The Sweetest Little Wolf Pups… » tuffyorjunioratfourweeks

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  1. Wolves are the most mystical and mythical animals, yet “humans” want to destroy them. So much for “humans” … they’re the savages, and not the wolves. thank god for people who donate their time to them and to the conservation centres everywhere. We want to see wolves in the wild, and not becoming extinct. Extinction is forever…


    • I was told willemina73 that 250 species go extinct everyday. That’s 250 today and 250 tomorrow…on and on into the future. We are destroying the earth and it’s creatures all in the name of progress. Too many people for such a small planet.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  2. That is shocking Nabeki, 250 species a day… We are indeed destroying this wonderful planet… that’s something that I need to digest for a while, but as long as there’s people out there looking after our planet and our species, there’s still a chance.
    Thank you for replying!


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