Twin Baby Moose In Sprinkler

I just can’t get enough of this video, this is my third time posting it.

It’s sure to lift any ones spirits and leave no doubt how sentient animals really are. They are our brethren, love them, respect them.


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  1. Beautiful…wonderful…heartwarming…and endearing. I found myself frolicking along with them, and was privileged to be a participant of their wonder and celebration of family togetherness. We are all a part of this nature…connected to every precious essential element, not separate. How can we be anything other than compelled to nurture and protect it?

    What a gift, thank you Nabeki. My heart smiles and my spirit rejoices. Not to mention the sweet tears of great joy that fill my eyes….it touched me deeply.


    • I can’t seem to get enough of it either Nabeki, I can’t count the times I have watched it. The beauty of the sentiment within the lyrics of this song are perfectly matched. Serendipitous!


  2. Sweet ~ thats all I can say – just plain sweet!


  3. I love it! This is great!


  4. I’m the owner of this video and was cruising the internet for twin baby moose in sprinkler comments that I don’t see on our youtube channel. I’m thankful that you enjoy the video. We still enjoy it too. Moose are fascinating creatures and Alaska is an amazing place. God bless you all! arcticlilly


    • Thanks for stopping by arcticlilly. Your video has to be one of the cutest on the Internet. I seriously can’t get enough of mama moose and her babies!!



  5. Nabeki, please check your email…very important. Thanks.


    • Will do WL. I’ve been off the grid for a few days trying to soak up a few days of down time.



  6. Love the video and the song. I can’t seem to find out the name of the singer. Can you help me?


    • Alison Krauss, When You Say Nothing At All.

      I am arcticsooner’s wife, Cathy, I took the vid while my girlfriend and our children watched them too. Have you seen our other vids of them and other moose? It’s on the same youtube channel (arcticsooner)

      Glad you enjoyed the vid! I enjoyed taking it, watching them and hearing comments about the event.




  7. This is a beautiful video. I love watching it- thank you for sharing with us!


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