More Dead Wolves….

Government trappers kill two wolves on CB Ranch

“Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Warden Lou Royce said a black female was caught in a trap and euthanized Sunday on the CB Ranch.

The wolf was wearing a collar.

Another wolf in the Divide Creek pack was killed earlier.

The kill permit that was issued following the death of a calf a few weeks ago allowed for up to four wolves to be killed from that pack.”

So up to four wolves can be killed for the death of one calf, when Montana lost 74,800 cattle to non-predation in 2010? Really?

 Several wolf advocates on this blog pointed out the word euthanize was used to describe the killing of these wolves.

“Rhonda writes: Euthanasia : the act or practice of killing or permitting the death of hopelessly sick or injured individuals (as persons or domestic animals) in a relatively painless way for reasons of mercy.”

“John writes: By the way, love* the word they used “euthanised”…don’t they mean “trapped and shot”?

Killing perfectly healthy animals for miniscule livestock losses is NOT euthanasia in my book. Prettying up the language doesn’t make the act less brutal.

I guess you can’t kill lightning, disease, reproductive issues with guns and traps. And you don’t get reimbursed for them either!

NON PREDATION is the major cause of cattle loss in Montana, that is a fact. Predators are only a blip on the radar screen. But yet we have special wolf units that track these animals down like they’re terrorists, lay traps for them…are they baited? Then it seems the media has to report on each and every one of the 87 cattle/wolf depredations, that took place in Montana in 2010. like they are front page news. Remember there are approx. 2.5 million cows in Montana people.


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  1. One calf = four wolves? Who do these people think they are?
    Once again it is the wildlife who pay the price for poor animal husbandry. practices. Does it really need to be said that calves need to be watched?
    Killing wolves in a pack only increases the chance of more problems arising, dissolving pack structures leading to inexperienced younger wolves preying on the easiest animals to bring down. There is the chance of another pack moving into the territory of the former. So it doesn’t solve the issue at all, just a bloody act of petty revenge. And its not really a livelihood issue.. one calf…
    By the way, love* the word they used “euthanised”…don’t they mean “trapped and shot”?


    • John…being rationale about wolves and using facts seems to get in the way of the wolf killing. Even though everything you just said makes a ton of sense. I can promise you it won’t put a dent in the thinking of the wolf hating crowd. They are hell bent on killing wolves.

      It’s so infuriating to have to sit here and listen to this stuff day, after day, after day, after day. Wolf advocates and wildlife advocates have been shut out of the decision making process concerning OUR WILDLIFE. Those animals DO NOT belong to hunters and ranchers. They belong to the American people. And it’s the American people who have to say NO MORE brutality. Unfortunately Americans are too distracted right now losing their jobs, losing their homes and trying to feed their families. We have to get their attention!!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  2. Euthansia: the act or practice of killing or permitting the death of hopelessly sick or injured individuals (as persons or domestic animals) in a relatively painless way for reasons of mercy.

    Greek, easy death, from euthanatos, from eu- + thanatos death

    I can assure you this wolf was not “euthanized”. This absolutely makes me sick to the point of actual despair. Who do they think they are John? They have been made to think they (hunters and ranchers) are the only citizens that matter at all to either the state government or the federal. Wildlife, especially wolves, are deemed unnecessary pests and vermin who deserve the cruelest death imaginable. And until they realize they are going to be voted out of office, that will not change.


    • Rhonda, you are so astute. I picked up on the change of language too. As if they killed those wolves in an act of mercy. Made my stomach turn over. if you don’t mind I’ll add this to the post? One calf and four wolves have to die?? I showed the numbers ranchers lost in Montana to NON PREDATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. I just don’t understand how people can be so blind and so cruel. Wolves are doing what they’ve always done–hunt to survive. If they kill cattle or other ranch animals, it’s humanity’s fault for encroaching on their territory.


  4. I am sad for the enslaved animals as well as the “wild” ones.


  5. They don’t seem to be using non lethal solutions, just lethal ones. the wolves are just trying to survive and they are being killed for it.




  7. Glad you made this story after I posted this link N. Look at the CB website and see what kind of house this guy has!!! He is a millionaire.


    • Wow g…. I had no idea. Well that explains a lot, especially all the media coverage!!



  8. I wish someone would come up with a good ideal so wolves will not kill farm animals, then and only then can we really fight to stop them from killing them.
    Because then they would have no excuse to kill them. Does anyone have any ideals I’m all out of them but maybe if we all think of some then others can go from there. We have to do something other than just signing petitions and think about it if someone comes out with a good ideal money can be made off that where some can actually go to wolf conservation.


