1293 Concerned Scientists Ask The Senate To Reject Meddling With The ESA!

Enough is enough already. It seems like a lifetime since  anti-wolfers came up with the brilliant idea to legislate wolves out of the ESA. They were losing badly in court, so they decided to make an end-run around the ESA.  Now every Tom, Dick and Harry has an anti-wolf bill. They think it’s going to win them votes in the Red States but it’s just upsetting environmentalists and wildlife watchers, who happen to be voters as well. The Democrats that support the dismantling of the ESA are in for a rude awakening in 2012.

AND not all environmentalists are Democrats either, many are Independents.  The Dems are going to lose the Independent vote and Obama will end up as a one term President. He has abandoned his base and is acting like George Bush. Who would have thought Democrats would have a hand in trying to weaken one of the most important pieces of environmental legislation ever written? It’s an upside down world.

Now, 1293  scientists from around the country have spoken out against this outrage. They are collectively asking the Senate to reject any and all attempts to meddle with the ESA, specifically to delist gray wolves.


A Letter from 1,293 Scientists with Expertise in Biological Systems to the United States Senate

Concerning Science and the Endangered Species Act
March 30, 2011

Dear Senators:

As scientists with expertise in biological systems, we are writing to urge you to vote against any
legislation that would undercut the use of best available science as the basis for adding or removing
any particular species from the protection of the Endangered Species Act. Allowing Congress to
remove or add protections for particular species would set a dangerous precedent, as the fate of
every species on the endangered species list (or any candidate for that list) would then be subject to
political interference.

Because of its strong scientific foundation, the Endangered Species Act is the most critical and
successful law for ensuring the protection of threatened and endangered wildlife in our country.
Objective scientific information and methods should be used in listing or delisting species,
subspecies, and distinct population segments as endangered or threatened. While non-scientific
factors may appropriately be considered at points later in the process, their use in listing decisions is
inconsistent with the biologically defensible principles of the Endangered Species Act.
We are aware that there are legislative attempts to remove individual species from the Endangered
Species Act. For example, congressional proposals to delist the gray wolf forgo scientific
determination of whether the species, or populations of the species, have recovered and whether
sufficient regulatory mechanisms are in place to ensure the species’ survival. In the northern Rocky
Mountains the return of wolves has restored key predator-prey dynamics in and around Yellowstone
National Park that have resulted in changes throughout the entire ecosystem. To remove protections
for wolves before the best available science tells us recovery is ensured would place one of our
country’s greatest conservation success stories at risk.

Biological diversity provides food, fiber, medicines, clean water, and myriad other ecosystem
products and services on which we depend every day. To undermine the careful and thoughtful
scientific process that determines whether a species is endangered or recovered would jeopardize
not only the species in question and the continued success of the Endangered Species Act, but the
very foundation of the ecosystems that sustain us all.
We strongly urge you to oppose any legislation that circumvents the use of best available science in
Endangered Species Act decision making.

[Signers listed alphabetically by state]

CLICK HERE For Link To Letter and Scientists By State

Photo: Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

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  1. did you see this already nabeki?



    • I did see that Jon. I was a little disturbed about releasing sterile wolves to cull the herds as well. I’m not sure why WG would go along with that? I don’t like the idea of sterilizing wolves, family is everything to them. It’s just manipulation of an animal. OTOH I think it’s terrible they are going to go into a national park and cull elk. That’s why they need wolves but not sterile ones.



      • This is exactly what’s wrong with modern day wildlife management. Man is always trying to artificially manage everything instead of letting naturally regulating ecosystems work like they have for hundreds of years before the hunters showed up. God help the Dems if they allow any of these riders to pass in the senate. I will never vote Democratic again if they allow it


      • I with you on this william. The dems better step it up or they are going to lose their base if they haven’t already.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,


      • Hey William, did you read this article? Attitudes like this get my blood boiling.



