Idaho’s Deadly Wolf Hunt Proposal!! SPEAK OUT!!

Are the 81 Senators, who voted to delist wolves by budget rider, paying attention to what lies ahead for  wolves in Idaho?

We called, emailed and begged them not to turn wolves over to Montana and Idaho.  But they didn’t listen.  Did they think when they voted  for the budget wolf delisting rider it wouldn’t have consequences?

This is what awaits Idaho’s wolves in the up-coming 2o11 wolf hunt.

•There will be no quota on slaughtering wolves in much of the state.

•Pups born this Spring will lose their families and their lives right along with their parents.

•A ten week trapping season. Trappers can kill up to 5 wolves each.

(“Trappers may buy up to 3 tags with trapping license for use in those zones with an open trapping season in addition to 2 tags purchased for hunting; un-used tags from hunting season (up to 2) may also be used to tag trapped wolves.”)

•Hunters Can Kill Up Two Wolves Each.

•”Wolf seasons are Any-Weapon seasons.”

•”Electronic calls may be used statewide.”

•”Wolves may be taken incidentally during fall bear baiting.”


This is going to be wholesale slaughter. You are seeing what it means to “manage” wolves in Idaho.

There are approx 705 wolves in Idaho, not counting this years pups. Idaho wants to “manage” wolves down to 150 animals. If that isn’t horrific enough, what will stop them from going lower? That means hundreds and hundreds of wolves will lose their lives. If the hunters don’t do the trick then:

“Idaho will also rely on federal wolf hunters and airborne gunners to kill wolves”

“Wolf control actions will take place in and out of the hunting season,”

Is America going to sit by while Idaho slaughters wolves in the most unspeakable ways, along with the pups born this Spring?

Is America going to watch this horror show and do nothing?

Speak out people!

Stand up for wolves!

“•Early next week, Fish and Game will conduct a random survey of hunters and members of the general public about the 2011 wolf season proposal. The survey will also be posted on the 2011 wolf proposal webpage for other interested parties to offer input. Results will be made available at the Idaho Fish and Game Commission Meeting July 27, 28, 29 in Salmon.”

Please make sure you respond to this “survey’! I will post the link as soon as it’s up!


Idaho’s 2011 Wolf Hunt Proposal

Boise, Idaho — Idaho’s Department Fish and Game published its proposal for a “carefully regulated general hunting season” on Friday.

Plans call for the proposal to be finalized on July 27th at the IDFG Commission meeting in Salmon.

Director Virgil Moore says the 2011 hunting season proposal would allow Idaho hunters to take up to two wolves each, while trappers in the Gem State would be allowed to take up to three wolves.

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Idaho wolf hunting rules don’t include quotas

By JOHN MILLER – Associated Press

Published: 07/08/11

BOISE, Idaho — Idaho wildlife managers won’t have quotas on wolves in much of the state for the upcoming hunting season as they seek to significantly reduce the population now estimated to number more than 1,000 animals in the state.

Idaho Department of Fish and Game officials announced the plan Friday, while Montana aims to sign off on its own wolf-hunting plan next week.

Idaho’s no-quota, general season in about three-quarters of its wolf country will please those who believe wolves have multiplied beyond acceptable levels but anger wildlife advocates who fear the state will manage wolves irresponsibly.

Read more:

From the IDFG Website:

Proposed Wolf Hunting Seasons

Wolf Hunting Season Proposals

Wolf Trapping Season Proposals

Please click on the above links and READ.  It sounds like something from the dark ages!



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From the Idaho Statesman:

Idaho will also rely on federal wolf hunters and airborne gunners to kill wolves blamed for killing too many livestock or big game like elk. The hunting public is still forbidden from using planes to shoot wolves.

 “Wolf control actions will take place in and out of the hunting season,” Moore promised.”


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