Budget bill pending before Congress would remove wolves from endangered list

Confusion reigns. The wolf delisting rider was said to be out of the budget bill  as of yesterday, now today, according to confirmation from Tester and Simpson’s offices, it’s in.

The Daily Reporter states the wolf delisting language is still in the bill. Were they trying to trick us, to get us to back off?  Did they mean there were no policy riders in the short-term deal?

Well we know what we have to do know. Call Congress until our fingers fall off. Let them know how sleazy  you think this entire process is. They made it as complicated as possible to keep Americans in the dark. We had to get conformation from Simpson and Tester to find out if the language is still in the bill? Paul Begala stated on CNN there were no policy riders in the new CR. It was reported in the press that 500 riders were stripped out of the bill. Now they’re back in?????

Budget bill pending before Congress would remove wolves from endangered list

  • MATTHEW BROWN  Associated Press
  • First Posted: April 09, 2011 – 12:05 pm

BILLINGS, Mont. — Gray wolves in Montana and Idaho would be taken off the endangered list under the budget bill pending before Congress, two Western lawmakers said.

Inclusion of the language to lift protections for wolves was confirmed by the offices of Montana Democratic Sen. Jon Tester and Idaho Republican Rep. Mike Simpson on Saturday.



Capital Switchboard Numbers give the name of the Senator & you will be transferred to their office. You will then either speak to a staff member, or on the weekend – to voice mail.


* CALL THESE SENATORS and express your outrage over the game of chess Congress is playing with wolves lives. The delisting  language must be stripped out of the final bill or wolves are doomed in the Northern Rockies.  First they say there are no riders and now Simpson and Tester’s offices confirm the delisting rider is in the final bill. Disgusting!!

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid

Washington DC

522 Hart Senate Office Bldg
Washington, DC 20510
Phone: 202-224-3542
Fax: 202-224-7327
Toll Free for Nevadans:
1-866-SEN-REID (736-7343)
Barbara Boxer, CA*

Fax: 1-415-956-6701

Max Baucus, MT

Fax: 1-202-224-4700

Thomas Carper, DE

Fax: 1-202-228-2190

Frank Lautenberg, NJ

Fax: 1-202-228-4054

Benjamin Cardin, MD*

Fax: 1-202-224-1651

Bernie Sanders, VT

Fax: 1-202-228-0776

Sheldon Whitehouse, RI

Fax: 1-202-228-6362

Tom Udall, NM*

Fax: 1-202-228-3261

Jeff Merkley, OR*

Fax: 1-202-228-3997

Kristen Gillibrand, NY

Fax: 1-202-228-0282


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  1. This anti wolf bill also violates people’s rights to contest it in the courts because such action is the action of a dictatorship, not a democracy.


    • Tell Sluggo tester that. Ranchers have a sense of entitlement that is not based in reality. They have dictated wildlife policy in the west for along time. It’s about time we step up our game and crush these idiots


      • William…Not sure how he slid this back in when it was reported last night that all riders had been stripped out of the budget bill? You can’t believe a word these slimy politicians say. We have to hammer them this week with phone calls. No more playing around, we can’t let the haters dictate if wolves live or die. I’m so sick of this.



      • There are people that are saying that the more pro-environment Senators in the west like the Udalls and Boxer are being told by Salazar not to make a big issue out of this Rider issue. Salazar is a big problem- You can take a person out of ranching but you can’t take the rancher out of a person


      • I know william, he is a disaster. Salazar came together with the Western governors and politiicans in a “perfect storm” that has engulfed wolves. Think if Obama had appointed a Kennedy to that position, what a difference it would have made. I can’t believe we have to battle Democrats along with Republicans. I’ve lost faith in our political system.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,


    • Justin….If this passes, god forbid, I think you have a point. I’ve heard opinions on both sides but I don’t think one branch of government can tell the other branches they can’t review legislation. That’s the point of having three branches, for checks and balances.



  2. If these politicians trample over our rights and freedoms, WE WILL REVOLT against any set-up of a
    dystopian officialdom regime and continue our rebellion
    until all threats to our rights and freedoms
    are done away with, once and for all!!!
    Not only our rights, but for the wildlife and
    their God-given rights to exist!!!
    WE SHALL NEVER CONFORM to the ignorant mindsets
    from a bunch of stupid redneck country-bumpkins!!!
    I’m hoping that someday, VEGETARIANS & VEGANS
    will become our leaders and do away with sport hunting FOREVER!!!!


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