  2. Nobody has right on other creatures or beings and much less to choose whether to lives or not, that is intolerable Grrr

    Atte. Xav


  3. I am grateful to these 1,293 highly esteemed Scientists who are experts in their fields of study, far more credible than the politicians who refuse to acknowledge any criteria except their own UNTRUTHFUL propaganda, deliberate denial and deceitful conspiracy, to destroy the true nature and facts about these amazing beloved grey wolves, and brutally slaughter all the rest of the grey wolf species. Furthermore, to relentlessly conspire and hide legislation to remove the only moral scientific authority based law; the Endangered Species Act, that can provide for the survival of AMERICA’S beloved grey wolves; and all endangered species facing extinction ever; with NO COURT JURISDICTION EVER IS UNCONSCIONABLE, AND OUTRAGEOUSLY IMMORAL AND UNJUST!!!
    I HOPE this will be a conspicuous wake up call to President Obama, Congress, and the Senate, who the spotlight is on; they are proven to have zero credibility, to justify handing over our endangered animals to be murdered to extinction by groups and leaders in states that publically profess and have been quoted to never to uphold any laws to protect wolves from extinction; not even one.
    The scientists in dignified LEGITIMATE contrast, easily prove a cruel, inhumane, seriously inaccurate immoral and unjustifiable agenda, hidden and disguised from the American people at large; LITTLE DO THEY KNOW that they have been lied to, and would be denied to EVER NEVER EVER have a voice or get a vote or representation by elected officials (who don’t listen to or care what the American people want;) the majority of whom want to SAVE AMERICA’S GREY WOLVES, OTHER ANIMALS IMPERILED, AND PRESERVE THE ESA!!


    • Regina…the Congress is operating as per usual. Political expediency. It’s a horrific shame the anti-wolfers found politicians willing to use wolves to get themselves relected. Think how different things would have be if Obama had appointed someone like Kennedy to the Interior? None of this craziness would be going on. It’s as if these people are nuts.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  4. Well the fight continues, for lawmakers are still pushing to get the wolves off the Endangered list.It goes on to prove that the 10 envoirmental groups that thought by backing down on the law suit would appease the Senators. How many times does one have to get burned to learn your leesson?We need to start writing again.It is a sad state of affairs.Senator Tester and others do not seem care on what the scientist’s say.


    • They are not interested in facts Rita, if they were, none of this would be going on. But it’s our job to keep repeating the truth. We can’t allow them to drive the conversation. Wolves have no voice but ours. They have no idea the storm that swirls around them.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  5. I should have said that Tester and other just do not care.My mother used to say about politicans is something like ,” he is a Democrat in a Repulican suit” or it would be vice versa. They say anything to get into office but change faces soon after. I don’t trust,either,when it comes down to it. Trust is hard to come by these days and you are not assures of anything. However one must keep on fighting,and like someone else mentioned here,if we give up than I am no better than the guy who pulled the trigger. For the Wolves and the place they roam.


  6. Excellent article, N. Politicians should NOT be meddling around with the ESA. If their decisions are not backed by science, then they should just shut up and open their high school biology textbooks for a nice study session (if they had any kind of environmental lessons at all).


    • I doubt they will be swayed by science Loua. This is political expediency at work. The wolf has become the poster child for their hateful campaign.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  7. These are magnificent animals. They love and tend their young, they are loyal, familial, and only take what they need.

    They do not deserve the destruction that has been turned against them.

    There are so many people who have signed so many petitions, but those in Washington listen to their businessmen cronies instead of listening to The Voice Of The People.

    So, We The People will dig in and work harder to save this endangered species.


    • Yes Ramona…we need to pull together. There are millions of us but were scattered everywhere. There are only 12 million hunters and 72 wildlife watchers. We must have a seat at the table. Hunters and ranchers don’t have the right to decide which of America’s wildlife they can exploit and kill. It’s an honor to have apex predators, like the wolf, able to function in the last remaining intact ecosystems in the lower 48. Yet a loud, well funded group of wolf haters are running rough shod over the ESA. It makes no sense, wolves don’t belong to them they belong to all Americans.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


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