The Worlds Best Babysitter….


Video by MabinogiKaworukun

Posted in: Wolf Dogs

Tags: howling wolf dog, baby calmed by howl, howling soothes the soul


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  1. so lovely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    best nature song ever :)^^


  2. Too cute…nature’s lullaby.


  3. Okay, I’m sorry, but anyone with at least a tiny bit of knowledge about wolves knows there is no wolf in that dog whatsoever. Seriously. NOTHING. It’s a husky. A purebred husky.

    The video’s cute, but that is definitely not a wolfdog.


    • Alikeni….As you know wolf dogs don’t always look like wolves. You can have low content wolf dogs that look just like dogs or they can look like wolves. We have know way of knowing how much wolf was in the dog just by looking at it. I don’t think it matters much anyway.



  4. Howl interpretations (in sequential order):

    #1 “Your child is crying, will one of you do some parenting?”
    2# “Anyone listening?”
    3# “For crying out loud, put down the camera and see to this kid.”
    4# “I swear I’m the only one who does anything around here!”
    #5 “Oh Don’t worry I’ve seen to it…”

    Please note: No offence intended toward to the parents (not seen) in this video.


    • John…I thought it was cute, I’m sure this has happened before so the parents took advantage of the moment to catch it on film. I’m pretty sure the wd doesn’t baby sit this little one on a regular basis.



      • I was just joking around… anyway its a good video.


      • LOL…I guess I’m getting a little too serious these days John.



  5. This is so sweet. Nobody knows how much the wolves and wolf dogs can help them.


    • What’s better then that howl? Simply wonderful Barbara.



  6. Wonderful, that wolfdog certainly knew what buttons to press!


    • Sweet video Zarago. The baby was so interested in the howling.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


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