Speak Out For Wolves!! TakeThe Survey on Idaho’s Deadly 2011 Wolf Hunt Proposal!!!

Wolf Hunting Idaho

Idaho Fish and Game wants to know what you think about their deadly wolf hunt proposal. Please tell them and take their survey. Remember they want a seven month-long hunt, that goes right through wolf breeding and denning season, August 30,2011 to March 31, 2012.

They want to use traps and snares. Trappers don’t have to check their traps for up to 72 hours. How frightened and scared will wolves be waiting to die in leghold traps? Many with their families surrounding them unable to help. Is there a nastier way to die?

Trappers can kill up to five wolves.

Hunters can kill 2 wolves each.

There is no quota proposed in most of the state.

Electronic calls can be used throughout the state.

There are approx. 705 wolves in Idaho, not including the new pups of this year. These pups are in danger of losing their lives right along with their parents, either by direct killing by hunters or starvation.


Wolves were responsible for just 75 cow losses in Idaho in 2010. Yet over 86,000 cows died from NON PREDATION related causes in the same year.

Wolf predation is a red herring used to further agendas. 

There are over 100,000 elk in Idaho, there is no elk crisis.

In my opinion this is a political hunt, the state is bowing to hunting and ranching groups, who don’t want wolves in the state. Hundreds and hundreds of wolves could be killed in just one season. Once these wolves are gone they are not coming back. Idaho is talking about managing for 150 wolves. Think about what that means and who is going to keep track of that? The state says there are 1000 wolves in the state counting the pups. So 850 wolves could be slaughtered in this hunt. And IDFG Director Virgil Moore stated this:

“Idaho will also rely on federal wolf hunters and airborne gunners to kill wolves blamed for killing too many livestock or big game like elk. The hunting public is still forbidden from using planes to shoot wolves.

 ”Wolf control actions will take place in and out of the hunting season,” Moore promised.”

That means wolves will be hunted on two fronts. This could be the end of wolves in Idaho or leave just a token number as ghosts on the landscape. I ask you is this right? Is this just?


Click here to read the proposal

Click here to take the survey.

It’s obvious the survey is written in such a way that it doesn’t give you good choices if you are against the hunting and trapping of wolves.  I would concentrate on the comment section to get your point across. Not sure if  you have to fill out the rest of the survey to be heard or if they’ll toss it if you don’t answer their self-serving questions. Do the best you can. Do not make threats or sink to the level of the anti-wolf crowd.

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Bottom Photo: Courtesy AlaskaLoneWolf Flickr Commons

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