What Have They Wrought?

If a policy is wrongheaded, feckless and corrupt, I take it personally and consider it a moral obligation to sound off and not shut up until it’s fixed……David Hackworth

Wolves of the Northern Rockies are in grave danger. They’ve been stripped of their ESA protections and are at the mercy of brutal state management plans.  Why? Because a little more than two years ago, in the Spring of 2009, the Obama administration delisted wolves and I’m not going to pretty it up and say it was Ken Salazar who delisted them. Ken Salazar didn’t appoint himself, so let’s do away with the rah, rah I love Democrats BS and call it like it is. If if looks like a duck, quacks like a duck,  it’s a duck. Barrack Obama appointed Ken Salazar, the rancher, to head the Interior. He didn’t do it because he was dumb or misinformed, he did it to curry favor with the red states and the notsoblue states, like Montana.

Once again wolves were abandoned by Democrats in 2011. Why? Because they are trying desperately to hang onto their Senate majority.  So all those Dems that allowed Tester and Simpson to slip the wolf delisting slaughter rider into a must pass budget bill are responsible for what wolves are facing now. 81 Senators voted for the budget bill and Obama signed it into law, case closed. The Democrats sold out wolves and the ESA for votes and there is no way to spin that sad reality.

So what have they wrought? For starters they weakened the ESA and made it vulnerable to political wheeling and dealing. Never before, in the history of the ESA has Congress delisted a species for political expediency. They were willing to throw wolves under the bus to please a small, vocal, radical minority they hoped would vote for Tester if he was seen to be “out wolfing” his opponent  Denny Rehburg.  I have news for them it’s not going to work. I highly doubt Tester will be re-elected. They’ll lose their Senate majority but they’ll have lost much more. They’ll have lost the support of their base. The people who counted on them to stand up for the ESA and wolves. The people who wrote letters, faxed, phoned, emailed and generally poured their hearts and souls into saving wolves. They betrayed them as much as they betrayed wolves.

Just in case anyone in the Senate happens to read this blog I will tell you what you’ve brought down on wolves in the Northern Rockies. A 220 Montana quota for the fall wolf hunt. That’s 220 wolves marked for death. A tripling of the first Montana wolf hunt quota of 2009. If WS has their way they’ll add another 140 wolves or so to that total. That was the death toll in 2010. Doing the math that totals 360 innocent wolves, almost 2/3 of wolves currently living in Montana.

We can’t forget the upcoming Lolo wolf slaughter. The state of Idaho wants to aerial gun 50 innocent wolves in the middle of pupping season, for elk declines in the Lolo zone. Wolves will be killed for eating their natural prey and their little babies will die right along with them.

This is the wonderful state management the Senate vote brought down on wolves. Did any of the Senators even bother to learn about the toxic climate wolves live under every day of their lives in the Northern Rockies, stirred up by hate groups that would like to see nothing more than wolves total demise in the region? Apparently not.

Do we close our eyes to the horrific ways wolf families will suffer and die in Idaho and Montana? By arrow, by bullet, by leg hold trap, by snare and god only knows what tortures will be dreamed up to hurt them when nobody is looking. It wasn’t so long ago when wolves were poisoned, fed broken glass, dragged behind horses, set on fire, had their penises and jaws sewn shut, even hamstrung and thrown into pits with dogs. Any imaginable torture that could be dreamed up was practiced on wolves during the first Western extermination.

The state of Montana even introduced sarcoptic mange into the wolf population, which still plagues them to this day.

This was and is the ugly face of  “wolf hunting”. The same mindset that allowed these horrors to occur once before is alive in the Northern Rockies today.

Sport hunting is animal cruelty couched as a sport.  It has nothing to do with  sport.

From: The Big Lie (1996) by Dino DiGiacomo

“People who enjoy killing animals have long tried to disguise their barbarity in a cloak of respectability they call “sporthunting.” The fact is, sporthunting does not exist. It never has.

All sports share certain conditions to ensure a sense of fair play and create equal opportunity for all participants. What the animal killers call sport hunting meets none of the conditions of real sports.

“Let’s take a look at some of the criteria that define sport
and why so-called sporthunting fails every one of them.

