Beleaguered REAL Canadian Wolves….

Just when you think  wolf persecution can’t get any worse, it does.

From the Canadian Wolf Coalition:

The Canadian govt. has created laws that allow anyone to kill wolves at least 10 months out of the year- now it is 365 days a year (in the Cariboo) with NO restrictions whatsoever.
Canada is waging the worst, bloodiest and most sadistic war against life anywhere in the world.  The hunting, trapping and killing of ALL wildlife is out of control, it is an absolute blood bath in Canada.  Wolves and all wildlife in Canada are constantly terrified, starving, displaced and living with unending fear and stress for their very survival.  The new regulations have turned the worst nightmare hell for wolves and made it a million times worse.”  (See article link below)
 “There are almost no voices speaking for wolves in Canada, yet billions of voices screaming for trapping and killing them.  Wolves and all wildlife in Canada need help so desperately; I cannot tell you how much.  PLEASE HELP! “
To help wolves in Canada, please contact:
Sadie Parr
Coordinator, Canadian Wolf Coalition

Regulation changes leaves wolf killing wide open

By Carole Rooney – 100 Mile House Free Press
Published: June 29, 2011 8:00 AM
Updated: July 05, 2011 4:51 PM

Photo: Courtesy Wikimedia Commons
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  1. Bad people need to be looked at


  2. why r these beautiful creatures being so persecuted we humans r so much more destructive than they r there is enough space on this planet for all of us x


  3. we should be doing are best to preserve all wildlife. this planet belongs to them as mush as it belongs to us


  4. Seriously what is wrong with the Canadians? Seal massacres and now this?


  5. Canada is well on her way to joining the ranks of Third World Countries. Government corruption; prime ministers who lie to parliament and the people; wanton depletion of and selling off of natural resources without the slightest regard for the environment and ecosystems; thoughtless and uneducated “management” of various species and their habitats for the primary satisfaction of greed for the self-appointed elite. Now the declaration of open season year round on wolves – with no research into or intelligent discourse with experts on the species. The beautiful Canadian Wolves are in immediate peril; the Canadian natural environment is in imminent peril; and the Canadian people stand idly by, moronic expressions on their faces, shaking their heads and asking “what happened, eh?”


  6. Money and power almost always find corruption in the hands of any official that is willing to take it, whether it be from ranchers to hunters, who complain that they haven’t anything to hunt .Their families are starving and they need to hunt to suppliment their meat supply for the price of beef,pork,or chicken. are to high. I can believe that the Natives who lived there before the Europeans, still want to follow their own traditons by hunting.Sad to say when my father lived there I thought the Canadians were doing better with the envoirment than we were but,I guess,I was wrong.


  7. Wish they would all run down and come live on my property. I wouldn’t tell anyone they were here. ❤


  8. I should add that stupidity and corruption knows no boundaries.


  9. And I thought that Canada was more wildlife-friendly than the USA. Let me guess…this was caused by political pressure from hunters that hate wolves.


  10. As someone looking to move to Canada to pursue my postgrad studies, then hoping to settle there, I find this hugely saddening. One major factor in our choosing Canada as our future home is the opportunities to observe wildlife, trek wilderness with a healthy wildlife population, and participate in wildlife research programmes – not spend our free time in glorified game parks devoid of natural predators, that are instead full to choking point with dim witted herds of “turkey shoot” species waiting for their brains to be blown out by rednecks with big guns and feelings of male inadequacy.

    I too was under the false impression that the Canadian authorities were more focused on conservation that game keeping, but sadly it is now clear this is not the case, and my efforts shall be focused accordingly.


  11. Has the world gone mad??!! What is all this wolf killing frenzy. My heart aches over it


  12. the wolf


    in his vision

    forced into a corner

    by man’s derision


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