The Last Wild Wolves in British Columbia’s Great Bear Rainforest

“The Great Bear Rainforest is one of the last wolf habitats left on the planet and substantial evidence suggests coastal wolves are vulnerable to industrial forestry.”


The Rainforest Solutions Project

Photo: Courtesy Doug Brown

Videos: Courtesy Pacific Wildlife

Posted in: Coastal Gray Wolves

Tags: Great Bear Rain Forest, Coastal gray wolves, wolf habitat destruction, industrial forestry threat to wolves

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  1. I read about these wolves several years ago and they have touched me to my soul. There is something almost magical about them. It breaks my heart that a pristine environment could be destroyed for the whims of man.


    • It’s a very heartbreaking story Lauren. It started with such hope and promise and now it’s turned into the worst persecution of an animal I’ve witnessed in my lifetime. We have to come together and speak with one voice for wolves. We need demonstrations to show our support. They need to hear from us not only on blogs and FB pages but in real time. The anti-wolfers have the floor and they won’t stop yapping until people start countering their myths, outright lies and half truths with incontrovertible scientific evidence.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  2. Nabeki, the link to the page seems to be broken. In any case, I was browsing that site and found out that they hunt bears in the Great Bear Rainforest too. Here is a petition against that if anyone wants to sign:


    • Thanks CaptainSakonna for the link…..Canada has such awful environmental laws and the irony is the Great Bear Rainforest was one of it’s successes because it sought to protect the Spirit Bear (Kermode Bear…. They are the product of two black bears who carry the recessive white gene. Hunting black bears in the Great Bear Rainforest reduces the numbers of black bears who carry that gene and that means less Spirit Bears. What is the need to kill a bear? It’s just ego. Or possibly a shortage of viagra.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


    • Thanks Jon…they tried the same tactic last year. It’s making the state look like a bunch of hysterical babies. They can’t get their way, they want a wolf hunt. so they have to throw a tantrum to try and get one. Just ridiculous. What about the almost 100 people that die every year in hunting accidents or the 200 people that die from Wildlife Vehicle Accidents? This is just kabuki theater. Wolves are the least dangerous of all large carnivores in North America.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


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