ACTION ALERT: Buying Idaho & Montana Wolf Tags Will Not Help Wolves…

ALERT: I want to clear up a rumor that has been circulating.

Buying Idaho and Montana wolf tags is not going to help wolves. Some people are under the impression that they can buy all the wolf tags and keep wolves from being hunted. This is not the case. Idaho and Montana are selling an unlimited number of tags. No matter how many tags a person buys there will be more to purchase. Therefore,  if anyone is under the misguided assumption that all the Idaho and Montana wolf tags can be bought up, thereby saving Idaho and Montana wolves from being hunted, they are sadly misinformed.  Please do not fall for this, it will not help Idaho or Montana wolves. All you would be doing is putting more money into the IDFG and Montana Fish Wildlife & Parks coffers.

I know we are all feeling helpless and want to do whatever we can to help wolves but this will not work.

For the wolves, For the wild ones,



Photo:  Courtesy All About Wolves

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