Tango With Wolves…


Killed in March 08, on the very day ESA protections were briefly lifted for the gray wolf, by the then Bush Administration.


Sorry everyone if I’m so quiet tonight but there isn’t much else to say. I normally answer your comments but I find myself reliving 2009. I have by no means given up. I will be calling all day tomorrow as Congress deliberates and votes. Please do the same. Keep the pressure on the Senate because they need sixty votes to pass. It will be an up or down vote and we will see who betrays wolves. They won’t be able to hide from it or spin their vote. It will be laid bare for everyone to see.

The Democrats have the ability to defeat this. If they don’t they will forever be remembered as the party who gutted the ESA and deprived wolves of its protection. Quite the legacy.


They will debating and voting in the House first. then the Senate. It’s going to be a very long and nerve-wracking day for all of us.

God Bless You All and God Bless The Wolves,

Photo:  Courtesy Steve Justad 2008

Video: youtube MereRana

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  1. Thursday 4/14
    Have spent the last several days calling Senators, wrote two long letters to Obama, and manage to round up several other callers as well. The Senator’s offices I called (all on your list and more) – all seemed as discouraged but said they had been receiving a ton of calls to support wolves. I feel, an icy silence from Obama, as if, “Don’t bother me. The deal is done. Live with it.” I haven’t given up but thinking about the wolves and what’s ahead for them leaves me incredibly sad. Can we locate any one who can determine a legal way around this if it passes – someone with good knowledge regarding constitutional law, who could look at the question of taking away our right to judicial review. I was thinking of writing Bill Clinton since he started the re-introduction of wolves. Any thoughts anyone? Keep calling and keep praying!


    • Wiesy…I know the wolves would thank you for all your hard work on their behalf.

      I think we’ll have to do some serious brainstorming once this is said and done. I still have hope it won’t pass in the Senate. If we come to that crossroads, I know i will join many people to see Tester is not re-elected. I’m hoping one of the non-settling groups might decide to sue on the “no judicial review” issue.

      Obama is a disaster of a President. That’s all I really have to say about him. He started this whole mess in the first place.

      For the wolves, For the wildones,


  2. Wiesy, No judicial review is astoundingly arrogant and unconstitutional. I felt the same hush when I called two days ago, when aides told me that the Senators had issued no comment as yet. And again when I read that the spokeswoman for the Interior said that it will have no comment on the issue.

    I got this link courtesy of another site, which I am sure adds more fuel to the fire.


    However this plays out, we still have a voice. We vote with our dollars and can send certain states a strong message through our informed choices and the power of our purse. Call the Idaho Potato Commission, for starters. http://www.idahopotato.com/contact

    Leave no stone unturned. Keep the faith.


    • It’s Friday afternoon and I’m caught between deep sadness and anger. A total state of disbelief that this was allowed to happen and how un “democratic ” this whole move was. But I have to believe there must be a legal way around this. We need to put out feelers to lawyers who really understand the constitution or law schools who could research this quickly for this info. Or we rent a very large vehicle and round up the wolves and figure out where we can take them.


  3. This one also: Budget cuts will affect Minnesota.



  4. Nabeki, I know that this day is trying for us all, but if you have even a few minutes, could you please email me. There are a few things that I want to discuss with you.


    • Will do White Wolf.



  5. I have pretty much resighned to the fact it is going to happen and now am trying to figure out the next step will be.It is hard to beileive that these democratic senators think by removing the wolves from the ESA that Tester’s job is safe.I guess they forgot about the end result that even by the 10 envoirmental groups that backed off from the lawsuit.It didn’t stop Tester from proceding on.He only won by 1% the last time and the chances for re electon will be slim for he lied when he said he would not put riders in the bills.I would remember that lie and I think other people will,too and will still vote for a repulican.Democrats face less then 50/50 chance or even less.If I were a democrat,I would work on other states that one could win and not promise on a not sure thing..


    • Rita..I seriously think we could turn this around if we keep calling…the Senate Dems are running scared..their lines are always busy….they won’t commit on how they are going to vote…if we continue to call and let them know we won’t support another Democrat again…we could just pull this out. I know it seems like a long shot but we have to keep trying.
      I agree with everything you’re saying but I’m trying not to think about the next step until the fat lady has sung.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  6. i found this on Defenders. [http://www.defendersblog.org/2011/04/montana-wolf-kill-bill-stopped-in-its-tracks/] It isn’t the news i hope for but they can’t shoot on sight.


    • Rita….I’m still so angry at the big orgs for the “settlement”..that played right into Tester’s hands and took the steam out of the grass roots push. They didn’t understand strategy and how to win a battle. If there was a turning point in all of this it was the “settlement”. It showed complete weakness and certainly did not represent the majority of wolf advocates.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


      • In politics and in other things in life,there seems to be no punishment for telling lies,including making promises with no intintions of keeping[deciet] and encorge people to break the law.. We teach by example,and it is not a good one set by the government that rewards bad behavoir, for my grandchild,for it never worked when raise my children.


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