Keep The Momentum Going! Get Ready To Howl For Wolves In August!

This is our chance to be heard Wolf Warriors. We are a grass-roots movement of concerned advocates outraged by what is happening to wolves.

Wolf advocates, from across America and the world,  we are asking you to answer the call. Connect with each other, plan, organize and carry out peaceful rally/protests against the increasing persecution of wolves.

Don’t let this moment in time slip away thinking someone else will do it. You are the someone else. Wolves are depending on you and all of us to speak for them.

If you have a bad day and think there is no way you could organize a rally think what wolves are facing in the Northern Rockies. Idaho is proposing a no-quota wolf hunt in much of the state. Trappers can kill up to 5 wolves each and don’t have to check their traps for up to 72 hours. That’s 72 hours of sheer terror for a wolf or any animal caught in a leg-hold trap waiting to be killed. Wolves can be shot full of arrows, gunned down, killed in a snare or trap. If  you have a bad day think of all the bad days wolves and their little pups will be facing in Idaho starting August 30, 2011.

Visualize what’s waiting for Montana wolves. 220 are slated to die. Not only will they have to contend with hunters but Wildlife Services will continue to  kill them. In essence a double whammy, at a time when wolves are trying to raise and teach their pups how to be wolves. They will be harassed, chased, frightened and killed.

If you have a bad day think what wolves in Wyoming are facing. Unregulated killing in most of the state. They will be treated like vermin, as though they are merely a bug to be squashed under someone’s foot. This is how Limpy died when the USFWS lifted ESA protection for wolves in 2008. He was one of the many wolf victims killed for nothing before wolves were briefly relisted.

Don’t forget wolves or put them on the back burner, thinking someone else will do it,  or hope this will all go away.

August is just 11 days away. Visit HOWL ACROSS AMERICA and be part of the solution.

Wolf advocates we’ve sat on the sidelines for over two years, watching in horror as the events surrounding wolves unfolded.

It’s our time to speak out.

Stand for wolves.


For the wolves, For the wild ones,


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