Idaho Deja vu…”Resolution seeks ‘emergency’ reduction in wolves in the state”, Feb. 15, 2010 2:44 p.m…

Who Is the dangerous predator? Not wolves.

Notice the date in the headline, February 15, 2010. Idaho tried this “emergency resolution” BS last year and it didn’t fly. Now it looks like it might pass their Senate and the Gov will sign it. Oh what a difference a year makes.

Last year: (February 2011)

Resolution seeks ‘emergency’ reduction in wolves in the state

Feb. 15, 2010 2:44 p.m.

Lawmakers would declare an emergency and urge the governor to do the same and order the state’s wolf population reduced, under a concurrent resolution introduced today in the House Resources Committee at the urging of Rep. Dick Harwood, R-St. Maries. “This bill is about legislators being able to show their support, should the governor so wish to have an executive order to have wolves removed,” Harwood told the committee. Rep. George Sayler, D-Coeur d’Alene disagreed, and said the resolution appears to move Idaho toward a position like that of Wyoming, which hasn’t been given authority to manage its wolf population because of its refusal to enact acceptable wolf management plans.

“I think we all know how big this issue has been in our state the last 10 or 12 years, and the struggle we went through as a state to get to the position to where we can manage wolves,” Sayler said. “To me, this is a move back toward a Wyoming position. … This is a step back to more court cases.” Sayler moved to kill the bill, but was outvoted along party lines, with only the panel’s Democrats voting in support. The committee then voted, again along party lines, to introduce a corrected version of the resolution. Among the last-minute changes: The resolution now says that it encourages the governor to declare a state of emergency and require the Idaho Department of Fish and Game to use “any legal means” to reduce wolf numbers, instead of just “use any means.”


This year: (April 2011)

House presses on with wolf disaster declaration

By JOHN MILLER – Associated Press

Published: 04/05/11

BOISE, Idaho — Tiffani Bowen waits tables and cooks at the Country Coffee Cabin in Midvale, a little western Idaho ranching community along U.S. Highway 95 near millions of acres of National Forest land. The mother of a 2-year-old has never seen one of the wolves that roam the mountains here, but when local talk turns to the big predators, residents are unified, she said.

“Everyone wants to have them all gone,” Bowen said.

The local Republican Rep. Judy Boyle did her part Tuesday, successfully sponsoring a disaster emergency declaration that cleared the Idaho House on a 64-5 vote. It would allow Gov. C.L. “Butch” Otter to enlist local law enforcement agents to help kill wolves if he decides they are a risk to humans, livestock, outfitting businesses or wildlife. It’s similar to a measure in which Idaho County in 2010 unsuccessfully sought authority from Otter to allow wolves to be shot on sight.

Read more:

My favorite quote in the entire article.

“The mother of a 2-year-old has never seen one of the wolves that roam the mountains here, but when local talk turns to the big predators, residents are unified, she said.

“Everyone wants to have them all gone,” Bowen said.”

She’s never seen a wolf but wants them gone? Apparently she’s not aware there are real threats to humans lurking nearby and wolves aren’t one of them, like getting stomped by a cow, they kill twenty people are year, or getting accidentally  shot by a hunter, hunting accidents claim almost 100 lives a year in the US and Canada.

According to the International Hunter Education Association, approximately 1,000 people in the US and Canada are accidentally shot by hunters every year, and just under a hundred of those accidents are fatalities. Most victims are hunters, but non-hunters are also sometimes killed or injured. Although some other forms of recreation cause more fatalities, hunting is one of the few activities that endangers the entire community, and not just the willing participants.


This is a real threat to our children:

Toddler killed in hunting accident by stray bullet in Bethel

SWAN LAKE, N.Y.  —  An upstate toddler was killed by a stray bullet when a New York City deer hunter fired his rifle too close to her grandparents’ Hudson Valley home.

Edward Taibi, 45, of Queens was being held without bail Monday after arraignment on a second-degree manslaughter charge in the town of Bethel court. Taibi was hunting from a tree stand Sunday afternoon in rural Sullivan County when he shot a deer. He came down from the stand and fired the .30-caliber rifle again about 400 feet away from a trailer home in Swan Lake, a small community just south of the Catskill Mountains.

The bullet hit 16-month-old Charly Skala in the upper body. She was flown to Westchester Medical Center, where she died. Police said the child’s parents live in nearby Woodburne.

