“Only One In Ten Wolf Hunts Is Successful”……David Attenborough

This is a clip from the BBC with famed naturalist David Attenborough practicing his excellent wolf howl AND the wolves answer back. You’ll see the wolves rally and set off on their hunt.


Video: BBC Life of Mammals

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  1. Thanks for the video! Such magnificent animals, I wish humans would leave them alone. And learn family values from the wolves!!!


    • Suzanne….I loved David howling, he’s really good, I think the wolves thought so too, since they answered him. I wish they would leave them alone but they are like sharks that smell blood in the water, They are in a feeding frenzy.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


    • Family values like mounting and licking each other?

      JK. Really great video. I remember watching this what feels like a decade ago.


  2. Imagine, only 1 in 10 wolf hunts is successful, and yet the anti-wolf movement is claiming that wolves waste precious energy, time, and skill to bring down an animal just for “fun” and not for food!!!

    Yes, this is their claim to further damage and malign the reputation of the wolf; all so they can push their personal agendas further without too much opposition.

    Ranchers using our public lands, supported by our tax dollars, graze their cash cows in wolf territory; and then “cry wolf!”


    • Linda…I think these people are looking at themselves in the mirror when they talk about killing for fun. Wolves work hard enough to feed themselves, I don’t imagine to consider it fun to be kicked in the ribs by an angry elk. But the haters just repeat their talking points with out really understanding the wolf or any wild animal for that matter.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  3. I have every idea that 9 times out of 10 when humans pursue elk as prey they leave with their trucks sufficiently loaded.

    Beautiful video! We need to preserve these precious beings – Not hunt them down!


  4. Dear N. that was great info i have being seen this documentary lot of times i truly hope every Wolf hunt will be unsuccessful every time until hunters leave them alone. Wolfs make nature so pretty with their presence…


  5. I don’t understand how the Anti-Wolf people can claim that wolves are killing off all of the elk when wolves and elk have lived in harmony without human hunters (except the Native Americans, which were there) for thousands of years.


  6. I live in northwest Montana and I have seen the selfishness that exists when it comes to hunters and ranchers. Hunters feel they should be able to kill an elk any and every time they go into the woods. Ranchers feel they should be able to raise non-native animals here in the midst of predators with zero losses and no cost of doing business. Both are adamant in pushing their selfish views in order to exterminate wolves. Both choose to remain ignorant and intolerant of facts. Somehow they dress this up in fabrications which they and the general public here begin to whole-heartedly believe. It’s a complicated reality of a group of people who are ignorant, intolerant, and fearful. There is a religious and political parallel which could be drawn here, but this isn’t exactly the forum to go into that. I just see how complicated this issue is and I know it will take immense effort from wolf supporters to create positive change. Keep up the good fight!


    • Miles..you absolutely nailed it in one paragraph. Thank you!!

      I’m taking a break for a few weeks and just checking in every few days or so. Sorry your comment sat there for awhile but it wasn’t because I was ignoring it.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


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