No Justice For Montana and Idaho Wolves…

Betrayal hurts. Last Friday it was announced a “deal” had been struck between USFWS and 10 of the 14 environmental groups,  who successfully sued to restore the ESA protections of the Northern Rockies gray wolf. They were now asking Judge Molloy, who just a few short months ago ruled in wolves favor, to stay his own decision and put  Montana and Idaho wolves back in harm’s way.

Michael Wolf sums it up perfectly!!


“Opinion: Defenders Fails to Defend Wolves”

By Michael Wolf
March 21, 2011

Last Friday, the 18th of March, will be a day forever emblazened into the minds of wolf advocates and supporters throughout the nation, as it was on this day that Defenders of Wildlife and 9 other plaintiffs in the two delisting lawsuits to restore federal protections to wolves, sold out these passionate advocates.

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  1. Defenders of Wildlife’s alibi is a class A act that you’d expect from the likes of some underhanded politician. Seems they’ve gone the way of Mech. Hopefully the people within these orgs that do care still advocate and work to protect wildlife.


    • “Hopefully the people within these orgs that do care still advocate and work to protect wildlife.”

      …that is to say without “DoW” [ect].


      • John….Well we know at least four groups are standing for wolves and that is very comforting. It could make all the difference.



      • Nabeki,

        What’s baffling is that all of these organisations know of the hostile environment that the grey wolf lives in even under the ESA, so why would 10 of them be willing to cut a deal with the states when their governors are so bent on pleasing the anti-wolf crowd, willing to go so far as to break the law? Have the 10 groups, especially DoW, forgotten Otter’s decree that he would be ‘prepared to bid for the first ticket to shoot a wolf’ himself back in 2007? The only things that have changed since then is the addition of more reasons why these states should never get their hands on the grey wolf. EVER. Wyoming pulled a bloodbath as soon as the wolf was de-listed and the state was punished for it, why not do the same with Idaho and Montana?

        And yes, I agree, it is good to know that there are at least four organisations out there willing to take a stand.


  2. The DOW and the rest are asking the Judge to break the law.


  3. Is anyone worried a bit that even with this settlement if it does go through, they will still try to pass delisting of wolves all over?


    • Yes,Jon.I know I am.Those bills, whether a rider or not, are still on the table.Even if Salazar,gets Wyoming,to get a agreed wolf plan,that could fall threw too,if Congress passes a legislaton to remove the wolves with no judical review or any other bill.These conversaton groups were or are gambaling that by settling it would stop the possible delisting, but Senator Tester has alredy said he is continueing to push his bill.These groups are asking the judge to breakd the law.


    • Jon,
      I don’t expect this “deal” to have any effect on Rehberg or Tester’s bills or the myriad of other bills. These politicians are tripping over each other to each get their version of an anti-wolf bill passed. It’s almost like a feeding frenzy. All the “deal” did was split environmentalists and make us look weak. The anti-wolf crowd throws a tantrum because they couldn’t have their wolf hunt and ten environmental groups cave under the pressure. It’s pathetic and sad. I hope Judge Molloy sees right through this and does not sign on to it.



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