Read more:,2933,453464,00.html#ixzz1ImNLmKI9

There are thousands of Wildlife Vehicle Accidents that occur each year when deer, moose and other wildlife dash out in front of cars. The damages climb into the billions of dollars but monetary losses  can’t compare to the 200 lives that are tragically ended each year in these accidents. The toll is highest from Sept thru December, which encompasses hunting season. That’s when deer are  most panicked and running for their lives.

I could continue to list all the threats to humans but the list would be quite long. Suffice it to say wolves are not a threat to people aside from the normal cautionary warnings given about any wild animals. You give them respect and remember that you’re not the top dog in the woods, just like

What’s happening in Idaho is called  fear mongering, hysteria, not having the facts and spreading lies about the  most persecuted animal on the planet. It’s so easy to demonize wolves, they can’t fight back, they can’t speak for themselves, they are voiceless.

Wolves are very shy animals. Partly because nature has selected out all the bold wolves, they were killed long ago. Wolves have learned this lesson well “STAY AWAY FROM HUMANS”, it’s hazardous to WOLVES’ HEALTH.

Keep it up anti-wolfers. Idaho is beginning to look like it’s living in the 3rd century. Should we start calling the anti-wolf crowd the “flat earthers“. Saying the earth is flat is about as credible as some of the things being said about wolves in Idaho.

BTW…wolves aren’t killing all the elk either. There are 102,000 elk in the state.  That’s another pesky fact. I wouldn’t want the waters muddied with the truth. The truth gets in the way of the anti-wolf agenda and we can’t have that now can we??

Video: Two Socks Dances With Wolves

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  1. I agree we should call them Flat Earthers…I like it.

    Now the flat earthers are declaring “State of Emergency” on wolves. Not surprising, many have never seen a wolf and want them to go KAPUT! because they snatch children from their backyards and bus stops, kill all the elk and chase down livestock that are grazing completely unprotected on public lands. Oh well, it seems they just repeat the same things over and over again, like a damaged disk “Elk, cows, people…Elk, cows, people…Elk, cows, people, savage …


    • LOL…Loua…I love the term flat-earthers because it suits them so well. The same old tired recylced bs over and over. As you said..elk, cows, people….rinse and repeat.



  2. So someone with absolutely no concept of wolves – who has probably never picked up a single book concerning them, other than the bedtime story of “Little Red Riding Hood”, wants them gone…
    SAVE THE CHILDREN!! Them mean wolfs will swallow them whole in their backyards like newborn elk calves!
    Right… there’s someone I want you to meet her name is Lindy Chamberlain.


    • I guess they are making up their own fairy tales as they go along John. The truth doesn’t seem to sway them from their mission to demonize wolves. and they continue on with their hysterical rants. I guess they think if they repeat the lies often enough, they’ll become reality.



  3. Jim and Jamie Dutcher and the Living with Wolves organization have sent a comprehensive report called “Wolves at crossroads 2011 – The Endangered Species Act in Peril” to the Congress. The document is available in their website:

    Click to access Wolves_at_a_Crossroads11_secure-2.pdf

    It is a very well written report that covers the wolf debate from many different angles, including their importance to the ecosystem, the myth that they causing the decline in elk populations,the inconvenient truths about the flawed/brutal wolf management programmes and practices by Federal and Estate governments and the anti-wolf propaganda by politicians/ranchers/hunters/outfitters, etc.

    This is a extract from the report: “…And while the trends of wildlife viewing are increasing, the percentage of Americans who actively hunt has been steadily decreasing over the years and decades. Current estimates are that 6% of American hunt. And it is for that mere 6%, and for the powerful special interests groups that represent them , that America’s wildlife has been managed…”

    This needs to change to say the least. The wildlife in America cannot carry on being treated as if they were the property of a minority able to do as they please. Especially when this minority only means them harm.



    These ignorant hate filled people really make my blood boil. Who are these people who are the minority to take away wildlife that the majority of Oregonians want in their forests and wilderness areas.


  5. Do any of you people even live in the area these wolves are in? What gives you the right to constantly bash the people that do? The people who have to live with the wolves have the right to their opinion and those of you who don’t really should shut up. I have lived in the Northwest my entire life and love everything about it. Most of the people that live here don’t want the wolves completely gone we just want them reduced. You all keep talking about science, you really should read some because wolves do have a major impact on elk populations. Look at any report on the elk populations in Yellowstone. Wolves have hurt our economy and our way of life. If you don’t have to live with them then you really should keep your mouth shut.


    • jp…oh please stop. There are plenty of elk in the tri-state area, almost 400,000. Wolves bring in 35 million a year into the GYA, much more then hunting. Get your facts straight.



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