Facts Highlight Hypocrisy Of Wolf Persecution…

The war against wolves continues unabated.

In Oregon, where the state harbors a very small, fragile wolf population, House bill 3562 just passed. It’s called the “defense against attacking wolves legislation” and  “allows people to kill gray wolves to defend one’s life or the life of another person”

What is the purpose of this bill? Wolves are the least dangerous of all large carnivores. In ONE HUNDRED YEARS there have been only two human/wolf fatalities in North America, both controversial and without eye-witnesses. On the other hand hunters kill almost 1oo people every year in the US and Canada, wounding another 1ooo. Cows kill twenty people a year. Domestic dogs bite over 4 million people annually  and kill another 20. I could go on and on but I think you get the point. People have a better chance of dying in a hunting accident, getting killed by their own dog, stomped to death by a cow, knocked out of commission by lightning or getting kidnapped by aliens then they do from a wolf attack, which are almost non-existent.  The only reason this bill passed was to throw a bone to the Oregon Cattlemen’s Association, who sponsored this and other anti-wolf bills. Passing this bill further demonstrates the ugliness  of wolf persecution.


House bills alter coexistence of ranchers, wolves



Photo: Courtesy All About Wolves

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