Cry, Wolf by Bill Gibson, Earth Island Journal

Earth Island Journal Summer Edition 2011

Cry, Wolf

How a Campaign of Fear and Intimidation Led to the Gray Wolf’s Removal from the Endangered Species List.

By James William Gibson

“Nabeki” didn’t expect everyone to love her when, in September 2009, she founded the website “Howling for Justice” to celebrate the return of gray wolves to the Northern Rocky Mountains and to protest the then-pending wolf hunts in Montana and Idaho.  She didn’t expect to fear for her life, either.

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Finally the wolves’ story has been told with eloquence and raw truth. Bill Gibson, reporter for  Earth Island Journal, pulls no punches.  He tells it like it is, exposing the myths and down right lies told about wolves, tracing their sad journey from the 2009 delisting, by the Obama administration, to where they are today in 2011.  Stripped of their ESA protections, facing brutal wolf hunts in Idaho and Montana, including baiting, calling, trapping, archery, leg hold traps and snares.

He explains the virulence of the anti-wolf movement and how wolves became the poster child for anti-government feelings.

I want to personally thank Bill Gibson and Earth Island Journal for having the courage of their convictions to tell this tale. I hope it opens the eyes of wildlife advocates across this nation and moves them to stand up for wolves in their dark hour.

There is still time to make a difference for wolves. I’ve always said that if the American people knew the truth, of what was happening in the Northern Rockies, they would be outraged and demand the end of  the brutal persecution of wolves.  I hope I’m right.

Will you be an advocate for wolves?

Cover Photo:  Earth Island Journal Summer Edition 2011

Bottom photo: Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

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