The Wolf Science Center’s PUPPIES!

A little change of pace to put a smile on your face. This is a video of hand-reared wolf pups from the Wolf Science Center in Germany.

Click Here To Visit Site


From their website:

Meet our wolves and witness scientific research at the Wolf Science Center.

This research center and exceptional wolf keeping facility is the place where the similarities between wolves, dogs and humans are explored.

The wolves are hand-raised by scientists and therefore have a close and trustful working relationship with us. They regularly participate in cooperative and cognitive tasks to study their mental abilities and to keep them physically and mentally busy which also benefits their welfare.

Come and watch some of our scientific activities and interactions with the wolves!”


Wolf Science Center’s YouTube Channel


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  1. Is this available in English??


    • g…..In the post if you click on Wolf Science Center, From Their Website or Meet Our Wolves, I embedded the link to the site in English.



  2. Nabeki, thank you. My heart smiles to share in the sheer bliss of discovery and the playful romps of these magnificent animals. Those little pups just know how to wrap you around their little paws!!! I can’t say which I love more, their inquisitive ways, or the sound of their wolf song…howling for the sheer joy of it all.

    Makes me want to join in:


    Love and blessings to Wolf Science Center and all others worldwide who have dedicated their hearts and minds to the plight of the Wolf.


    • WL….I cannot get enough of that video. Those pups are so adorable and it brings home even harder how dog like wolves really are. To think anyone would want to hurt them is unbelievably sad.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  3. How did they attain the wolves? Was the mother murdered? It hurt me to see a wolf being led around on a leash. Doesnt the wolves behavior change if they are adapted to people. Seems like a contradiction to me- to domesticated a “wild” animal to study their habits.


  4. […] The Wolf Science Center’s PUPPIES! ( […]


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