What About The Wolf Mothers In The Lolo?

Today we celebrate Mother’s Day, the special day that honors all mothers for their unconditional love and dedication to their children. This is a happy day, mothers are given flowers, special cards, taken to dinner and in general shown the respect they deserve.

On this day of  honoring mothers my thoughts turn to the 50 wolves being targeted for death by Idaho in the Lolo zone. The wolves are delivering their pups or have just delivered pups. The babies may be just a few weeks to days old. Of course they have no idea the state of Idaho wants to kill them and leave their pups to starve or worse. They are nursing their babies and caring for them with the help of the entire pack. What is going to happen to the wolf mothers in the Lolo that are facing aerial gunning, the dissolution of their families, the starving of  their puppies?  All this because the state claims wolves are to blame for low elk numbers in the Lolo?

  We all know the number of elk in the Lolo has been declining for years, long before wolves were reintroduced to Idaho. Yet the state has decided to slaughter 50 innocent wolves, so a hunter has a better chance of killing an elk? The pogrom against Idaho wolves in the Lolo mimics the sentiment expressed by the Friends of Animals campaign concerning the killing of wolves in Alaska to “save caribou”. We can change the words around and it would fit the proposed Idaho slaughter of the Lolo wolves, to a tee:

Alaska Version:

“If you shoot wolves to save moose and then you shoot the moose you’re either out of your mind or in Alaska.” 

Idaho Version:

If you shoot wolves to save elk and then you shoot the elk you’re either out of your mind or in Idaho.”


Fish and Game: Aerial shooting of Lolo wolves near

May 3, 2011, 10:17 am


Photo: Courtesy All About Wolves

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Tags: Pupping season, Lolo wolves targeted, wolf slaughter, 18th century “management”, innocent wolves, pups could stare or worse

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  1. Thank you for sharing and for the awareness you are raising on behalf of these amazing beings. I have related to Idaho’s Fish and Game my sadness in learning that hatred and misunderstanding are still so present in Idaho.


    • Hi Tena,
      They are going after these wolves in Idaho with a vengeance….and this is what passes as responsible “management”. Shame on those Senators that voted to pass the “wolf slaughter delisting rider” and put wolves in this position. We should not let them forget what their actions brought down on wolves. The most outrageous part is almost all Democrats voted for the rider including Kerry, Boxer, Feinstein, Cardin, both Udalls..the list goes on and on. Senators that are supposed to be supporting the environment. What an outrage.



  2. You can see the love in the eyes of the pups. This is a beautiful picture!


  3. The white man has to understand that we have been encroaching in on their territory for some time now, and a lot of us need to learn respect. They are not encroaching in on US, it is the othe way around!! When are the slow learners going to get it?????!!!! These animals are intelligent, very feeling, and they have a sense of a soul, just like we do!! They have a cuture of their own too. Mankind CAN live amongst wolves, but before that happens, WE need to learn a lot more about RESPECT!!! When that happens, we will see changes in the interactions.


    • Vanne, this is a culture clash. Somehow wolves have gotten tangled up in anti-government, anti-conservation feelings and they are now the poster child for all the ills in the world according to the anti wolf crowd. Wolves are once again being scapegoated. It’s a replay of what happened the first time around. We have learned nothing from past mistakes.



  4. Beautiful pups…senseless killing…soulless mentality.

    At my crankiest, I want to give the hyperbolists a good rhetorical shaking. Listen, people, wolves aren’t going to cause the decline of Western civilization, anymore than they’re going to restore symmetry to the cosmos. They will cause some fascinating changes, and once in a while they may cause some trouble. If we can muster the wisdom, we can find enough satisfaction in the changes to let us tolerate the trouble. ~~ The Hyberbolic Wolf by Paul Schullery – Out Among The Wolves – Contemporary Writings On The Wolf

    May Creator watch over you. Keep up the fight dear Wolf…we need you in this world.


    • It’s just a sad, sad story WL and wolves are going to be reduced to mere ghosts on the landscape if we can’t find a way to help them. That is why I’m so energized by the AWR, FOS and WildEarth Guardians lawsuit. We have hope again that this madness can be stopped.



  5. These are Gods Gifts why distroy a beautiful animal especially mothers who that are giving birth to innocent pups that have not done anything to humans,

    If you love nature – why destroy gods wildlife remember you hunters will have to answer to God on Judgement day, What will your answer be ?????????? to your maker.


  6. 2016

    Idaho’s latest wolf-killing count is about 250, with most having been killed in th4 Panhandle area, Shoshone County north.

    74 wolves were killed by trappers in the panhandle area with several more shot and trapped elsewhere in ID.

    On May 32016, WildEarth Guardians and other conservation groups filed suit to require open, public review of the impacts of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s (Service’s) export program that facilitates international trade in bobcat and gray wolf pelts, creates more incentive for trapping, and harms wolves, lynx, and other native wildlife.
    Here’s an article on it:


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