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“Free To Be A Wolf Killing American” discusses Bill Gibson’s article, Cry, Wolf, which appears in the summer 2011 edition of the Earth Island Journal.  I linked to the Journal on the right side column of the blog.  Anyone who hasn’t read Cry, Wolf can click on the EIJ cover and it will take you right to it.

Mr. Goetzman, writing in Wild Green,  describes the premise of Bill’s article perfectly when he states:
“Gibson describes how Western anti-wolf forces have operated through misinformation, threats, and intimidation, including anonymous acts such as mailing pictures of dead wolf pups to pro-wolf advocates. Such tactics, he says, have virtually silenced local wolf advocates, allowing wolf haters to portray the issue as a locals-versus-outsiders battle.”

Free to Be a Wolf-Killing American

6/21/2011 2:07:34 PM

 by Keith Goetzman

The reintroduction of wolves in the northern Rocky Mountains has gotten caught up in a culture war, James William Gibson reports in Earth Island Journal—and the controversy is not even necessarily all about the wolves. It’s about the big, bad government keeping a good man down.

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Top Photo:  Courtesy KJ Payne, Flickr, Creative Commons

Middle Photo: From “Free To Be A Wolf Killing American” courtesy of Creative Commons

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  1. PLEASE – STOP IT AT ONCE!!! This beautyful animal, where here before humans and The Wolf have every right to be here – yeah i would say – MORE THAN HUMANS!
    Stop this masculin ” Look at me – I`m cool” game! Do something else! – Like be happy about life and living instead!
    I´m from Scandinavia – my country is Denmark – and here in Scandinavia we love wolf´s. Think about, if wolf`s haven`t been here from start, we humans wouldn`t have our dogs and cute pups. My sister have a Caucasian Ochchavka, and these dog´s comes directly from the wolf! Beautyful animal!

    Sorry if my spelling is not correct – I don´t write that often in English – but I think you understand what I meen.

    best regards

    Johnny Jensen
    Viborg, Denmark.


    • Thank you Johnny for your impassioned plea, which is understood in any language. You put it so perfectly, so succinctly.

      I had to look up Caucasian Ohchavka, beautiful dog..

      We are with you and all wolf advocates around the world. We are trying to protect these magnificent animals but the floodgates of hate have been opened on against them. It’s not just the Northern Rockies but now the Great Lakes Region. BUT we cannot give up and will continue to fight for wolves, no matter what!!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  2. Touching article.Hunter’s know how to intimidate,threaten,and bully with the best of them.They sure know how to dish it out but can’t take it. They run to their representatives and get a law to protect them from being bullied or threatened even when they are hunting.How about the rest of us who are non hunters and want to have our say? It falls on deaf ears.Furthermore if one goes to one of those meetings to voice your opinon on what you would like, it always turns ugly.The most obnoxious get the attention.


    • That’s one of the biggest problems Rita. as I see it. Wolf advocates have been intimidated by these wolf haters and avoid those meetings like the plague. Who wants to get into a fight every time you speak out for wolves? They’re just a bunch of loud mouth bullies. It was that way before wolves became an issue and it’s that way now. This is nothing new. The war against wolves is not about wolves, it’s a culture war. They don’t like us and we don’t like them. That’s the way it is. At the moment their side is winning because they pulled the sneaky move with the Democrat Congress, which sold wolves down the river for a Senate seat. We literally have no majority of politicians on the wolves’ side, so wolfves were run over by the “I hate wolves bus” this past Spring. Now we’ll see what Judge Molloy does with the lawsuit.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  3. “. . . it appears that perhaps reason can rule the day in some areas.”

    WILL it? The Center for Biological Diversity is reporting that Minnesota and Wisconsin are both considering management plans aimed at serious reductions in the wolf population. Even if the meetings in Minnesota are less ugly, that doesn’t guarantee that reason and common sense are being employed.


    • you have a link?


    • A friend of mine attended the meetings in Michigan. They want wolves delisted. They don’t seem to be concerned about having a hunt. They apparently would only be concerned if the wolf population dropped down to 100 or 200 wolves. They currently have almost seven hundred wolves in Michigan. So they are willing to lose 500 of their wolves? Wolf hatred is a virus that is spreading. We are getting a picture of classic scapegoating.



      • Like

      • jon thanks for posting. “Killing Machines”. I think not. The “Killing Machines:” are mankind not the wolves. What hypocrisy!!!

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,


    • captain s…..i was so sad to hear about the Great Lakes but they’ve been trying to delist them for years. It seems the anti wolfers have been in that region stirring things up.

      If Minnesota’s wolf management hasn’t been changed, they would not hold a wolf hunt for five years, if ever, once wolves were delisted. I hope that still holds because Minnesota has over 3500 wolves.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  4. The Photo at the top truly makes me so sick, All hunters make me sick they think they are doing something to be proud of they are all a bunch of worthless cowards if they want to hunt leave your guns at home and fight one on one with these wonderful animals and see who comes out winning ad I am sure it will not be the hunters.


    • Jeg er fuldstændig enig!

      Det er en totalt forskruet MACHO tilgang til det. Det er en sygdom, som skyldes manglende selvværd, så de tror man er cool ved at slå forsvarsløse dyr ihjel!

      Jeg skammer mig over, at blive kaldt menneske, når der findes sådanne typer iblandt os.


  5. OMG that photo makes me sick to my stomach. That poor wolf–and those idiotic men grinning proudly over the fur.


    • Whitney…I feel the same way. I always ask the question…WHAT ARE THEY SMILING ABOUT??? Can you imagine standing over a road killed deer, grinning like a cheshire cat for a camera? People aren’t supposed to smile while posing over dead animals!!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  6. I believe that some people have brain washed others into believing that Wolves are evil!


  7. Loud mouthed, yes! Arrogant, yes! These hunters of wolves are so proud of themselves with their camo and high powered scopes on their guns…how macho! Hiding behind trees and hunting blinds and creeping out to kill an innocent wolf!
    If only these hunters could realize, somewhere in their dim-witted brains, that wolves are twice the ‘man’ they are…..loyal, honest, devoted, loving, intelligent and oh…….the big envy….wolves are virile and do not need Viagra!!
    One problem is that these little hunting men are jealous of the ‘big bad wolf’ and his loyal ‘pack’, his alpha female (devoted and true), his real machismo given to him by the creator of the universe……..and he, the little hunting man, was passed by……oh, too sad.


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