What About The Wolf Mothers In The Lolo?

Today we celebrate Mother’s Day, the special day that honors all mothers for their unconditional love and dedication to their children. This is a happy day, mothers are given flowers, special cards, taken to dinner and in general shown the respect they deserve.

On this day of  honoring mothers my thoughts turn to the 50 wolves being targeted for death by Idaho in the Lolo zone. The wolves are delivering their pups or have just delivered pups. The babies may be just a few weeks to days old. Of course they have no idea the state of Idaho wants to kill them and leave their pups to starve or worse. They are nursing their babies and caring for them with the help of the entire pack. What is going to happen to the wolf mothers in the Lolo that are facing aerial gunning, the dissolution of their families, the starving of  their puppies?  All this because the state claims wolves are to blame for low elk numbers in the Lolo?

  We all know the number of elk in the Lolo has been declining for years, long before wolves were reintroduced to Idaho. Yet the state has decided to slaughter 50 innocent wolves, so a hunter has a better chance of killing an elk? The pogrom against Idaho wolves in the Lolo mimics the sentiment expressed by the Friends of Animals campaign concerning the killing of wolves in Alaska to “save caribou”. We can change the words around and it would fit the proposed Idaho slaughter of the Lolo wolves, to a tee:

Alaska Version:

“If you shoot wolves to save moose and then you shoot the moose you’re either out of your mind or in Alaska.” 

Idaho Version:

If you shoot wolves to save elk and then you shoot the elk you’re either out of your mind or in Idaho.”


Fish and Game: Aerial shooting of Lolo wolves near

May 3, 2011, 10:17 am


Photo: Courtesy All About Wolves

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Mohawk, Wolf Ambassador Extraordinaire!

Ambassador wolf Mohawk, of Wolf People, Cocolalla, Idaho. He’s a beauty!!

“Mohawk’s howling for justice for his wild brothers”

Wolf People is a wolf education facility run by Nancy Taylor. Visit their website to learn more about Wolf People and their wolves. Mohawk will be happy to meet you!

Wolf People



Wolf People FB Page



Photos: Courtesy of Wolf People

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