Willingness to Participate

In any sport, all participants choose to be there. Both boxers want to be in the ring that night, the players on both football teams want to be on the field that day, and both tennis players agree to meet on the court at that time. Sporthunting fails on this point because the animal is never a willing participant.

Knowing When the Contest Will Start

All basketball players are aware of the starting time of the game, giving them time to prepare. Golfers know what time they will tee off. Wrestlers know what time the match will start. They don’t expect their opponent to break into their home and hurt or kill them while they are sleeping or having breakfast with their family, which is what happens to animals because this sporting condition is not met.

Even Chance

All participants are given the same equipment with which to play the game. Both boxers have equally weighted gloves and protective gear, as do football and hockey players. Bowlers are only allowed to throw one ball at a time while all rowers use the same numbers of oars. Sporthunting fails here also because the hunters have airplanes,
automatic weapons, high-powered scopes, steel traps, etc., while the animal has only the equipment it was given at birth.

Equal Prize

The criterion here insures the same prize is awarded to whichever team or player wins the contest. The prize itself may be a trophy, belt or an award, but the commercial and athletic value of that prize is the same for each potential winner. Sporthunting fails miserably on this point because the prize is life itself, but it is not an equal prize. The hunter can only win or draw while the animal can only draw or lose. The hunter wins by killing the animal or draws if the animal manages to escape. Conversely, the animal draws by getting away or loses by being killed. The animal cannot win. Some hunters say that once in a while the animal wins by killing the hunter but that only happens on rare occasions with all the odds stacked against the animal, who is never a willing participant anyway.

I have heard some hunters say that hunting is not about the animals at all. It is, they insist, an awareness of self. Once and for all, let’s not buy into their facade.

Sporthunting is not a sport. It is simply an excuse for unhappy men and women to go out and kill. How do I arrive at the fact they are an unhappy lot? Look around you! Happy people do not take time away from their happiness to go out and kill something.

The real shame is that sporthunters pass this travesty onto their children who will come to believe that killing is a sport.”


Endangered Wolves Sacrificed in Budget Deal

Glenn Hurowitz

Senior Fellow, Center for International Policy

Posted: 04/11/11 04:09 PM ET

Although Majority Leader Harry Reid and President Barack Obama stood firm against Republican attempts to repeal clean air and clean water protections, wolves in the Northern Rockies weren’t so lucky.

Under pressure from ranching interests in Montana and Idaho, as well as anti-wolf zealots in those states, Reid and Obama agreed to accept an amendment from Montana Democrat Jon Tester mandating the removal of grey wolves in Idaho and Montana from the endangered species list. For Obama, at least, the move isn’t surprising: his administration backed the Bush administration’s delisting of wolves even though it would allow the two massive states to cut wolf populations to as few as 450 individuals between them.

Read more: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/glenn-hurowitz/endangered-wolves-sacrifi_b_847673.html


Photo: Courtesy All About Wolves

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Tags: wolf persecution, wolf scapegoating, 81 Senators voted yes, wolves politically delisted

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  1. Incredibly written, harsh facts of the plight of OUR wolves! I say OUR wolves, because while they may live in certain areas, they belong to EVERYONE and should not be murdered just for living! I love the person that wrote this article-


    • Thank you A Clark….this is a story that needs to be told again and again. Wolves were run over by this Congress without them even blinking an eye. All to keep their majority in the Senate?? I’ll never vote Democrat again.

      We need a third party, one that respects the environment and animal life.



      • It sicken’s me to see how congress has treated such a vivid animal… These guys are very graceful and arnt out to kill off the human race, So why as humans do we try so hard to kill of something that is doing nothing to us???


  2. This was totally a case of political maneuvering by our government….sadly including our President….they ignored the will of the people and are now responsible for the bloodshed of our precious wolves out west….I am so sick at heart and Obama has lost my vote in his next run for the President….I no longer feel with live in a democratic country but instead, one that is based solely on political pandering for personal gain by our elected officials and in the case of wolves…they were thrown under the bus by our government. This was and is a travesty based upon nothing but political compromises to pass a budget bill and had nothing whatsoever to do with good science. This to me, is a very sad statement about who is running this country….I see them all as nothing less than murderers!!!!


