Montana Spear Bill Ends Up In Trash But Spring Wolf Hunt Bill Looming….

More that 40 000 bulls are killed every year in bloody bullfights around the world for entertainment. The animals are tortured over the course of an hour and speared in their backs before finally dying from blood loss and/or exhaustion just like the bull in the picture to the left.

Did we really want grown ? men or women running around the woods in Montana spearing animals? Don’t the poor souls suffer enough during hunting season? With all the sophisticated equipment to call them in and make it easier to kill them, the idea of throwing a spear at a hapless  animal made me physically ill. It also makes Montana look bad, like dark ages bad.

It seems the Montana legislature has been very busy. They tried to nullify the ESA but that didn’t fly. There was a bill to allow silencers on guns, which in my mind would be a boon for poachers but that when down to defeat.

Very much alive is a bill that would allow a spring hunt of wolves when they are Denning and raising up pups. That would mean more dead pups or starving pups. It’s a nightmare and whoever dreams this stuff up should be ashamed of themselves. I’d advise them to acquaint themselves with the word empathy.  Maybe the people who hate wolves so much will be reincarnated as wolves living through the first Western extermination or the new Wolf Wars. It would be a sobering experience.


From the Hungry Horse News:

Spear bill ends up in the trash

Posted: Wednesday, March 30, 2011 8:58 am

By Chris Peterson/Hungry Horse News

Hunters won’t be able to chuck spears at game after all. A bill that would have legalized hunting with a spear is likely dead in this legislative session, along with a host of other interesting, if not downright controversial bills.

Senate Bill Senate Bill 112, sponsored by Sanders County Republican Greg Hinkle would have made a spear a legal means of taking game.

The bill passed the Senate on a 27-21 vote, with help from Flathead Republicans, but earlier this month it was tabled in the House Fish and Game Committee.

A bill that gets tabled usually dies, or is revised significantly before it’s brought back to life.

Several other fish and game bills are dead or have been tabled as well, including:

• House Bill 174 would have repealed restrictions on the use of “silencers” on firearms while hunting. Proponents claimed the bill would have reduced hearing loss. Opponents said it would make poaching easier. The bill, sponsored by Republican Krayton Kearns of Laurel, was tabled in the Senate judiciary committee.

• A bill to nullify the Endangered Species Act, also introduced by Kearns, was recently tabled in the House Appropriations committee. The bill gained popular support of lawmakers after the gray wolf was put back on the Endangered Species List. But passage of the law also would have resulted in forfeiture of nearly $1 billion in federal funding, the bulk of which goes toward road construction and maintenance.

Federal law ties highway funding with state compliance of the Endangered Species Act.

• A bill that would have put a moratorium on land purchases by Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks was tabled by the House Fish, Wildlife and Parks Committee. Senate Bill 301 would have put a moratorium on FWP land purchases greater than 100 acres or $100,000 until 2013. Sponsored by Sen. Rick Ripley, of Wolf Creek, it passed the Senate on a 29-21 vote.

There are other fish and game bills that are still alive. For example:

“• Senate Bill 402, introduced by Bozeman Republican Joe Balyeat, would allow for a spring hunt of wolves. A spring hunt presumably would further reduce wolf populations in the state, as that’s when wolves are rearing pups. The wolf hunt would be allowed if the state has met its minimum number of breeding pairs. It prohibits hunting of females.

But unlike bears, which are usually accompanied by cubs in the spring, female wolves will often hunt alone. Discerning sex is difficult.

The hunt would also only be allowed if there was not a wolf hunt the previous fall. In other words, if wolves are delisted soon, there could be a wolf hunt this spring. The federal government and environmental groups recently struck a deal to delist wolves, but it still requires court approval.”

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Alaska officials “illegally slaughter infant wolf pups”

October 04, 2008


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