    • Valerie….wolves are not a problem for livestock…they were responsible for just 87 cow losses in Montana in 2010 (those are USFWS numbers). There are approx. 2.5 million or more cows in Montana and they ranchers lost over 74,000 cows to NON PREDATION in 2010. So all the hand wringing over wolves and livestock is just a red herring. BUT it’s because of the media’s constant reporting of almost every single time a wolf does kill a cow that it sensationalizes this. We need to get our side of the story out that wolves are not a threat to the livestock industry. The main predator of cows in the US is the coyote and wolves control coyote populations. All predation is just 1% of all losses… this is just a made up issue that we have to shine the light of truth on.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


    • I know wolves were prairie predators and bison was their top menu preference, and now the bovine in the field is mainly cattle. Wolves, not having the conception of “ownership’ are punished for ‘eating’!!!

      But the rancher complaint is very exaggerated in that wolves take less than 1% annually of their cattle, which are destined for plates.

      If we were a population that did not eat beef – the cattlemen would disappear into the sunset! They just want to fall trees, and have their cash cows graze where ever they please without fear of wolves. Also the hunters are in cahoots as they don’t want to share elk or wild prey with wolves.

      hmmmm… so let’s see…..if wolves eat domestic animals – they are killed…if wolves eat wild animals, they are killed…..hmmm…..looks like according to the two legged predator, wolves cannot, should not and will not eat; primarily because they will be dead if the cattlemen and hunters have their way.


      • What is so maddening about this Linda is wolf depredation is a red herring. Are ranchers going to go broke over 87 dead cows when they lost over 74,000 to non predation? It’s the media that prints this stuff for sensationalism. It’s ridiculous.


  9. Sounds to me like they’re just blood thirsty. What a terrible shame…


  10. The need to kill four wolves for one lost calf is a clear example of the arrogance, cruelty and ignorance that can be embedded in one’s culture.

    I recently bought Shaun Ellis’ book “Wolf Within” in which, amongst other things, he describes his work with farmers in Poland to tackle the problem of wolves targeting livestock. His logic is very simple: it involves using speakers strategically placed within the farm’s area to play recordings of wolf packs howling. As a consequence of that, other wolves (real ones) avoid the area where the howling sounds are coming from thinking that it is the territory of another wolf pack. According to Ellis, all that was necessary for this to work was to study the howling of the wolf packs coming near the farms – in order to determine the number of individuals in those packs. Once that number was established, he would edit a tape with different wolf howls mimicking a larger wolf pack. This tape would then be played by the farmers in response to any wolves that were heard howling around their property. Ellis claims that this technique worked quite well and the wolves stopped targeting the livestock in these farms. There was no need to shoot, trap or poison any of the wolves involved. All that it took was the knowledge of both wolf behaviour and the language they use to communicate with one another (a complex system of whining sounds, barks and howls). Unfortunately, very few scientists have so far showed interest in studying the later in depth. They could be missing a great opportunity in developing non-lethal ways to stop livestock loss to wolves.


    • valondon…they’re not interested in using non-lethal methods. Wolves have no value to them. Just one more dead predator. How many times do we have to hear about this? All the work to bring wolves back and this is their fate?



  11. Stop eating beef.



    “Now you can blame wolves for part of it especially since the state’s hunters and outfitters have been telling anyone who would listen that wolves are “decimating” the state’s game herds. Wolves are taking their share in some areas lke the Lolo, but there are still a lot to go around.

    “We have ample elk in most of our zones,” Moore said.”


  13. youe know if any of u wolf haters r listening wolves make the land what it is today. if u kill all of them then everything will b all messed up. we think that wolves r important to the world just because u dont like them doesnt give u the right to kill them and torture them. also if u think they r evil or mean, that they eat other wolves its not true. they luv theyre packs and families and if they fight one another its just cause they are once again protecting theyre families. u not taking the time to understand them isnt our problem as much as it is urs. they r beautiful. they only attack livestock because u hunters kill theyre prey. they go to livestock as a last resort.


  14. i think that hunters are horrid. they have killed many wolves for no reason while others thought that killing off the species would save ranchers precious livestock. its kind of the hunters fault for all the livestock that are eatin by wolves. they kill the wolves prey and move onto theyre land. wolves only go to livestock as a last resort. hunters just dont take the time to understand wolves and neither do most ranchers.
    scientists dont think its worth the money to study them but they are so wrong and are missing out on theyre beauty. as much as scientists deny it they play a part in hunting wolves by not spending the time and money to help find a new way to save them and livestock.
    what people do now is cruel and barbaric. they torture the wolf or creature and dont even realize it. just because a wolf killed my dog doesnt mean i want to kill off the speicies.


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