    • You are right Kim and as Nabeki pointed out. Let’s cut to the chase on Salazar. We need to let Obama know he has made MANY thousands of Wolf Advocates mad as Hell and we intend that the 2012 Election reflects that. We have to continue speaking up loud and clear!!


      • Rhonda…there is such a disconnect with dems on this. They constantly blame Salazar, who deserves lots of blame but he didn’t appoint himself to the Interior. The buck stops on Obama’s desk. He hired him.



    • I sadly watched the vote that day on Cspan and there was such a light hearted atmosphere in the chamber. I kept thinking wolves are going to be slaughtered because of this vote and they weren’t even mentioned. Just sickening. We should not forget this.



  3. It seems like we keep playing defense on these issues vs. being proactive. What about eroding the financial support of organizations like Safari Club International which uses all its money to influence the politics in Washington? One especially vulnerable sponsor of SCI is Nikon which appeals to a broad consumer market. Educating consumers through the power of the social network to Nikon’s sponsorship of Safari Club (and Safari Club’s support for HR 509, wolf hunting in Alaska and lawsuit to delist the Grizzly)could impact their sales to the extent they would reevaluate their allegiances. As Paul Watson says, you have to go after the money.


    • ITA with Mark. Nikon as a supporter of the Safari Crowd should definitely be targeted. I have to say, it never occurred to me that they would support something so despicable, but then of course, those cowards have to have their trophy shots don’t they?


      • Rhonda…..Yes Nikon has a history of this type of thing because they sell rifle scopes as well as cameras. Remember they were one of the SFW Predator Derby sponsors in 2009, that included wolves for the first time along with coyotes, bobcats and foxes? The predators derbies award points and prizes for killing these selected animals. It’s a sicko contest. HJF and other wiildlife advocates called for Nikon to pull their support and they did but Cabellas refused.



    • I agree Mark. We need to start thinking long term strategies instead of just reacting to everything the antis do. The Safari Club is knee deep in this I’m sure. They would love a bill that weakens the ESA and delists wolves.

      From HSUS:
      Safari Club International is not the environmentally-friendly, conservation-minded organization that it claims to be. SCI is a club for wealthy big-game hunters who compete in killing the most animals for the most awards. Members collect the heads, hides, and horns of animals from a list of more than 500 creatures and enter them in SCI’s record book of trophy animals.

      To earn every award that SCI offers, a hunter must kill at least 171 different animals from around the world. Many SCI members have records for killing more than 400 different creatures that populate their trophy rooms, macabre mausoleums filled with dead animals.

      Author Matthew Scully sums up the group in his book, Dominion. “Respect” at SCI, he says, means only “the courtesy of leaving enough behind for the next hunter.”

      “They practice socially conscious sadism here,” he writes. “Ethics at Safari Club is ordered libertinism, like teaching cannibals to use a table napkin and not take the last portion.”


      • Nabeki, profoundly sad, I read, researched , and watched videos until I could take no more. My heart is heavy with the senseless loss in all of it. Conservation, according to SCI standards is an unconscionable sham, and all I can do is ask…why? How many innocents must suffer and die just to satisfy the coffer of the human ego? We spend countless dollars and yet have no sense when it comes to finding the inner peace for which we all yearn.

        This dark rapture or ghoulish glee in the death or dismemberment of magnificent animals for trinkets sickens me beyond description,and literally takes my breath away. These “trophies” no doubt are intended to announce to the world, “I was there …I saw…I conquered!” You can only wonder what kind of physiological disorder would demand such a perverse tribute to any hunter’s prowess.

        This is the price animals pay for our stubborn refusal to see them as anything other than mere objects. That is the real tragedy,those who actually seek out this form of diversion don’t see the animal as a living, breathing, sentient being, worthy of anything other than exploitation. In fact, in their delusion, they laugh , make jokes, and compare techniques. I seriously doubt they even see an animal at all. Just another token on their path to fame and glory….and for this madness they profit, without any empathy for the animal’s suffering or reverence for its spirit. I fail to see any grandeur in that.

        It is staggering how arrogant hunting lobbies really are, and this link is a true testimony to the ignorance and apathy of calloused men while trying to prove their manhood. The term “captive hunting” says it all.

