USFWS and 10 of the 14 environmental groups,  who successfully sued to restore the ESA protections of the Northern Rockies gray wolf. They were now asking Judge Molloy, who just a few short months ago ruled in wolves favor, to stay his own decision and put  Montana and Idaho wolves back in harm’s way.

Michael Wolf sums it up perfectly!!


“Opinion: Defenders Fails to Defend Wolves”

By Michael Wolf
March 21, 2011

Last Friday, the 18th of March, will be a day forever emblazened into the minds of wolf advocates and supporters throughout the nation, as it was on this day that Defenders of Wildlife and 9 other plaintiffs in the two delisting lawsuits to restore federal protections to wolves, sold out these passionate advocates.

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