Merle Haggard No Friend of the Cowboy…

Thought this was worth reposting.

September 22, 2009

Here’s a great quote from Merle Haggard on cowboys and cattle.  Glad to add Merle’s voice to the debate.  It’s no secret the livestock industry has a chokehold on public lands in the West, with cattle causing untold damage to the environment. The special treatment ranchers have to graze livestock on public lands is the single biggest reason wolves have to be “managed”.

 Go Merle!!!

“The thing that bothers me the most is the recklessness and greed of the local ranchers, who run too many cattle back here, choking with waste the creek that runs through my property. There’s certain times of day that the cowboys like to send them turds down the river. Them f**kers piss me off. if you gotta mess up the ecology of the world in order to raise a bunch of cows, well eat somethin else. I’m not a fan of the cowboys.”

– Merle Haggard, Rolling Stone, 10/1/09



An un-named stream BLM refers to as Pine Creek has been blown out by livestock in the Lost River Range. 10/2/07……Western Watersheds

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  1. Merle bolsters the news that wolves in the state of Washington retain endangered status, for now.


  2. Typically very arrogant too. Apparently the only law that exists in their properties are -their- laws, as flawed as they are. No drivers lisence? No worries… so long as you are on your property. No gun licence? As one once told me, quite bluntly, TALK TO THE HAND. An endangered species/predator getting on your nerves? Just whine to the government to either shoot it for you or just kill it yourself (because its what your family always did in the past). ‘Stewards of the Land’…yeah right.


    • Boy do you speak the truth John.



  3. Thumbs up to Merle ~ greedy ranchers that is all that they are. That is all they ever will be.


  4. Sooooooooo, in other words…cattle are actually a problem but they have a right to make our waters unhealthy. And the wolf still gets killed.


    • Pretty much U-NAH-WI….



  5. The concept of the “old west” has too long been romanticized. Iconic legends of Hollywood such as John Wayne, The Lone Ranger, Roy Rodgers and Gene Autry, these were the illusory cowboys of that by-gone era of my parents.

    Perhaps a simpler time, yet that was then…this is now. It’s not just about the facade of the old west, nor is it merely a family tradition any longer. Livestock suffers from the very same ravages of any modern business that has become an industry and sold its soul for profit. These aggressive parasitic agribusinesses feed off the life force of the land without conscience. Their western manifesto has become a modern entity that exudes anything but charismatic good will, while enjoying their coddled existence.

    Change is never easy, we can all attest to that. It’s time for cowboys to admit that we no longer live in an era where we are totally dependent upon domesticated livestock, and move on….4th generation or not. There simply is no further merit in a tradition that virtually leaves behind a barren wasteland. A landscape where men still cling to the concept of dominion, while hiding beyond petty excuses and special privileges.

    The topic of greedy industry brings to mind the classic Warner Brothers cartoon: “Ali Baba Bunny.” A scenario where Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck believe they have tunneled their way to Pismo Beach, only to discover they are in a Sultan’s treasure cave. In the throes of conquest, Daffy’s rapacious appetite, coupled with an overly developed sense of what is rightfully his, inadvertently desecrates the “Spirit of the Lamp”, as he is told by the irate Genie who will now inflict his wrath. Daffy’s dismissive attitude is: “Consequences, schmonsequences, as long as I’m rich!” The genie then ceremoniously zaps Daffy with magical bolts from his fingertips.

    Later on Pismo Beach, Bugs has emerged from his burrowing tunnel. Contemplating on how Daffy’s situation turned out, he opens a clam shell only to find a pearl. Daffy Duck, now shrunken to only a few inches in height, bounds from Bugs’ burrowing trail clamoring to claim “his” treasure. Clinging obstinately to that pearl, he bellows: “It’s mine, you understand? Mine! Mine! All mine! Go! Go! Go! Do you hear me? Out! Out Out! Mine! Mine! Mine! There’s only enough for me!”

    Bugs Bunny closes the shell on the self centered duck, as Daffy’s final words fade: “I’m rich..I’m a happy miser!”

    Now, after all of that, my point is simply this with reference to any greedy industry:
    Nature’s treasures, and her intrinsic value, aren’t intended for sole ownership, and some things just weren’t meant to be tamed. Get over it….Daffy!


  6. Nabeki, can you please do me a small favor? post this link over at wolf warriors on face. This is disgusting. They are already going to kill 2 wolves and now 8 more wolves may die in Oregon.


  7. The wasted land caused by Americans is a disgrace. Miners, farmers, manufacturers, etc. If there are no regulations to stop them, they will take whatever they can without a care to who, nor how many, get hurt.


    • So true Patrick….



  8. Thank you Merle for your those good words of yours.


    • I love his quote Ruth…



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