        What is difficult for me to reconcile, whether artificially boasting herds of ungulates or “captive hunting” ranches: where exactly is the challenge or the thrill of the hunt, especially when a “captive” wounded animal struggles in agony to flee his assassin…and all for naught…but at least you have shown your skill. Sorry, but I am not impressed. Please don’t tell me that you are tying to find yourself, humanity will never benefit from the shallow enticement of your soulless endeavor.

        “Captive hunting” is a pithy excuse to kill just for the sake of killing. It’s a braggarts banquet for hunters with discriminating palates, although not intended for consumption. It’s like a twisted form of Wii , complete with perfect disconnect only with live animals and pampered egos.

        Any ranch that has the audacity to boast about this convoluted gambit is incredibly full of themselves. SCI, and other cohorts, are in dire need of a rude awakening…I’m definitely with you to focus on providing one.

        I tend to think that even cannibals would have better ethics than this lot.

        Sorry for the lengthy comment, I just really needed to vent.
        Where do we start?


      • I feel your pain WL, you articulated the situation very well. I think we’re all still in shock over the political delisting and how willing the Senate was to go along with this madness. But I think our time is coming again full circle. I have tremendous confidence in the lawsuit brought by FOS, AWR and WE Guardians. That first hearing will be electrifying and I’m going to try and be there. I believe Judge Molloy is the presiding judge, which makes it doubly important. We fight on for wolves.



  4. i think that the democrates abilities should be revised they have to much power


  5. has anyone heard the song what a same by shinedown


  6. Excellent post , but a grim prospect Nabeki, it sums up important aspects of the wolf’s ultimate betrayal and nuances of impending fate with a necessary reality that is perilously absent within our government. Of course it is always good to be omnipotent, to mandate laws to which you, yourself, are immune, and then just sit back or go on with your lives, waiting for the dust to settle and memory to lapse. Politicians apparently live in an alternate parallel universe devoid of common human decency. I can think of no other reason why they suffer a serious disconnect from ordinary life. I am left to wonder if they fully appreciate the passion behind believing in anything other than themselves. Why then should they care about how their malevolent deals will affect wolves? From my perspective,wolves effortlessly have more character in their tail bones then most politicians can muster within their entire skeleton. Suspending principle when it is inconvenient, while choosing to abuse power when it suits you. Is this the way of the world, or the downward trajectory of Demockracy?

    This delisting has shown me that it’s all about the team and anything to win. Justice should never need to be prompted or cajoled into action. Politicians are supposed to represent all Americans, not just those who buy themselves undue influence. And whenever you claim to have someone’s best interests at heart, yet then do everything to prove otherwise, it is nothing more than hypocritical rhetoric. And the act is wearing thin, which can only be the “transparency” our President had promised.

    What is truly frightening, riders are such common practice and there are just too many unsupervised opportunities to abuse power and violate freedom. We need a law where riders of any kind are strictly prohibited in any must pass bill.

    If there is indeed any modicum of conscience left in Washington…it’s time to take a good hard look in the mirror. You owe the American public a mammoth apology, the Gray Wolf protection, with many other wrongs to right. This is the best option to take if you want to regain our respect and trust.

    Feckless and corrupt…how impeccably true.


    • Excellent summary WL. I loved the quote by David Hackworth, it really fits.

      I think back on 05 when Conrad Burns tucked that sneaky rider into a budget bill during the Christmas holidays, when nobody was looking. It stripped wild horses of many of their protections and people were outraged. Heck Congress was even outraged. Part of Tester’s campaign platform attacked this practice and yet what did he do himself? And was Congress outraged this time? Oh no. They smiled and laughed on Cpan, just another day at the office. Wolves were kicked off the ESA in a budget bill. Shame on them!!



      • Because they are wolves. Some people can’t stand real beauty and strength.


      • To me they are one of the most beautiful creatures on earth. How anyone can harm them is so beyond my ability to comprehend that kind of hate.



  7. We can start with wolves in the forefront of this new law perhaps with this next legal go around.


    • I’m anxious for the first hearing to be scheduled on the challenge to the rider g…



  8. Yes, N! The attorneys are powerful folks, winning some big endangered species cases… making a trail.


  9. When are the powers that be going to realize money over life is not the answer~or don’t understand it~Kill it~Ignorance. We all live on the same planet & should watch out for & look after each other,Animals & the planet~I support this totally~*


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